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Pain And Inflammation in the Body and Some Natural Remedies - Chronic pain, joint stiffness, swelling and inflammation that persist can be very discouraging. Pain is our body's most effective way to get our attention alerting us that something is wrong. Once alerted it is important that we listen and take the appropriate action to resolve the cause.
Adrenal Fatigue Adrenal fatigue can wreak havoc with your life. In this article we discuss using Essential Oils for some relief, and supplementation.
Gluten Intolerance  - Most people with Gluten Intolerance end up with what is known as a leaky gut. The intestinal villi are damaged and the channels in the intestine for absorbing foods become larger than they should be. The gut is too porous allowing food particles that are not broken down sufficiently to be absorbed into the blood stream. The result is often the development of food allergies. . . .
News1 * Deet vs. Catnip essential oil. 
* Medical profession insights! Our worst nightmare!

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* NEW Reduced Helichrysum prices with some information on Helichrysum essential oils  benefits.  
* How & where to use essential oils.
* What essential oils do and do not do. 
* Supplement that appears to be helping Mothers that are prone to miscarriages.
* Sunburns & Insect Stings 
* Marjoram & Rose Geranium - 

1.  Some ideas on how to keep your immune system up and running when you know that flu shots are not the answer.
2.  What one woman is doing with great success in regards to autoimmune diseases.
3.  More information on artificial sweetners including sugar alcohols

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Diabetes - New Approaches To An Old and Growing Problem
1.  New information - the fungal connection, the vaccination connection, and a link to Lynne's story in her own words.  Read about her amazing response to an all natural program to control sugar levels.
2.  The diet connection - The diet that can heal your metabolism.
3.  Help! - Books, supplements, and links to read more about it.
(March 2006)

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1. Natural Sleep aid in the light of the Ambien disaster that has been on the news.
2. Tested and Proven Natural no side effects help against the Asian Bird Flu (H5N1)
3. What worked during the plagues of the middle ages. (3 categories)
4. Phishing for your personal information - Scam thieves are hard at work to gather all your personal information.  What to watch out for and how to protect yourself.
5.  We have just added a healthy fruit sweetened chocolate to our product line
6.  We have just updated our Remedies A-Z  to better serve you, especially the links.  Of course we are constantly adding new information as it comes to us.
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(January 2007)

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1. Beware of the ads, especially when it says "preventative" - listen to the disclaimers.   If you don't want the side effects - Don't take the medication.  Many - you cannot get off of them or at the very least they are hard to get off of. (very addictive) 
2.   Addiction - How to get off of most any drug
3. Tylenol Found to Cause Liver Damage even in Small Doses - causing people to need Liver transplants and/or dialysis  - some substitutions.
4.  How to recognize when someone is having a stroke
5.  Spine as a profit center - article in New York Times link
6.  Importance of Hormones in our Body and their effect on our system - When your hormones are in balance, you feel great — lots of energy, you sleep like a baby, your sex drive is strong, you look wonderful, and your immune and digestive systems function beautifully.  
7.  Urinary Tract infections 
8.  What are the symptoms of being a preschooler? And they are pushing Ritalin and other drugs for this. 
9.  NutraSweet makes a great ant poison when you add some moisture such as apple juice 
10.   Myco +  has been shown to relieve the degenerative effects of FMS (fibromyalgia) and lupus.  Also check out Black Cumin oil. 
11.  Blood clots -
12.  Link between sinus infections and Ice Cream. 
13.  Quotes that make you think!  Aaag!  Me think?

1.  Christmas Trees and Mold
2.  Healing value of various foods

3. Compulsory Vaccination - Not on Our Watch! also information on Codex.  The compulsory vaccination issue has engaged the "netroots" strongly and, with your help, we intend to make sure this issue remains central to defending health freedom in '08! -  Natural Solutions Foundation
Compulsory Vaccination
Allergy & Sinus relief
Morgellon's Disease  nightmare disease
MRSA, the mutant staph infection
Food for Thought - A New approach.
Socialized Medicine - Limitations
Hydrogen Peroxide vs. Bleach
Aromatherapy / Essential oils - various categories values
Sinus Health Tips:
Bee & Wasp stings -
Jewelweed, how to identify for poison ivy and oak

Bra wearing - hazardous  to your health???
Aromatherapy, Myth, Magic, or Medicine
  by Steve Febrichiev, classic, natural perfumer.
Top 10 Immune fighting foods
Some new essential oils
Top 8 Predictions No Matter Who Wins the Election
Gardasil: More harm than good
SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - how to eliminate.

