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Hanna Kroeger
One of America's True Pioneers in Herbal Knowledge
Healthy and busy until the day she passed away - Just said she was tired at 85 - Went in and went to sleep.
I am sure that she is still busy helping people where ever she is!!
One of America's True
                  Pioneers in Herbal Knowledge
Kroeger Products

 Hanna Kroeger
Hanna Kroeger devoted her entire long life to helping thousands of people throughout the world. She was brilliant, and so is her life’s work, which drove Hanna at an inexhaustible pace. Her accomplishments in the field of health care were astounding and she is remembered worldwide as a master healer. 
     Hanna Kroeger has been called the “Grandmother of Health” and has received many health awards in her lifetime. New Life Magazine declared her one of the great holistic pioneers of the 20th century along with Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, Ann Wigmore, Dr. Edgar Bach, Dr. John Christopher and Edgar Cayce.
     Hanna Kroeger was born in Turkey in 1913, the daughter of German Christian missionaries. As a young woman, she attended nursing school at the University of Freiburg in Germany. Later she assisted Professor Brauchle at a large hospital in Dresden, which primarily used natural healing methods. It was here that she began to discover many amazing ways to restore health using herbs, special diets, baths, massages, etc. Hanna would look through the kitchen and the garden to find foods and herbs to help her family’s health. Much of Hanna’s discoveries were from intuition (prayer) as well as studying and experimenting. 
     When Hanna arrived in America in 1952, she was disappointed by the lack of nutritious foods and started buying bulk whole grains for her family and friends. This grew into one of the first health food stores in the country. Hanna would bake wonderful breads, which brought many people to her store. The more adventurous folks would try some fresh carrot juice, which in 1958 was unheard of. By the 1960’s Hanna’s store was bustling. 
     There are many laughter filled stories of those early years in the store. She recalled how customers reacted when she began selling wheat germ. They asked why she would sell "germs" and whether these "wheat germs" would make them sick. Hanna couldn’t resist giving healthful suggestions to her customers. Soon people would come to see her for their health questions and Hanna’s reputation as a healer flourished. She became popular with both natural healers as well as medical professionals. Hanna was an important pioneer in the development and awareness of alternative health and natural foods and opened the door for many practitioners and health businesses. 
     The desire to help people has always guided Hanna, giving her inspired momentum to learn more and more about natural health. Her coming to Colorado sparked an interest in the indigenous herbs of North America and lead her to study with Native American herbalists, discovering more insights into the complexities these herbs have to offer as important healing tools. Hanna’s work has spread mostly by word of mouth and through her books. She is well respected and referred to by popular luminaries in different healing circles. Her work and reputation has reached thousands of people all over the world. Time and time again people would come back exclaiming amazing results from Hanna’s suggestions. 
     During the early years Hanna made her own herbal combinations a few at a time. She gave her formulas away to anyone who needed help. She soon became known as a master of using subtle and unique combinations of two or more herbs to improve the whole system of the body. The herbal combinations were to be a start of something she never imagined. In 1978 Hanna started Kroeger Herb Products to keep up with the growing demand for her formulas. Over the years, Kroeger Herb Products has grown far beyond Hanna’s original vision and distributes Hanna’s products internationally. 
     Being so focused on her work, Hanna has created a particular vernacular that has developed through medical and health information.  combined with her intense sensitivity to energies (in which many times she finds things before they manifest with physical symptoms) and her spiritual background, she may be seen as eccentric.  Time and time again people came back exclaiming amazing results from Hanna's suggestions. 
     Hanna's work consisted of reading energies on a very subtle level. (Carried on by her family in their business and Peaceful Meadow Retreat School of Natural Healing - 303-442-2490) Having the final say on an herbal blend, she might add or take a few ounces out of hundreds of pounds of herbs to get the energy just right.  Hanna is one of the foremost dowsers (or pendulum users) in the country.  She describes this tool as the super conscious mind connecting with the conscious mind.  this connection is how she works in the fourth dimension, the dimension of intuition and spiritual attunement which the pendulum reflects.  She does not claim to have any outstanding gifts, only that they are from a "higher" or "spiritual" source; yet, she is amazingly accurate with her findings. 
     Being the eclectic wonder, Hanna combined her intuitive sense with the health and medical information she researched. She has also studied many healing methods from around the world, including massage, energy work, homeopathy and nutrition. Hanna used a well-rounded palette of healing techniques that is not limited by convention and looked at physical, emotional and spiritual motives for ailments. She used diet, herbs, homeopathics, vitamins, minerals, physical alignment, massage, acupressure, aura balancing and other practices of natural healing. 
     Teaching was a big part of Hanna’s devotion to helping people help themselves. She wrote twenty books and revised them whenever necessary to keep them up-to-date. Her books are a wonderful array of ideas, techniques, experiences and references for health. They deal with many sides of Hanna’s work, maintaining her character and heartfelt devotion to helping people. Hanna’s books range from general home remedies to books on special diets, herbal and vitamin references, cookbooks and more. Hanna also lectured extensively throughout the country and held intensive learning retreats at her home in Boulder during the summer. 
     On May 7, 1998, Hanna Kroeger made her final embrace in this world, in peace. In her 85th year, Hanna’s boundless energy continued to drive her life’s work as a healer and as a dedicated mentor who helps others. She maintained an exuberant pace as her body of work grew and now her spirit will encourage us to continue her service to mankind. The momentum of Hanna’s work is still as vital as ever and we are fortunate to have so much of her work available to us. As we honor her work and continue her efforts, we should remember her wishes for everyone, the most important being to "help each other." 
Thank you Hanna! 
     In 1978, Kroeger Herb Products was started in Boulder, Colorado, to fulfill a demand for balanced health products that work naturally with the body. 
Through the effectiveness of our formulas, a reputation for having the finest products grew and so did the company. Today, their products are found in health food stores and practitioner offices internationally. 
     Hanna was widely known for her knowledge about herbs, and their effects on good health. And she was loved and respected for her compassion, embodied in her simple phrase: 
“Help each other!” 
     As mentioned above, every summer her family and associates carry on the tradition set by Hanna, herself, of teaching at the Peaceful Meadow Retreat.  They have at least twelve classes on natural and vibrational healing .  The classes consist of an amazing amount of information with lots of hands-on demonstrations, herb walks and valuable knowledge on herbal and other home remedies.  The classes are quite intensive, getting into the inner workings of Hanna's ideas, exploring the seven physical and spiritual causes of ill health and interpreting auric energy for healing, cleansing and rebuilding programs. 
     The classes are always changing with new information.  In addition to all this, they cook for everyone and put them up in her humble accommodations.  they will often have renowned guest speakers as well as some renowned students, creating a wonderful environment for learning and sharing knowledge.

