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                      December 2007

Don't leave out God and prayer - the 2 most important ingredients in any situation.
While you are praying or after praying don't forget to LISTEN for the answers! They will come. 
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Christmas Trees and Mold
FRIDAY, Nov. 16 (HealthDay News) -- While bringing home a live Christmas tree marks the beginning of the holiday season for many, the mold that thrives on its branches can trigger weeks of suffering for some, a new study shows.

Connecticut researchers have found that the mold count from a live Christmas tree rose to five times the normal level two weeks after the tree was brought indoors, and that can prove problematic for people with mold allergies. Their research was presented this week at the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology annual meeting, in Dallas.

"Christmas trees are another possible source of mold exposure during the holiday season," said study co-author Philip Hemmers, an allergist and immunologist with St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport, Conn. "Mold allergies peak in the fall, and we see a second peak with a lot of our mold-sensitive patients during the holiday season. Our finding correlates with this second peak of mold sensitivity."

The researchers studied the mold growth of a live Christmas tree in a house in Connecticut. Mold reproduce by releasing spores into the air, so after the live Christmas tree was brought inside the house and decorated, the researchers measured mold spore counts. These counts were taken 12 times over a two-week period between Dec. 24 and Jan. 6. The researchers did not assess the types of mold or whether these molds triggered allergic symptoms in people living in the house.

The study found that the mold spore count was 800 spores per square meter (m3) for the first three days. Normal spore counts are less than 1,000 spores/m3, said Hemmers. However, the spore count rose after day four, reaching a maximum of 5,000 spores/m3 by day 14.

"This mold spore count is five times above normal. These high levels have been correlated with allergic rhinitis and an increased rate of asthma symptoms and asthma-related hospitalization in other studies," said Hemmers. "So if you don't feel well during the holidays, consider the Christmas tree as a possible source of allergies."

Some suggestions for handling molds would  be:
Any of the citrus oils especially lemon
Cleansing essential oil blend
Tea tree oil
Spice - especially great for the holiday season. 
      You can also add a drop or two to your Holiday apple cider.  UmmmGood!

Link to "How to use Essential oils"

Link to how we know the quality of our oils.


You can put a few drops into water, shake well (oils & water do not mix) and immediately spray the environment the tree is in.    You can also put some on a cotton ball and put on the tree etc.  (make sure they are cotton balls as essential oils will melt synthetic balls.) 

"It behooves every man who values liberty of conscience for himself, to resist invasions of it in the case of others; or their case may, by change of circumstances, become his own."
- Thomas Jefferson April 21, 1803

Best explanation we have seen on vaccinations - Very entertaining

Article on Netscape this morning:  December 5, 2007
(this link is no longer working)

Flu Shots Help Spread The Flu

It’s rather ironic that what the flu shot is supposed to prevent actually seems to have an opposite effect. In recent years, flu season seems to be programmed into society. When October rolls around, all of the sudden there’s a massive outbreak of the cold and flu. Is it just coincidence that this happens to coincide with the exact time that millions of people receive the flu shot? Health officials would like us to believe that this is why we should all be vaccinated.

Another deception perpetuated by the vaccine cartel is that the flu shot contains inactive or dead viruses. If these viruses were completely inactive, then the shot would never stimulate an immune response. The flu shot contains ‘attenuated’ virus. In the book, “The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination Is Not Immunization,” Tim O’Shea, a highly recognized authority on the dangers of vaccines, sums up what attenuated really means:

Attenuated means half-killed. The infectious agent is weakened so that it is just below the threshold of being able to trigger an inflammatory response in 99% of people. By allowing the implantation of an attenuated virus or bacteria into the body, we have done something nature would never permit. We have violated the sanctity of the bloodstream. We have tricked the immune system into not mounting an all-out response to a foreign agent. If the vaccine’s microorganisms were not attenuated, the powers of the natural immune system would join together to repel and attack the invader.”

The evidence suggests that those that receive the flu shot could be contagious for weeks and spread germs to the general public. Not only does the shot manipulate the immune system, it contains foreign microorganisms that can easily replicate in the body. It is ridiculous for the CDC to say that none of these germs are contagious. There are many well-respected health experts who believe that the number of people coming down with the flu would be drastically reduced if flu shots weren’t administered. One of the best ways to avoid the flu is to stay away from people who have it. This includes staying away from those who have recently received a flu shot.

Flu Shots Do Not Guarantee Immunity

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies ignore the statistics of those who get the flu shot and still get the flu. Instead, we’re bombarded with propaganda about how the shot helps prevent the flu. In 2004 for example, numerous news reports stated that the flu shots administered in 2003 were not even capable of protecting people against the influenza strains that we were around during that flu season. It’s the same every year. It’s all a big guess. Here’s a story worth noting.