Are Secret Vaccinations Killing Soldiers?
Foods That May Improve Your Appearance
How Much Chocolate Should You Eat?
Red Bull Can Give You a Stroke
8 Drugs Doctors Would Never Take
FDA Announces 20 Dangerous Drugs You Should NOT Be On
Cancer is a Fungus
Swine Flu
Lemon Juice Detox
Free Candida test
Make your own Hand Sanitizer

D.C. Tea Party - Thank you
Benefits of Colloidal Silver
Stop the Propaganda we are being Fed - Health Reform is it just another method of Control
A New way to Look at Essential Oils-
what they really are and how to use them every day
Health Benifits of some Culinary Spices
Health Benifits of Cinnamon and Honey
What is the cause of your Stubborn Weight - take a fun quiz!
A Quick Reference guide using Essential Oils for Emotions
Free Food - Herbal Weeding
How Fish Oil unlocked my Autistic Son
Learn more about Resveratrol, Krill Oil, Black Cumin, Bladder formulas,Vitamin D
Household Tips/Hints
Government to Abolish freedom of access to Nutritional Supplements
What is happening to the Male Population on planet Earth???
Aspartame Renamed "AminoSweet"
Does DNA really effect everything you are?
The Amazing Cucumber
Cleaning with Essential Oils - Chemical Free!
hCG weightloss Protocol
Insect repellant recipes
Parasite Cleansing tips and information
Belly Diminishing Foods
Shea butter as a Natural Sunscreen
News 23
Food Additives may make your kids misbehave
Are You Addicted to Sugar? -
Sugar meets all the criteria for an addictive substance.
Here are some ideas to make it easier getting a sugar problem under control.
Try this Fun Recipe!
Create a Yummy Complexion & Soft hands
Using Positive Affirmations along with the Essential Oils will raise the vibration, creating energy and life force to clear your Chakra points.
Sit comfortably with your spine erect, close your eyes and begin to focus your attention at the chakra you are balancing. Inhale your oil or blend, slowly allow your lungs to fill with oxygen. Your diaphragm is the organ for processing emotions, so breathing is an essential tool for releasing old, stagnant emotion. Using Essential Oils to reach Emotional Chakra Healing.

The humble yet powerful vitamin C is sometimes over-rated and yet more often over-looked as a valuable and necessary part of every person’s life. The biological effect of vitamin C only lasts for about six hours and so we need to constantly be replenishing this essential vitamin. ....  Vitamin C will help detoxify from certain drugs and other harmful chemicals such as nitrites.
Low Back Pain  - Test results now say one of the world's most effective anti-pain medications is Pure water.  The test results show that simple dehydration is one of the biggest causes of chronic back pain.

-- your spongy spinal disks literally dry out. This is a problem, especially with older people, who may only get thirsty long after they're clinically dehydrated.

Allergy Triggers and what you can try naturally
hCG Diet Recipes
Best Air-Purifying Plants
5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp
What exactly is Body Detoxification?  If the toxins we consume cannot be destroyed by our digestive system, detoxified by the liver, or eliminated by the lymph system, they begin to build up. As they accumulate, they start to affect the body which can result in slow metabolism, low energy, reduced immunity, and can lead to serious chronic diseases.
Recipes For Homemade Detox Body Wraps
Aromatherapy and Children - Aromatherapy is one approach to emotional well being and healing through the use of essential oils. Oils in aromatherapy have soothing effect on the body, mind and spirit, even for children.
Celebrating Lavender Link to many wonderful Recipes
hCG Homeopathic Drops
Inflammation -can be at the root of so many debilitating diseases like - Rheumatoid Arthritis which can be deadly
Inflammation is Pain in the Body
Essential Oil & Aromatherapy Blogspot
Gum Disease linked to Heart Disease?
Alternative Health Resource Blog
Don't let Stress get the Best of You -What you can try
Gardening - What you can do with your Harvest
Symptom of Blocked Chakra Emotion and some physical manifestations Chackra Essential Oil set
News 27
Cold and Flu Season
Many easy essential oils recipes to aid in the Cold and Flu season
Inhalations of essential oil of Marjoram can help relieve respiratory ailments and asthma, as well as coughs and sinusitis.
Recipes for dry and brittle cuticles and hang nails. It helps to soften cuticles using essential oils.
Wonderful Oregano... Extremely useful as a remedy for coughs and asthma, research has confirmed oregano's use as an antibacterial and anti fungal treatment for all manner of respiratory ailments.
News 28
Vibropathic Remedies - Herbs have a delicate vibration. By blending herbs together, which enhance each other vibrationally, the formula is balanced and powerful.
Essential oils are made up of frequencies -
Home Remedies -..For many common ailments
News 29
Arthritis Alternatives - By providing valuable lifestyle information on exercise and more, you can prevent further damage. Proper diet and nutrition are key elements in the prevention of all types of disease, including arthritis.
Rheumatoid arthritis is an allergic reaction disease - to a food. The most common allergies are from white sugar, white flour, chocolate and red meats. Although it could be other foods that are causing the reaction.
Recently, it was scientifically proven that the vitamins, organic acids, mineral composites, enzymes and microelements that can be found in raw potato juice have various positive effects on our health.
News 30
Aromatherapy and autism: an account of an experience 
The many uses of Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Honey as a Beauty Aid Along with Essential Oils
Dandruff can be a sign of Candida
Fighting a Cold....
Self Awareness in 2 easy steps - Meditation - Awareness - De-Stressing
Need More Energy? Try these Simple Tips

