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        Wallsburg is a small Utah town located high in the Wasatch Mountains at the upper end of Provo Canyon, surrounded by snow capped peaks thick with ponderosa pine and aspen forests.  Lots of things are still pretty much the way they were back in 1860 when Wallsburg was founded by William Wall.  For instance, on most any summer evening you're not likely to hear a peep except the bark of a lone dog across the valley or the bugle of a bull elk.  Farming is still a way of life as is evident from the vast hay fields, cattle herds, horse teams and old farm implements you see most everywhere.  There are still lots of old wooden barns and corrals and occasionally you can spot an original hand hewn log building.  Once in a while we have a bear, mountain lion or moose pass through but probably the most common occurrence is keeping deer out of the garden or the hen house safe from fox, mink or raccoons.  Yes, some things are still pretty much the same, but it never grows tiring to hear some of the old timers tell of how it "used to be" when it was a necessity, instead of a dream, to be self sufficient.
        SUMMARY:  Wallsburg Soap Co. uses no petroleum (except in the Foot Ointment and Udder Relief Creams where limited amounts of Petroleum Jelly are used as a water barrier) or animal products and has striven to insure that their entire line of body care products are not only unique and pleasing but beneficial because they are healthy.  They use only "natural"vegetableandnutoils and waxes like Safflower, Avocado, Olive, Sweet Almond, select vegetable oils and Beeswax that are known for their beneficial effect on the skin. They also use naturalplant oils(Essential Oils),farm fresh plants and herbs.  All oils and waxes are as close to unprocessed as possible, as close to their natural state as possible.  All of their Body Care products are based on old Folk Medicine recipes that are all natural and have time proven health benefits.  They use fresh, natural ingredients, where available, that are grown in Utah.  Their products are produced and hand crafted in small batches to insure consistency and quality.  They are locally owned and operated.
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We no longer carry this line of products
Wallsburg now has their own website
You can get their products by clicking on this link


ld Fashioned Glycerin Soaps - Bars
Old Fashioned Hand Lotions - Bottles & Body Oils
3.5 oz. Homesteader Soap, 10 Bar Pk.

8 oz.  Apricot Honey 
3.5 oz. Homesteader 100 bar Pk.
8 oz. Unscented
3.25oz Apricot Honey
8 oz. Raspberry Patch......................................
3.25 oz Raspberry Patch
4 oz. Lavender*  Body Oil  (Calming)
3.25 oz Peppermint
4 oz. Cinnamon Vanilla* Body Oil  (Energizing)
3.25 oz Crisp Cucumber
Old Fashioned Hand Creams - Jars .......................
3.25 oz Oatmeal
2 oz. Apricot Honey
3.25 oz Herbal
2 oz. Raspberry Patch
3.25 oz Unscented
2 oz. Unscented
3.25 oz Alfalfa
Cream Composure - Progesterone
3.25 oz Pear Blossom
Trial Sized Products
3.25 oz Spicy Apple
1 oz   Apricot/Honey Lotion
3.25 oz Lemon Lavender
1/2 oz   Apricot/Honey Hand Creams 
3.25 oz Pine
1/2 oz.  Foot Ointment
3.25 oz Shea Butter
1/2 oz.  Body Oil
3.25 oz Orange Cranberry
1/2 oz.  Shea Cream
Old Fashioned Creams, Ointments & Balms Old Fashioned Country Things
1/4 oz. "Original" Lip Balm*
. Cinnamon Bed Warmer
1/4 oz. Wintergreen Lip Balm
. Unscented Bed Warmer
1/4 oz. Cinnamon Lip Balm

2 oz. Foot Ointment   (antiseptic)

4 oz.  Foot Ointment
2 oz.  Shea Cream    (Healing)
. .
4 oz Shea Cream
. Unscented Oil Candles
                              -Gift Items- 7 oz Serenity - clear - oilcan
6 item Gift Sampler -
 32 oz.  LAMP OIL - Clear, odorless 
8 items Hostess Sampler - Apricot Honey Hand Cream, Lip Balm, Honey glycerin soap, Apricot Honey Hand Lotion, Lavender Essential Body Oil. Shea Cream and Udder Relief Cream

Lifetime "Serenity" Oil Lamp 
  This NEW European designed oil lamp is a balance of beauty and function.  Its broad base and low profile make it nearly 
impossible to tip over, yet it holds nearly 7 ounces of lamp oil - or almost 70 hours of burn time.  It is made from crystal clear glass, perfectly suited for adding botanicals or dried flowers.  This candle comes with a lifetime wick (it never consumes).  Set the flame height once and all you ever need to do is refill the lamp oil. 

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