Deet vs. Catnip essential oil. 

Medical profession insights! Our worst nightmare!

Deet tests indicate that it causes neurological problems in many cases - especially detrimental to small children and senior citizens.    click here for more information 

Catnip essential oil does not have the same problems.  It is an expensive oil so we have added it to our "Pest Away" formula which we have been using for years against mosquitos to give it a broader spectrum. More information on  catnip here or Pest away here) It only takes a drop or less on exposed areas like hands, forehead, etc.

Link to Symptoms and other information on West Nile Virus.

We have a friend that lost 2 horses to West Nile Virus in 2006 and had several others down with it.  In desperation he injected the other horses with Garlic Essential Oil and they snapped out of it almost immediately.  He also had a dog with it so he also injected the dog with Garlic Essential Oil and it also got over West Nile Virus very quickly.   I would never suggest doing this to a human, however, I would certainly take garlic internally and put garlic essential oil on the bottom of my feet after applying a carrier oil like olive oil if I even thought I had it.  Of course garlic is great for any virus treatment.  Many tests have verified its' reliable use against virus'.   I would also use garlic essential oil if the bird flu  was anywhere in my area or I even thought I had it.  The sooner you start medicating the easier it is to get well or keep from getting any virus.  (The fewer microbes the faster you can get well)

How Does West Nile Virus Spread?

Infected Mosquitoes. Most often, WNV is spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. Mosquitoes are WNV carriers that become infected when they feed on infected birds. Infected mosquitoes can then spread WNV to humans and other animals when they bite. 

Transfusions, Transplants, and Mother-to-Child. In a very small number of cases, WNV also has been spread through blood transfusions, organ transplants, breastfeeding and even during pregnancy from mother to baby.

Not through touching. WNV is not spread through casual contact such as touching or kissing a person with the virus. 

How Soon Do Infected People Get Sick?
People typically develop symptoms between 3 and 14 days after they are bitten by the infected mosquito. 

How Is WNV Infection Treated?
There is no specific treatment for WNV infection. In cases with milder symptoms, people experience symptoms such as fever and aches that pass on their own. In more severe cases, people usually need to go to the hospital where they can receive supportive treatment including intravenous fluids, help with breathing and nursing care. 

Medical profession insights! My nightmare!

Recently some things were brought to my attention that may cause a lot of controversy, however, I feel very strongly that this needs to be addressed. 

The Pharmaceutical companies are trying to push their drugs on healthy people now. This was brought to my attention by three things lately.

First, an article in the HEALTH & HEALING booklet called "Scaring Us Sick!" by Julian Whitaker, MD. He in turn received his "inspiration" from a Washington Post article on February 10, 2004 called "Making Us Nearly Sick."

Second, a 65 year old friend of mine who went into the hospital for a badly needed hysterectomy (I am usually opposed to most hysterectomies, however, there is a time and a place for everything). While there the Doctor asked her if he could also take out her perfectly healthy appendix so that it could never be a problem in the future. She said yes - much to my horror.

Finally, There are so many television ads hawking drugs to perfectly healthy people - Is that whatís meant by preventative medicine??  I think not!!

Isnít it enough that itís so easy to get caught in the circle of "legal drugs" when you actually have a problem. NOW they want to get healthy people hooked on drugs they donít really need. Itís almost impossible to get out of the "circle" once you are "in". First comes the drug and then the drugs for the side effects of the original drug and on and on until you are dead. 

Talk about evil and designing men!!

It isnít enough that they kill well over 100,000 "sick" per year with their poisons. They are now going after the healthy trade to get them hooked into their vicious cycle.

Itís so bad that they are not doing nearly as many autopsies as they used to do because the autopsies are an indictment of our "modern medicine" disgrace.

In an article my daughter read at her doctorís office, which I wish I had a copy or even knew which magazine it was in, she read an article which stated that there had only been 10 deaths from herbs in the last 10 years. WOW!! We better stop people from taking herbs because they kill people!!!  While doing this be sure and put your pharmaceutical blinders on because they donít want you to know the "real truth" of their statistics.

I get really suspicious when they say that your blood pressure should be between 120 and 140 when the actual facts are closer to 130 to 160. This really worries people - I think it is another ploy to get people worried enough to jump into their never-ending well and get them hooked on their drugs earlier.

All my younger life (before 45) doctors always told me that I was lucky to have really low blood pressure, because I didnít have to worry about high blood pressure. Well I finally found a doctor that told me the truth of the matter - with low blood pressure you "drag" through life - feeling tired and run down all the time. Sound familiar??

For low blood pressure I started using more salt in my diet. I immediately felt better. Of course our "Real Salt" is the best I have found. It hasnít been heated like most salts are to make them pour nicely. By heating the salt it also makes the salt harder for the body to utilize. (includes sea salt) One of the things that the people going westward in the late 1800's and early 1900's suffered from was lack of salt. People perspiring in the summer need salt.  Is it really as bad as it is made out to be?  Of course excesses in anything is not good so I am not advocating to take up using an unlimited amount of salt.

For high blood pressure the best thing that you can do is to eat garlic. If the odor is a problem, you can eat parsley or drink some chlorophyll. If you really feel you need to use salt "Real Salt" isnít nearly as bad as regular salt.

Another thing is that I feel that our weight charts are way off. Our weight charts say that a woman 5'6'í should weigh 120 pounds. That is all good and well when you are in your 20's and small boned, however, I find that my best weight for feeling good is more like 135 to 145 and I am certainly not large boned. Below that I donít have the energy and feeling of well being and above that I feel muggy and heavy. 

These are just some of the thoughts I have been having lately. I hope some of this information will help you in some way.  I just feel that we need to pray and listen to our bodies in making the right choices for ourselves as we are so bombarded with "health" propaganda by people that have a hidden agenda. (Greed)

(I am 69 and my husband is 77 - We do not carry insurance and never have - We live what we advocate.)  We were sent medicaid cards when we turned 65, however, when my husband wanted hearing aids last year he didn't even remember receiving his - O' well they don't pay for hearing aids anyway. 

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