Chronic, low-grade inflammation
Top Ten Anti-Inflammatory Foods
Introducing All NEW Candida Cleanse
New Years Resolution - Eight steps to a new me!
News 31
High Fructose Corn Syrup - actually makes you crave sugar
5 Ways Love Makes You Smarter
Here are just a few of my favorite essential oils to use when plagued with sciatica pain
Extraordinary Uses for Baking Soda
What Cracked and Dry lips Reveal About Your Health
News 33
How Bad is Radiation really?......
Radiation Prevention and Detox
If your thyroid isn't working as it should
Can You Regenerate and Heal your Liver?
News 34
“Superbug” Spreads To 35 States; Kills Upwards Of 40% Of The People Who Come In Contact
Decrease the Toxins in your Environment
Dr. Christopher's 3 keys to health found here
Healthy Skin from your own Kitchen
News 35
Summertime fun in the sun! Protect yourself Naturally
Natural Remedies For Migraine Relief
Report: Hospital Errors Affect One-Third of Patients
Fun Information on ear mites, fleas, dog odors and more....

News 36
We are also Excited about our newest Essential Oil Set The Chakra Set
Aromatherapy - recipes for your health
Research on Therapeutic Essential Oils
Spring Time Sinus Health Tips: 
News 37
Lime Disease
Dr. Christopher's Kidney Formula
Several studies have found Essential Oil Blends to be more effective than any single oil alone
Pull toxins from the body, stimulate the Immune System,  absorb and bind Pathogens and Viruses
News 38
Exciting news for High Blood Pressure
Menopause .Studies have proven that there are extreme health risks with synthetic hormone replacement
Essential Oils Personal Top Ten Kit
News 39
Parasites could be causing Diabetes
.Interesting facts on Diabetes, Inflammation and Magnesium

Cut Your Risk of Lung Cancer by half
Essential Oil Secret
"The person who takes medicine must recover twice, once from the disease and once from the medicine." William Osler, M.D.
17 Healing Foods In Your Kitchen
News 40
It's that time of year . . . Children go back to school, cold and flu season etc.
Childhood of girls being shortened by about a year and a half
The delicious sweet and tart flavor of Cherries is matched by remarkable Health Benefits
News 41
Canola oil is a health hazard to use as a cooking oil or salad oil. It is not the healthy oil we thought it was. It is not fit for human consumption, do not use canola oil, it can hurt you. Polyunsaturated or not, this is a bad oil.

Magnesium is responsible for jumpstarting nearly 400 enzyme reactions inside your body

Understanding the role your Pancreas plays in a diagnosis of Diabetes
News 42
Formaldehyde Exposure Through the largest organ of your Body
A parasite transmitted through blood transfusions
5 truths about surviving (and maybe even enjoying!) your holiday season with the family
News 43
Cancer starts out as an overgrowth of Candida Albicans..
Black Currant Seed Oil an Effective Anti- Inflammatory

News 44
Essential Oils to Empower, cleanse, enhance, protect and build
Only pure, organic, all-natural, extraordinary therapeutic-grade essential oils. Bottled as single oils and/or combined into lovely scented blends. All to bless you with your health.
With this time of year comes a higher need for a natural line of defense
Warding off Dementia Insulin problems damage blood vessels in the brain, which leads to memory problems and Alzheimer's disease.
The effect of aerobic exercise on the Body’s Immune System
News 45
Who better than you, to help empower, cleanse, enhance, protect and build your family's health with Essential Oils - You are the one that knows your family best, their unique needs and emotional stresses. So who better?
There is always a trade off. . .is it really worth it? -Every year, close to 100,000 drug-induced hospital-stays take place across the United States.
News 46
The Essence of Essential Oils
Drinking Soda = Drinking Flame Retardants
Cancer is an action of a mold-type fungus

Sugar Should Be Regulated As Toxin, Researchers Say

News 47
The desire and quest for balance in our Physical, Emotional/Mental and Spiritual Life Using Essential Oils
Allergies, Parasites and Candida

In late 2011, the Swiss government's report on homeopathic medicine represents the most comprehensive evaluation of homeopathic medicine ever written by a government and was just published in book form in English (Bornhoft and Matthiessen, 2011). This breakthrough report affirmed that homeopathic treatment is both effective and cost-effective and that homeopathic treatment should be reimbursed by Switzerland's national health insurance program.

