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 There are so many more links on remineralizing the earth that I have 
 put them at the bottom of all the other links. 
Here are some more great links
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Garden mentor
How to Plant an Awesome Vegetable Garden Even If You’ve Never Grown Before

  Home Gardening
A Guide for Your Family

This Site is Chock Full of Great Information on Gardening, Landscaping...and so much more... A Great Resource Center!
Home gardening is a great opportunity to teach your children more about nature and the world around them. You can start with a plot in the backyard, window boxes or containers, depending on what you want to grow.

beginers tools
The Beginner’s Guide to Gardening Tools

Gardening can be a rewarding hobby, whether you grow vegetables, flowers, or both. Not only can you get beneficial exercise as you work to grow plants, but you can also enjoy the fruits of your labors as beautiful flowers or vegetables. You’ll need a variety of different tools to garden, including hand tools, larger tools with long handles, and even power tools. Some gardening equipment is designed to protect you from injury as well.

9 Ways Your Home is Killing Your Plants

Important for gardeners to know what to avoid/how to spot trouble areas on their homes. In some cases, they might even avoid some costly home repairs by spotting some of these issues early on!
Everyone has seen homes with exceptional lawns and landscaping. Many know someone on their block who seems to have a “green thumb” when it comes to plants and gardens. What is it about these people and their almost magical connection with grass, shrubbery, and flowers? Do they know more or care more or is it perhaps something else?

 J Gil Organic is all about the soil. Organic lawn tips and information for homeowners on how to improve their lawn and landscape
A 100% organic lawn care consulting and coaching. daily blog post and videos about, organic gardening, lawn and sustainable living.

Found Here:

Back Yard Money Saver Guide Growing Food
Help Starting A Community Garden
For many, the ever-rising cost of living can seem overwhelming. Whether a person is single or raising a family, it’s beneficial for them to find ways to cut costs and save money whenever possible. One way to do that is to plant a vegetable and fruit garden. Food is an unavoidable expense, and eating healthy can be costly, but by planting favorite vegetables and even certain fruits in a garden, people can avoid the substantially marked-up prices charged by grocery stores.
For more Information go here>>>

Principles of Greenhouse Design

Greenhouses - especially solar greenhouses, continue to grow in popularity due to their energy efficiency, ability to collect solar energy from the sun, and their ability to provide year-round growing conditions for a variety of fruits and vegetables.
This page is FULL of Good Info on Green House Design. Conventional greenhouses verses Solar greenhouses/ How a
Solar greenhouse Works/ And So much More!

This is a DIY Pest Control in the Garden resource: Guardians of the Garden
The situation is dire: a multitude of destructive super-villains are attacking your precious garden. These creatures have no remorse and they won’t stop until they exterminate every last blade of grass in your precious, green utopia. This is good info about Guardians of the Garden

Topiary  Tree

Great Gardening Resources:
Vegetable Gardens, Flower Gardens, and Topiary gardens.
Topiary gardens - just like flower gardens, are created for their looks and for fun. Until the bright colors of a flower garden, a topiary garden is made up of flower topiary, cone and spiral topiary, and other types of bush. These live topiary trees can be any size, but they all have one thing in common: the gardener cuts them into amazing shapes.

 Many people love gardening. They love feeling the dirt between their fingers, the taste of success that comes from tasting a vegetable grown by hand, and the sight of a well-kept flowerbed in full bloom.
Found Here:

Starting a Shade Garden

 Read "Seeds of Deception" by Jeffrey Smith, and see his video. He's done an awesome job of uncovering corporate deceit and the imminent horrific danger of genetically modified organisms."  (

Click on picture below for planting times & other information

A resource by the National Gardening Association that provides help with school gardening, family gardening, grants and fundraising, etc

A recently published visual guide helpful for novices and those looking to get started in gardening
Vegetable Gardening for Dummies
Excellent kids gardening site

This is a really great page of information   sent from Kelly Graves and the Community Center kids:

One of the most exciting gardening information websites we have ever seen. It is by  Gwen Nyhus Stewart, B.S.W., M.G., H.T. - She is the author of the book "The Healing Garden: A Place Of Peace" 

Green Teens - Beginner's Guide to Gardening and Landscaping
This is  A Beginners Guide to Gardening and Landscaping And A DO-IT-YOURSELF Made Easy
This is a great site, very informative.

We distribute rare seeds from every continent; native plants from around the world, including flowers, vines, trees, cacti, culinary herbs, heirloom vegetables, ornamentals, hardy perennials, medicinal plants, and tropicals. 
Learn more about USDA planning serious import restrictions and severe gardening restrictions. 

Things you need to know about growing herb gardens - different kinds.


Organic gardening site. (click on picture)

Wondering how to control
                    those nasties naturally?Natural Insect Control

A Guide to The 2014 Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 Produce List

                                                                            From the Health Perch

This site covers the most and least dangerous produce when it comes to pesticides. 
According to the EWG, an estimated 65% of 32,000 produce samples test positive for pesticide residue!
Great Pictures and very informative.