Hanna Kroeger was one of the foremost authorities on herbs, homeopathic remedies and natural healing techniques in the country.  In 1999,  she was named one of the six outstanding holistic pioneers of the 20th century along with Dr. Edward Bach, Edgar Cayce, Dr. John Christopher, Linus Pauling and Ann Wigmore. She spent her entire life developing natural herbal an homeopathic remedies at her educational center, Peaceful Meadow Retreat, in Boulder, Colorado.  During her lifetime, Hanna trained, healed and inspired thousands of people and wrote 20 books that contain information about and uses for her unique herbal combinations and Vibropathic™ remedies, the “gadgets” that she developed, the “hands on” procedures that she taught and the simple, yet powerful, “home remedies” that she shared. Numerous people have been educated, inspired and healed, often when there was no one else to help, by the dedication and teachings of Hanna Kroeger.  Her divinely inspired and unique herbal combinations and homeopathic remedies are the purest and most effective remedies available on the market today. Hanna had one goal; to help others heal themselves and their families.  In Hanna’s words, “You can do it.  You can heal yourself!”


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Click here to go to our shopping cart.....Ageless Remedies from Mother’s Kitchen
You will laugh and be amazed at all that you can do in your own pharmacy, the kitchen. These time tested treasures are in an easy to read, cross-referenced guide. (92 pages) 


Click here to go to our shopping cart.....Allergy Baking Recipes
Easy and tasty recipes for cookies, cakes, muffins, pancakes, breads and pie crusts. Includes wheat free recipes, egg and milk free recipes (and combinations thereof) and egg and milk substitutes. (46 pages)

Click here to go to our shopping cart.....Alzheimer’s Science and God
This little booklet provides a closer look by presenting Hanna’s unique and religious perspectives.
(15 pages)    

Click here to go to our shopping cart.....Arteriosclerosis and Herbal Chelation
A booklet containing information on Arteriosclerosis causes and symptoms.
(14 pages)    

Click here to go to our shopping cart.....Cookbook for Electro-Chemical Energies
The opening of this book describes basic principles of healthy eating along with some fascinating facts you may not have heard before. The rest of this book is loaded with delicious, healthy recipes. A great value.  (106 pages)    