News 48
Spring Clean Up ..One of the great blessings of living where we do is the miraculous cycles of nature and the recurring changes of seasons. Each season brings its own surprises and splendor. Each change in season also gives us the opportunity to pause, enjoy, and appreciate the people, the challenges, and things around us that enrich our lives. While I enjoy each season, I have always been partial to spring. As days get warmer and sunnier, I sense renewed energy and anticipation. Spring is about hope and promise. Spring is about new beginnings and opportunities. Being from New Mexico spring for me, also means a lot of work with lambing and planning for the future. Spring tends to bring out the best in all of us.
One great thing about using Essential Oils for Cleaning is their Disinfecting Properties
The digestive tract needs a little spring-cleaning
Deaths from Liver Disease on the Rise
Natural Insect Repellent Recipe
Natural Ingredients that  Protect Us from the Sun
News 49
Re-Mineralize and Strengthen your Tooth Enamel
Essential oils are little miracle workers for both our body and mind. Their scents help to calm, relax and uplift and when applied to our skin they deliver intense healing and protective properties.
Essential Oil Blend for Hair Growth Recipe
Flesh-Eating Bacteria
West Nile Virus
News 50
See the Miracle of Vitamin C with your own eyes!
Signs of Vitamin C Deficiency - Dry and splitting hair; gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and bleeding gums; rough, dry, scaly skin; decreased wound-healing rate, easy bruising; nosebleeds; and a decreased ability to ward off infection. A severe form of vitamin C deficiency is known as scurvy.
Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, the most potent and bio-available form of ascorbic acid: Improves and protects cell membranes, detoxifies the body of heavy metals, may kill cancer cells at high concentrations, has a strong effect in preventing and shortening the duration of the common cold, can control and inactivate viral infections.

Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C is the first choice of people who really understand bioavailability and the importance of high-dose vitamin C. Right out of the gate all other forms of vitamin C rapidly crash into an absorption barrier that vastly limits the level of vitamin C that can enter the bloodstream... and the vitamin C that doesn't get absorbed, gets flushed. (Important note: all the vitamin C in your food is just as restricted by this absorption barrier.)

Sugar and Vitamin C - Due to the rapid growth associated with cancer, cancer cells require large amounts of glucose to fully develop. As such, eating too much sugar may contribute to the growth and proliferation of cancer cells in your body. Though your sugar intake may not cause cancer, this impact of sugar on abnormal cell growth greatly contributes to its development. Due to its antioxidant properties, vitamin C is often promoted as a cancer prevention agent.
Creatine  for Dramatic Improvements in Brain Chemistry
Cellulite Busting Essential Oils
News 51
A Look at the Road to Health - And the many systems in your body that play a big role in your health.
Detoxification of your Body through Bathing
How to use Essential Oils for Boosting your Energy
News 52
Back to School for Aware Parents
Natural Cold and Flu Prevention and Remedy
Cancer and Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C
News 53
Natural Cold Prevention
Several Dangerous Errors are Built into the USDA Food Pyramid
Some Side Effects of Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure:
Stroke, heart attack, impotence, kidney failure, and eye disease are all part of the ugly side effect to uncontrolled high blood pressure. Prevention is key with hypertension.
Understanding What High Blood Pressure Looks like in the Body:
High blood pressure - the force of blood pushing against the walls of your arteries. High blood pressure means that your blood is moving through your arteries with a pressure higher than normal. The higher the pressure inside your arteries, the higher your blood pressure numbers may be.
The real cause of hypertension is chronically elevated insulin levels, and excessive dietary sugar (especially fructose) is largely to blame.  High dietary fructose is a metabolic poison that raises your blood pressure by raising your uric acid levels, depleting your magnesium, increasing water retention, and stressing your liver.
Make our own Fragrance– with All-Natural Essential Oils - To begin,  pick a top note, middle note, and bottom note that sounds good to you. go here to choose your oils for blending > > >
News 54
Cold and Flu Season, again
Fats and Your Health - High-quality fats and oils are one of the most essential foods to consume every day. They are needed for your brain and nervous system, for energy production and for making most of the body’s vital hormones. Children, in particular, absolutely require plenty of fats and oils, particularly EPA and DHA.
Fluoride a Deadly Poison - Fluoride is a deadly poison. Just a small amount, approximately ˝ a teaspoon will kill someone who weighs a hundred pounds. Regularly absorbing this poison through toothpaste, mouth rinse, dental visits, or tap water puts a tremendous strain on the liver.
An Apple A Day To Keep the Dr. Away -For starters, apples are a good source of vitamin C, an antioxidant, and research has shown that antioxidants help prevent heart disease and the formation of some cancers. They have heart-healthy effects, too -- apples are loaded with pectin, which may help keep blood cholesterol levels in check. When it dissolves in water, soluble fiber creates a gummy, gel-like substance that binds bile acids and draws cholesterol out of the bloodstream.
Habenero and Horseradish are Stimulants -
Essential Oils are Packed Full of Nutrients and Proteins - Essential oils are packed full of nutrients and proteins which maintain the mattress-like bounciness of collagen; they also stimulate blood flow which encourages the regeneration of new skin cells and some essential oils, such as fennel, have hormonal-like properties which encourages the firming of skin.
News 55
Coconut Oil is Known to be... - Anti-bacterial - kills bacteria that cause ulcers, throat infections, urinary tract infections, gum diseases, and other bacterial infections. . .  and so, so much more! At least 14 more AMAZING Benefits!
Help for OverindulgesNatural and holistic treatments such as herbal and homeopathic remedies have proven to be highly effective in providing relief for symptoms associated with overindulgence or an alcohol hangover. Herbal remedies are safe, gentle to use on the body’s system and non-addictive.
Why Detox Baths: If the toxins we consume cannot be destroyed by our digestive system, detoxified by the liver, or eliminated by the lymph system, they begin to build up. As they accumulate, they start to affect the body which can result in slow metabolism, low energy, reduced immunity, and can lead to serious chronic diseases. Read More Here > > >
Dr. Christopher's Complete Cold Sheet Treatment found here > > >
Get over Colds and Flu also Boost the Body’s own Defenses
News 56
Do you want greater memory, recognition of words, faster visual memory and attention skills?
Important Microwave Study
25 everyday uses for Essential Oils -
Sore Throat Help!!! Some Home Remedies and Free Recipes!
Exercise lowers your risk for cancer by reducing elevated insulin levels. This creates a low sugar environment that discourages the growth and spread of cancer cells.
24 hour Flu and Cold Treatment -
News 57