. lazy man's way to garden

hiPlanet Natural

Do no harm - Where man is in
                    balance with nature!
Beyond Yonder Woodland Botanicals

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seeds of change

American Kelp
                  Corporation. World Leader of Sustainable Soils
.American Kelp Corporation. World Leader of Sustainable Soils Science and other Organic Information.

United Plant Savers  (Threatened herbs)\
                    More information:

Plants, Seeds, More!


Nichols Garden Nursery

Summer Save 6 #2

Banner 10000064



Building Your Own Home Garden 

I found this site to be very useful and convenient. Not only does it talk about landscaping and garden care, but it also has kid friendly resources at the bottom.
 Find this great resource here > > >

Using Essential Oils to control Bee problems

. is the URL for Mt Healthy Hatchery that 
has a nice but limited selection of birds.  They are in Mt 
Healthy Ohio and have a nice online catalog. 

.Murray McMurray Hatchery is the URL for Murray McMurray, 
they have a extensive selection of birds, including a wide 
selection of rather rare and fancy birds.  It is a nice 
reference as well as a catalog because they have pictures of 
most birds. I have ordered birds from Murray McMurray but it has been years 
ago now and was very satisfied.  they will bend over backwards 
to insure that you get good healthy birds. 

Click here for some of the most awesome earth friendly 
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Information on Soil Remineralisation check out some of the 
following internet Links, Organisations (UK and International) and Books, 
Videos, Got any others, let me know and I will add them to my links site. 

Soil Remineralisation Internet Links (Updated -Tuesday 18th May 1999) 


Earth Regeneration Society

Alternative Soil Testing - Laboratories Agronomy Resource List - Loads of 
Great Reources 


Organic Gardening products
(This is us! - so link takes you to top of page ) 

McKenzie Rock Flour


Remineralization selected-writings

Renew Soil Life with Powdered Rock

Saving the planet with gravel dust

Don Weaver

The Invisible Gardener



Asian Remineralised Organic Pears


United Kingdom 

*SEER Centre Sustainable Ecological Earth Regeneration Moira and Cameroon 
Thomson: Ceanghline, Straloch Farm, Blairgowrie PH10 7PJ, Scotland 0881 486 

* HDRA Link to their main site they hava a report entitled: Soil 
Remineralisation and the use of Rock Dust Anna Collins Henry Doubleday 
Research Association, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry, CV8 3LG, UK 

Active researchers UK 

* Scottish Agricultural College, Scotland 

* Glasgow University, Scotland 

* University of Surrey 
Chemistry Department Plasma Quad 40 element spectrum analysis 01483-259-303 


* Earth Core Aubreys Barn,Barnsley, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 
5EJ -(04325 265 119)04325 265 119 

* Good Gardeners Ass Pinetum Products, Churcham, Glos, GL2 8AD,01452 750 
402 (554) 

* Redland Quarries David Langley, Technical Manager, Bradgate House, Groby, 
Leics LE6 OFA 

* Cumulus Organics Two Mile Lane, Highham, Glos, GL2 8DW, 0452-305814 

Other useful Contacts UK 

* Biological Crop Protection Ltd (Wye, Ashford, Kent, UK) 0233 813240 

* John Reeves, Eastleigh, Greenfield Close, Joys Green, Lydbrook, Glos GL1 
9QU 01594 861196 


* Remineralise the Earth 152 South Street, Northampton, MA 01060-4021 USA 
(413) 586-4429

* The Men of the Trees M.B. Oldfield & Sons, 3 Over Avenue, Lesmurdie 
Western Australia 6076 +61 (08) 9291 6619 United States Department of 

* Rodale Institute USA 

* Ronald Korcak, Ph.D. Plant sciences Institute, USDA,, (301) 504-6591 

* Acres USA Box 9547, Kansas City, Missouri 64133-9547 USA 

* Hamaker-Weaver Publishers Don Weaver, Box 1961, Burlingame CA 94010 USA 

Join  for more contacts in: 

USA, Canada, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and 
Europe + Health and Mineral Supplements, Mineral Analysis and The Network 
of interested people. 

Recommended reading 

* Bread From Stones, Julius Hensel, Acres USA 

* Secrets of the Soil - Available from Acres USA and 

* Research Packet - Agriculture and Forestry - Remineralise The Earth 

Interested Organisations 

* Nature's First Law Information on health, P.O. Box 900202, San Diego, CA 
92190 USA (619) 645-7282 

* The FRESH Network P.O. Box 71, Ely, CB7 4GU, UK, 01353 662849, 

Videos (rememeber to Check if suitable for your system) 

* The Flourishing - A scottish Family showing the way to remineralise the 
earth, Men of Trees 

* USDA Forum on SR and Sustainable Agriculture - 4 tapes on Soil 
Remineralisation and Sustainable Agriculture - From Remineralise the Earth 

Hope this Proves Useful 
Philip Madeley

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herbs &
Flower Remedies Essential Oil 
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