In 2003, a Canadian nursing home sent out a memo that stated all employees had to take the flu shot. Those that refused would be put on a leave of absence and possibly face the loss of their job. Not believing the hype, one employee (a personal friend of this writer) stood on her principles and refused the shot while her entire staff went along with the order. Much to her amazement, everyone that took the shot came down with a bad case of the flu except for her. There are reports like this all over North America but there’s a virtual media blackout on this truth because there’s an agenda behind the promotion of the flu shot.

Trying to predict what influenza strains will be most prevalent during flu season is a crap shoot. The flu shot does not protect against all throat, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and ear infections. It does not protect you against SARS or the much hyped Bird Flu. The flu shot only gives temporary immunity at best. What we’re not told, however, is that the flu shot actually weakens the immune system in the long run. Nobody knows for sure what negative effects the mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde or other adjuvants will have on the immune system. Some of these agents are known to interfere with your DNA. How do we know that the DNA won’t miscode genetic information to the cells? And even if you don’t come down with the flu after getting a shot, your body may be much more susceptible to getting sick from other viruses and bacteria that it would normally be able to fend off. Is it all worth the risks? That’s the decision you have to make.

Author Tim O’Shea 

Excellent article "Natural: What it Means To Us"

Healing value of various foods - Unknown source   
Apples - Indigestion, sluggish liver, jaundice.
Apricots - Nausea, obesity, constipation.
Asparagus - Kidney, bladder, rheumatism, diabetes.
Almonds - Nausea, diabetes.
Blackberries - Sore throat, cramps, anemia.
Bananas - Diarhea, gain weight, burns (apply peeling)
Raw Beet juice - Kidneys and bladder every night.
Barley - Blood building, fevers, gain weight.
Buttermilk - Diarhea, intestinal cleanser.
(raw) - Stomach, dysentery .
Cherries - Cramps, indigestion, anemia.
Cucumbers - Complexion, reduce fever, bladder.
Castor Oil - warts, corns, hair (external)
Currants - Blood purifier, constipation.
(raw) - Kidney, bladder, nerves.
(raw) - Hair, biliousness, gas.
Celery - Nerves, blood builder, sick headaches.
Chestnuts - Brights disease, constipation.
Dates (fresh) - Undernourishment, sexual stimulant.
Dandelion - Liver, jaundice, tuberculosis.
Figs - Digestion, constipation, coughs, catarrh.
Garlic - Worms, colds, glands, earache.
Grapefruit - Fever, stomach, liver, sore throat.
Grapes - Constipation, fever, blood purifier, kidney.
Honey - Stomach, cleanser, infections, catarrh, gain weight.
Lemons - Liver, headache, nausea, rheumatism.
Leeks - Coughs, colds, nerves, insomnia.
Lettuce - Liver, nerves, insomnia, enemia.
Olive oil - Gallstones, gain weight.
Olives (black) - Gain weight,  heart burn.
Olives (green) - Constipation, reduce weight.
Oranges - Stomach, fever, reduce weight, blood.
Onions - Coughs, nerves, insomnia.
Oatmeal - Muscle, gland builder, hair.
Peaches - Constipation, blood purifier, laxative.
Pears - Constipation, laxative.
Pineapple - Sore throat, acidity, reduce weight.
Parsley (raw) - Diabetes, halitosis.
Prunes, Constipation, laxative.
Parsnips - Nerves, liver.
Radishes - Nerves, consumption, stomach.
Rasberries - Cramps, blood cleanser.
Rhubarb - Kidneys, laxative, blood cleanser.
Strawberries - Fever, promote urine, reduce bleed pressure.
Sauerkraut - Constipation, high blood pressure, tissue builder.
Spinach - Blood purifier, nerves, stomach cleanser.
Sweet potatoes - Gain weight.
Tomatoes - Liver, biliousness, sour stomach.
Turnips - Consumption, cough, hoarseness, nerves.
Watercress - Skin disease, tuberculosis, anemia.
Watermelon - High in minerals, diuretic.
Walnuts - Heartburn, palpitation of the heart, brain food.
Yams - Diabetes
green olives, skimmed milk, all raw greens, sauerkraut juice,  pineapple juice, orange juice, most herb teas.
Flaxseed tea, ripe olives, oily nuts, beans, cheese, white breads.

Link to how we know the quality of our oils.
Don't forget prayer and listen to your body as you take anything.  Remember that even doctors are only practicing.

God Bless each of you in your quest for health.


Disclaimer: The statements in this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. The descriptions of nutritional combinations are based on the historical usage of the various ingredients. They are not intended to promote any direct or implied health claims, and actual results of usage can vary. 

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