There is so much to Celebrate about! Another cycle of life, a New Year full of possibilities and good things. I know that I will and can do better in the up coming months.

When you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done.

How bacteria becomes antibiotic resistant? 15 Antibiotic Herbs - And essential oils that build your immune system.

Happiness Creates Wealth - Happiness and wealth are part of a cycle, each one creating more of the other.
Cold and Flu -
Many chronic medical issues stem from an allergic response our body is having to toxins. Toxins that our bodies are bombarded with every day from our drinking water, to our health and beauty products, to the materials used to build and furnish our homes!
Chlorella is a potent detox agent for mercury and other heavy metals.
Unusual uses for Olive Oil -
Rosehip seed oil is often referred to as “Mother Nature’s anti-aging miracle oil”. It’s rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids and helps to combat wrinkles, stimulate collagen production and moisturize the skin.

News 58
Why Women in CHINA DO NOT GET BREAST CANCER - By Prof. Jane Plant, PhD, CBE
I had no alternative but to die or to try to find a cure for myself. I am a scientist - surely there was a rational explanation for this cruel illness that affects one in 12 women in the UK?
In a study led by Dr. Levine 10 types of cancer cells and four types of normal cells were exposed to high Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C levels that could easily be reached intravenously. In five of the cancer cell types, about half of the cells were either killed or apoptosis (cell “suicide”) occurred. Also, Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C exposure nearly completely halted the growth of surviving cells.
The many benefits of Cinnamon -
Recipe for Sore Muscle Soak -
News 59
To enjoy, I mean really enjoy and get the most from your life, you need to have good health
and a strong belief in yourself.
Insect pests are an intimate part of every home.
In this article are some non-toxic recipes to control insect pests
Why Fix Your Leptin Levels.
High leptin levels have been tied to high blood pressure,obesity, heart disease
and stroke, as well as blood sugar related problems.

