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 "A lot of us are working hard at living long these days," notes the writer. "Exercising regularly. Eating well. Trying to cut back on bad habits. And it's all great, because it's working.  "But there's evidence that something else could help us live longer. Something very easy to do. 

     "`Love and health go hand in hand,' says Peter Hansen, a therapist consultant who conducts workshops in getting people's 
 affections in shape.  "The mandate to 'love your neighbor' is not just a moral mandate--it's a physiological one," says James Lynch, author of BROKEN HEART. 
      "Researchers from the University of California at Berkeley found several years ago that socially isolated people were more susceptible to illness and had death rates about two to three times higher than people whose social lives were richer." 
      "But perhaps the most intriguing study was done recently by psychologists at Harvard. Measurements were made of a germ-fighting substance in the saliva of people before and after they watched various films: A Nazi war movie, a short film on gardening and a documentary on Mother Teresa, the nun whose charitable works earned her a Nobel prize. 
      "Without a doubt, the film on Mother Teresa was kindest to the viewer's immune systems. Levels of IG-A (an immune agent especially effective in fighting colds and other viruses) rose sharply in response to the Mother Teresa film, while no changes occurred in response to the other movies." 
      "It seems something deep inside our cells responds positively when we feel love. Love appears capable of sparking healthy 
 biological reactions." 
      "Dr. Robert Taylor, a psychiatrist from California, thinks it may boil down to love's potential for being a great reducer of stress. `When people have close relationships, they feel less threatened, less alone, more confident and more in control. Knowing you have people you can turn to in times of need can provide some very important feelings of security, optimism and hope--all of which can be great antidotes to stress.'" 

Today, let's exercise our cells and get healthy by merely loving someone else. 

Rules For Getting Well and Staying Well 

The main secrets to a healthy life are: 
1. Be thankful. 
2. Bless the lives of others. 
3. Healthy people serve others while the unhealthy are too often consumed with themselves and their own problems. 
4. Learn to forgive and let go, so you can get on with your life. Many studies have now shown that forgiving enhances health and helps prevent chemical changes in the body that may lead to disease. 
5. Live in harmony with those around you. Be a peacemaker. 
6. Learn to accept whatever decision is made. Do your best to keep your peace of mind. Peace is a healer. 
7. Learn from your mistakes and allow others to do the same. Don't stand over people and supervise every move. Learn to give others the opportunity to grow and grow up. 
8. Don't talk about your misfortunes or illnesses. It doesn't do any good for you or the other person you tell, and it presents an opportunity for them to do the same to you. Save it for your doctor. He's paid to listen to your problems. 
9. Don't gossip. Gossip that comes through the grapevine is usually sour grapes. Be a person who speaks for the one who can not.  (It is also a sign of unhealthy pride) 
10. Spend 10 minutes a day meditating on how you can become a better person. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Listen to and follow your conscience. 
11. Exercise daily. 
     a. Keep your spine and joints limber. 
     b. Develop your abdominal muscles. 
     c. Expand your lungs with specific exercises on a regular schedule. 
     d. Keep flexible and strong. 
12. Walk 10 minutes barefoot in the dewy grass or sand everyday. You'll sleep better. 
13. No smoking or drinking alcohol or caffeine. Both nicotine and alcohol are depressant drugs. Both require energy to detoxify the body, which energy is better used for life and healing processes. Avoid anything that is addictive or habit forming. 
14. Go to bed by 9 pm when you can. If you are tired during the day, rest more. Rest allows the body to give its full attention and energy to healing and rebuilding tissues. Write down your problems at the end of the day and go over them first thing in the morning when you are refreshed, so you can look at them with a fresh mind and body. 

Let's not take a 1 minute irritation and turn it into an hour, month, year or lifetime canker. 