Click here to go to our shopping cart.....Free Your Body of Tumors and Cysts

Hanna brings together many natural techniques, including diet, herbs, vitamins, hands-on healing and more in a practical, understandable approach to growths and their relationships to parasites, cancer and leukemia. 
(77 pages)   

Click here to go to our shopping cart.....God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
(Same as "The Basic Causes of Modern Diseases and How to Remedy Them")
This work is a beautifully comprehensive description of the seven basic physical causes of disease. It is wholistic information as we need it now. A truly valuable volume. 
(196 pages)  

Click here to go to our shopping cart.....Good Health Through Special Diets

This book shows detailed outlines of different diets for different needs. Dr. Reidlin, M.D. said, "The road to health goes through the kitchen not through the drug store," and that’s what this book is all about.   (90 pages)    

Click here to go to our shopping cart .....How to Counteract Environmental Poisons

A wonderful collection of notes and information gleaned from many years of Hanna’s teachings. This concise and valuable book discusses many toxic materials in our environment and shows you how to protect yourself from them. It also presents Hanna’s insights on how to protect yourself, your family and your community from spiritual dangers.   (53 pages) 

Hanna Kroegers Products
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Click here to go to our shopping cart .....Instant Herbal Locator

This is the herbal book for the do-it-yourself person. This book is an easy cross-referenced guide listing complaints and the herbs that do the job. Very helpful to have on hand. 
(109 pages)  

Click here to go to our shopping cart......Instant Vitamin-Mineral Locator

A handy, comprehensive guide to the nutritive values of vitamins and minerals. Used to determine bodily deficiencies of these essential elements and combinations thereof, and what to do about these deficiencies. According to your symptoms, locate your vitamin and mineral needs. A very helpful guide.    (55 pages)  

An Anthology of the Teachings and Remedies of Hanna Kroeger
Based on the 7 Physical & 7 Spiritual Causes of Ill Health
Compiled by Holly Vest
(304 pages)  

Click here to go to our shopping cart.3....New Book on Healing

A useful reference book full of herbal, vitamin, food, homeopathic and massage suggestions for many common health difficulties. This book is up-to-date with Hanna’s work on current health issues.  (155 pages)

Click here to go to our shopping cart.....New Dimensions in Healing Yourself

The consummate collection of Hanna’s teachings. An unequated volume that complements all of her other books as well as her years of teaching.    (150 pages)    

Click here to go to our shopping cart .....Old-Time Remedies for Modern Ailments
A collection of natural remedies from Eastern and Western cultures. There are more than 20 fast cleansing methods and many ways to rebuild your health. A health classic.   (105 pages) 

Click here to go to our shopping cart .....Parasites: The Enemy Within
A compilation of years of Hanna’s studies with parasites. A rare treasure and one of the efforts to expose the truths that face us every day.    (62 pages)    

Click here to go to our shopping cart .....The Pendulum, the Bible and Your Survival
A guide booklet for learning to use a pendulum. Explains various aspects of energies, vibrations and forces.
(35 pages)    (Revised 7/04 with 11 new pages)

Seven Spiritual Causes of Ill Health  (no picture)
Helps readers undo the knots which tie them to a certain illness by setting themselves free of unbalanced conditions and by discovering the power over illness found in spiritual truth. 
(142 pages)  

Click here to go to our shopping cart .....Spices to the Rescue
This is a great resource for how our culinary spices can enrich our health and offer first aid from our kitchen. Filled with insightful historical references.    (64 pages) 


 .....Heal Your Life with Home Remedies and Herbs 
A compilation of Ageless Remedies from Mother’s Kitchen, Instant Herbal Locator, Instant Vitamin-Mineral Locator, New Book on Healing, New Dimensions in Healing Yourself, Old-Time Remedies for Modern Ailments and Spices to the Rescue.   (296 pages) 
Discontinued - No longer available


Click here to go to our shopping cart.....Healing with Herbs A-Z
A compilation of Ageless Remedies from Mother’s Kitchen, Instant Herbal Locator, Instant Vitamin-Mineral Locator, New Book on Healing, and Spices to the Rescue.   (145 pages) 

.....The Basic Causes of Modern Diseases and How to Remedy Them
A republished version of God Helps Those Who Help Themselves     (176 pages) 
No longer available - See "God Helps Those Who Help Themselves" above


Hanna Kroegers Products
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