News 60
Modern Day Wheat and Your Belly - The weight gain associated with wheat consumption has little to do with caloric content; rather, the gluten proteins. They disrupt the endocrine and exocrine processes within the body. Made to alter mamalian metabolism in the direction of weight gain. Read More Here >>>
Rev up Your  Circulation, Health and Cleanse your Body of Unwanted Toxins - Recipe For Skin and Internal Organ Detox Blend
Natural Remedy for Allergies, Flu, Asthma and other Illnesses.
Anti-Bloat Drink Recipe -
Drink water flavored with lemon, lime, or cucumber. A few studies suggest that peppermint tea, ginger, pineapple, parsley, and yogurts containing probiotics ("good" bacteria) may help reduce bloating.
Natural Recipes That Kill Household Mold -
News 61
How Important are Enzymes to your Health? Your Gut is Your Second Brain.
Allergies - A Few Recipes that Could Help
Essential oils have potent antimicrobial effects along with their clean, pleasant natural aromas. Especially good are: lemon (clean, sweet, uplifting scent; deodorizing), peppermint (minty, fresh; air purifier; mild pest repellent), eucalyptus and tea tree (air and surface sanitizers; fresh, therapeutic aromas).
Recipes For Cleaning Your Home Naturally, Safely Without Harsh Chemicals - Essential Oils are naturally antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial, they naturally energize, deodorize, clean and refresh.
News 62
Heal a Sunburn - Home Remedies-Drink lots of water to keep hydrated and help the healing process. Any burn draws fluid to the skin surface and away from the rest of the body. So drink extra water, juice and sports drinks for a couple of days and watch for signs of dehydration: Dry mouth, thirst, reduced urination, headache, dizziness and sleepiness. Read More Here>>>
Healing Salve Recipe -
Natural Remedies For Bug Bites and Stings-
Essential Oils that Repel Insects
Having Trouble Falling Asleep? Try these drinks and essential oil blends to help you fall asleep. Make Your Own Lullaby recipe Blends - read more >>>>
Detox Drink Recipes -
News 63
Summer Heat and free Recipes using Essential Oils to Cool Down -
Did You Know This, About Commercial Tooth Paste? . . .
The Many Uses of Orange Essential Oil -
Vitamin C Herbal Pops - Recipe
Embarrassing Foot Odor . . .?
News 64
Essential Oils Arrest Virus' and Bacteria
Homemade Re-Usable Cleaning Wipes
Science has begun to investigate the effectiveness of Tea Tree
Sun Screen A Health Hazard?
Hippocrates 10 Rules to Live By
A Recipe to Reduce Inflammation
News 65
Environment Poisoning -We are eating hybridized and genetically modified (GMO) foods full of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and additives that were unknown to our immune systems just a generation or two ago.Nature is the source of Healing
Foods to eat every day and help you feel younger-
Society as a whole must pay the price for the wholesale poison of our land, our air and our food supply.
Is it a Cold Or is it the Flu? chart to compare symptoms
Essential Oils to Fight a Cold or the Flu - which Essential Oils to use to fight a cold or which to use to fight the flu.
News 66
Autumn is a season for reflecting, refining, and selecting -

The essential oil of the peppermint - also commonly used as a pain reliever ,good for relaxing nerves and improving circulation.
How to clean a bathroom -
17 ways to benefit from Essential Oils -
News 67
Do It Yourself Christmas Gift Ideas .
Do you want to understand cancer better? here are some things to think about . . .
Rhodiola Rosea : In ancient medicine, Rhodiola was used for pain, headache, scurvy, hemorrhoids, as a stimulant, an anti-inflammatory, to enhance fertility, and for the treatment of cold and flu.

It’s never too late to address unexpressed emotion stored in the body as pain, tightness, and discomfort.-

Essential oils are relevant to energy work because energetic imbalances tend to eventfully manifest in the physical body. Because of this, essential oils and aromatherapy can be said to be inherently multi-dimensional and in essence integrated. For me, this makes them a wonderful bridge between subtle  (energetic) and biochemical (clinical) modalities that promote healing, balance and wellness
Homemade Anti-Bacterial Roll-On