Loni Anderson said she refused to be unhappy over her break up with Burt Reynolds because she didn't like what it does to your face.          (paraphrased) 

Zen and the Art of Stress Maintenance 
The Five All-Time Best Stress-Reducing Tips: 
1.  Get Organized:  Put things back where they belong, and you won't have to go berserk looking for "lost" stuff. 
2.  Live in the Present:  Kids do this.  For them, yesterday was a million years ago, and tomorrow is far, far away. 
3.  Help Others:  A lot of stress occurs when we get too wrapped up in ourselves. 
4.  Laugh:  If you can find humor in a problem, it's half-solved. 
5.  Let Other People Do Their Own Thing:  You are not the general manager of the universe. 
            Relax                         Author inknown 

Another word for Love is Charity - Be willing to let others learn on you.

How to Avoid Misery Forever
Choose to love-----rather than hate. 
Choose to smile-----rather than frown. 
Choose to build-----rather than destroy. 
Choose to persevere-----rather than quit. 
Choose to praise-----rather than gossip. 
Choose to heal-----rather than wound. 
Choose to give-----rather than grasp. 
Choose to act-----rather than delay. 
Choose to forgive-----rather than curse. 
Choose to pray-----rather than despair. 
Happiness is not a is a consequence 
                                   Authors unknown 

A researcher in Germany discovered that how you deal with problems can affect how long you will live and, to some extent, how you may die!   -  See

Forgiveness - The Gift We Give Ourselves  by Cheryl Carson - One of the most healing books I have ever read.  - 

"Forgiveness does not change the past but it does enlarge the future" - Iyanla 

Study by David Snowdon at the University of Kentucky shows that happy thoughts ward off disease and promote longevity. He analyzed the writings of 180 elderly nuns.  He found those who used key words such as"happy", "joy," "love," hopeful," and content" frequently lived as much as 10 years longer than those who didn't. This confirms previous studies he said, as it has long been known that depression, hostility, anger, hatred and anxiety can cause illness and shorten life. 

All of us could take a lesson from the weather.  It pays no attention to criticism. 
                                                    N. DeKalb Kiwanis Club Deacon 

Do all the good you can, 
By all the means you can, 
In all the ways you can, 
In all the places you can, 
At all the times you can, 
To all the people you can, 
As long as ever you can. 
      John Wesley's Rule 

Taken from a booklet called "Becoming The Change" by Carrie Ringger and Vicky Guerin

Negative thought patterns etched in our minds from our pain and failures can cause actual chemical changes in our brain and body which in turn can cause dis-ease.  All illness has some psychosomatic overtones involved. 

Our well-being is reliant upon having the ability to release the feelings that present themselves negatively, using the techniques to discard destructive thoughts and apply forgiveness and love to every situation.  Where better to start than with our families and loved ones. 

The Scriptures tell us that whatsoever we ask the Father in the name of Jesus Christ, which the Spirit confirms is for our good, it shall be granted us. 

" Most pain found in a muscle is concentrated energy or negative feelings stored within the cell tissues.  The pain brings attention to the area where the feelings are stored.  You can touch the sore spot or area, then talk to the feelings.".................  (Steps) 

1.  "Would I let go of this feeling or emotion if I could?"     Need to answer  "YES" 

2.  "Could I release this feeling through my faith in Jesus Christ to help me?"  Pause and feel the joy of this if you can...then answer: "YES" 

3.  "When will I let go?"  Pause and allow yourself to feel your feelings, then answer: "NOW". 

4.  "REPEAT the above three steps until you feel peace. 

5.  Then say: "Would I allow Forgiveness, Love and Charity to enter my cells where the negative used to be?  YES". 

6.  "Could I allow it through my faith in Jesus Christ to help me?  YES" 

7.  "When would I allow them to replace the negative feelings?  NOW>" 

8.  Then close it off by saying: "I Thank Thee, I Thank Thee, I Thank Thee." 

You are becoming the change you desire by learning to let go, forgive, and cleanse the body of negative thoughts/emotions.

Love Makes The World Go
                'Round! We LOVE You!!!!
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