News 68
Monsanto Has Invaded 4-H
Winter A Time of Dormancy and Rest -Aromatherapy brings us the aromatic energy of living plants in the form of essential oils.These fragrances are a natural antidote to the emotionally debilitating effects of winter.
Essential Oils That Soothe Congestion
Hangover Help - "Alcoholism is Candida in the Liver" - quote from Hanna Kroeger Also - Taking this combination of herbs and vitamins before you drink may help to stave off a hangover.
ADHD Diet and Life Style
Do You Hang up Damp Clothes and Towels inside Your Home?
News 69
Inflammation Is The King Of Pain - Is a hidden, smoldering fire in your body coming between you and good health? Inflammation helps the Body Heal. Inflammation out of control harms the body, and then you have disease and pain set in.
Keeping Hormones in Balance Using Essential Oils - Find it easier to maintain a healthy weight, gain/keep a regular menstrual cycle, enjoy sex, experience restorative sleep, and optimal energy levels.
Thinning Hair
Organic Root Stimulating Serum -
Kill Germs Without Bleach - Two household Items. By themselves, they’re somewhat effective in killing bacteria. But in tandem, they’re a powerhouse against salmonella, E. coli, and listeria.
Things to Know About Essential Oils -
News 70
Toxins in the Blood and Body Symptoms: Allergies, low immunity, constant headaches, fatigue are few common symptoms of toxins in the blood and body. Detoxification helps the blood and body remove the harmful toxins and improve the functioning of the organs like kidneys and liver which are commonly effected.
Eight Natural Wonders You can use to Feel Happier Fast
Candida -
Its job is to aid with digestion and nutrient absorption but, when overproduced, candida breaks down the wall of the intestine and penetrates the bloodstream, releasing toxic byproducts into your body and causing leaky gut, and many different health problems, ranging from digestive issues to depression.
Make your Own Sinus Allergy Relief Stick - How to make a Natural Balm for Congested and Irritated Noses
Eucalyptus Essential Oil For Respiratory Problems
When Overwhelm is a word to describe You . . .
News 71
Taking Care of Wounds with Essential Oils Naturally .Using a Few Key Essential Oils
Many Allergies are caused by Liver Toxicity Allergies
- are related to poor liver function, which reduces the liver’s efficiency in cleansing the blood of toxins (such as antibodies and chemicals).  Such toxins over stimulate the immune system causing it to pour out inflammatory chemicals (histamines, etc) which may cause;  itchy rashes, hives, etc.
Cellulite - Make your own blend to rub into cellulite-y skin areas recipe found here
If You Are Already at Risk . . . For the Following Diseases, and the Herbs that May Help
News 72
Diabetes and Bitter Melon-
Eczema the Itch That Rashes -
Keep Spiders Out Using the Essential Oils in this Recipe -
Dangers of Aggressive Detoxing - Your liver filters toxins out of your blood, including pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, ammonia and chemicals. Your liver then dumps these toxins into your upper GI tract as part of a bile mixture used for digestion. Importantly, this reintroduces these toxins into your digestive system, where they can be quickly reabsorbed through intestinal walls and cause acute toxicity where you are essentially being "re-poisoned" with the same exact toxins your liver just pulled out of your blood
Want to Live Longer? Drinking water does so much more than keep us alive, though. Here are some ways that getting enough water can help you live a longer, fuller life.
News 73
Essential Oils For Pain Relief, Muscle Ache, Inflammation, and much more. . .
Make Your Own Hot Tiger Balm with this recipe
Oregano & Eucalyptus Salve -
Scientific studies show that Oregano has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic properties.
Aloe Vere Lavender, Peppermint Sunburn Spray - This Recipe offers immediate relief, shorten healing times, and is soothing, while the peppermint is cooling and refreshing. Also some Home Remedies that offer relief.
Repel Insects with these Remedies - Pest Away our best ever, 10 times more effective than DEET.
News 74

50 Magical Ways to Use Essential Oils Every Day

Using Essential Oils in Health and Healing
News 75
And we can control these emotional states by inhaling certain scents. Using Essential Oils.
Spinal Treatment Essential Oils increase and align energy flow by opening or releasing blockages that are preventing free circulation.
For Viral, Bacterial, Back Spasms, Spine Compressions, Simple Colds, Flu's, and Infections.
The Psyche, Immune Function, Pain Relief, and much more.
The skin is your largest organ and absorbs 60% of what you put on it.
News 76
Back to School - 7 Common Ailments
The reality of all the nasty bugs that the school setting can bring. Using Essential Oils to Combat them.
Here's how to use Essential Oils to Keep Ticks Away And avoid Lyme Disease
A free radical is a cellular killer that wreaks havoc on your Body and Health
Recipe for Toilet Bowel Fresheners
News 77
Slough Off Summer with these Fall Body Scrubs
Make Your Own
Natural Disinfectant Spray
Cold and Flu Season
Honey as Medicine
News 78
Why I Carry 3 in 1 Essential Oil Blend with me All the Time
When Overwhelm is a word that describes you. .
Some Ways to Keep your Home a Cancer Free Zone
The absolute best (natural) relief for ear infections and ear aches.
News 79

Cold and Flu Season  Helpful tips for taking Care of your little ones, or yourself, with a cold, flu, or just not feeling well.

The Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil

Got a Sinus Infection? Try these Helpful Hints.

News 80
Vitamin C is used to neutralize chlorine.
Synthetic Chemicals, Do you really want to use them on your skin?
Effectiveness of Essential Oils
Oregano Essential Oil, No Surprise Here
Your Natural Medicine Cabinet: The Basics
News 81
Using Essential Oils to Make Life Better 
Homemade Gifts You'll Love Giving . . . Using Essential Oils
Cat Repellant
Spring Time Sinus Health Tips
News 82
Super Essential Oils
Bee Stings, What to Do. . . .
Arm Pits . . Natural Deodorant Or Not?
Insect Repellant Essential Oils
News 83
How To Survive The Summer Using Essential Oils
Do it yourself recipes for Natural Sunburn Relief
9 Ways Essential Oils Help in the Garden
How to Get Rid of Flies With Out Harmful Chemicals
News 84
It's Summer and you Work Hard, You Play Hard... You Need a Hard Working Muscle Rub. Make It Yourself - muscle rub
News 85
Fall is a Time When Nature Draws Inward and People Feel Less Grounded
Make your Cramp Salve
Essential Oils for Back to School germs, virus, and bugs
Make your own Mood Changing Mix
News 86
6 Really Amazing Essential Oils
Make your Own Hormone Balancing Deodorant
Shea Butter gives Pain Relief
Time Tested Home Remedies that Can Clear a Stuffy Nose and Keep your Sinuses Clear so that You Can Breathe With Ease
News 87
Rose or Lotus essential oils -for the ever giving person. Do you find yourself unraveling?
Seeking natural pain relief?
Urination, is actually a really important bodily function.
Each of the Seven Chakras are governed by spiritual laws, principles of consciousness that we can use to cultivate greater harmony, happiness, and well being in our lives and in the world.
News 88
We live in a world in which antibiotic and antiviral resistant pathogens seem to be making headlines daily.
A Body Rub with a Natural Liquid Aspirin
Make Your Own Nerve Pain and Block
Top New Years Resolutions
DIY Deodorant for Everyone
Magnesium is necessary for hundreds of functions within the body Make your Own Magnesium Body Spray
The Seven Chakras - A closer Look - Second Sacral Chakra "Your Own Place"
Valentines Day Essential Oils Tried and True Combinations for You
15 Essential oils to Relieve Pain
Essential Oils for the Chakras The Third Chakra Solar Plexus Yellow
News 91
Some of the most notable health benefits of Balsam of Peru essential oil ,
People all over the World Suffer from Allergies
Essential Oils for the Chakras The Fourth Chakra Heart / Thymus Green
News 92
Ten Uses for the "Cleansing" Essential Oil Blend, like home odor eaters, healthy skin...etc.
Detox and Clean the Body Of Toxins
Essential Oils for the fifth chakra
News 93
Every Day Use of Essential Oils In the Home
Top Essential Oils to use for Allergies
Popular Oils for Stretch Marks and Cellulite
The Sixth Chakra
News 94
9 Ways to Use Essential Oils in the Garden
Natural SunScreen Recipe
Making your Own Emergency Kit With Essential Oils
Seeing the benefits of scalar energy for Your Health
Essential Oils for the Seventh Chakra
News 95
Five Ways to Get Rid of Fruit Flies
Whole Foods just partnered with Monsanto
Using Essential Oils for General Well Being
News 96
Cooling off This Summer?Beware of this parasite!
Summer Cool Down Spray recipe
Heal a Sunburn
Back to School for Aware Parents
Essential Oils Used For First Aide and Skin Irritations
News 97
It's time to help the immune system by:Killing airborne pathogens by diffusing PURE essential oils
Strengthen and stimulate your hair with this "Make your own Hair Rinse"
Some natural remedies that can tackle both insomnia and obesity
Dessert made with essential oils

News 98
Pain Relief -Essential Oils
Cold and Flu Care using Essential Oils
Seasonal Allergies
Mint Chocolate Chip Dessert

Powerful Antibacterial ESSENTIAL OILS

Hormone Inbalances -Symptoms are a sign that something is wrong – something is out of balance.

Create homemade gifts for your family and friends.
Fungal Foot Soak: Eastern traditions claim that toxins are effectively eliminated through the feet

Make Your Own Headache Balm using: Headaches can range from bad to extremely bad.
Headaches can be from any number of reasons. 
How many times have you have suffered from a throbbing headache?
Care Giver's Essential Oil Blends Essential oils have been used for generations to ease symptoms of depression, anxiety and insomnia. Some caregivers are now using these trusted oils to ease anxiety, boost memory and improve the mood of loved ones living with dementia

Add Body to Lifeless Hair Naturally using essential oils

8 of the Most Powerful Antibacterial
Essential Oils
Making Your own Emergency Kit
Using Essential Oils

When an emergency happens, it is important to be prepared. It is often hard to think about what to do next. Having a well stocked first aid kit and being familiar with how to use the essential oils in it, will be very beneficial to those around you.

Are You at Risk for Imbalances 
Feeling stressed and anxious lately? You know the signs, your jaw is often clenched, you grind your teeth, your palms sweat, your heart pounds and your stomach churns.
Pain?  Get Natural Relief
Essential Oils that protect the Digestion Tract
Allergic Diseases and Disorders
As We Age our skin becomes more delicate
Intensified reactions from a simple bump
 Summer Skin and Essential oils
Best Essential Oils for Back to School
Do You Suffer From Poor Sleep?
Make this easy-to-make sleep spray packed with sleep-inducing magnesium and calming Essential Oils
Introducing Our KidCare Line
Scars, when there is injury or trama to the skin   Essential oils can really make a difference
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