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First  I would like to make some all encompassing statements

Don't leave out God and prayer - the 2 most important ingredients in any situation.
While you are praying or after praying don't forget to LISTEN for the answers! They will come. 
 click here - to view the studies showing the scientific proof that prayer works.

The first line of defense in any kind of infection or Biological Warfare is to be clean internally! The best insurance against any flu epidemics, plagues or killing diseases is to have your body in as healthy a condition as possible. Disease germs are merely scavengers and can live only on toxins, decaying matter (from heavy meat eating), mucous (from over use of dairy products), an over acid body (sugar, soda pop, junk food), or one who is generally sick internally. 

-- LeArta Moulton (, October 31, 2001. 
(a beautiful, knowledgeable & spiritual woman)
Also see our Remedies pages
Due to space and time we don't list all studies and verifications, however, this is a place to start looking and to give you ideas of possibilities of how to protect yourself and your families.
We are not Doctors or Medical Professionals so you need to Check with your Health Care Provider before applying any of these remedies. We believe that everyone's body is different, so, we each respond differently to various treatments. 

. Found at -
A: The early symptoms of inhalation anthrax are the same as those of a mild case of flu. Treatment to prevent anthrax begins only after a person has had a suspected exposure. There is no quick test that can show whether a person has been exposed to anthrax. If a cold or flu suddenly gets much worse -- especially with a severe headache -- seek immediate medical attention.    (click here for full article)
     "Our lab uses simple bleach to decontaminate the benches where we work with anthrax," he says. "To kill spores in a small area -- like a desk -- use one part fresh bleach and nine parts water. Let it sit at least 30 minutes wet. And please, be careful not to get the bleach in your eyes, or on your skin where you have nicks or cuts or a hangnail." 
     Kalamanka admits that bleach works but notes that it is much harsher on the environment than the Sandia (New Mexico Labs) decontaminant. "And you can't use bleach to wash colored clothing," he notes.  (Their decontaminant's are not available to the general public plus they are cost prohibitive for practical purposes.) 

Here are the CDC's latest guidelines for handling suspicious mail: 

Don't shake the suspicious package or envelope. Don't sniff, touch, or taste any contents that may have spilled out. 
Don't carry the suspicious mail around -- and don't have others take a look at it. 
Put the suspicious package or envelope on the floor or someplace where it won't fall over. 
Leave the area, closing doors behind you. Tell others about the suspicious mail, and keep anybody else from going into the area. If you can, shut off the ventilation system. 
Wash your hands with plenty of soap and warm water. (bleach or thyme oil added wouldn't hurt) 
If you're at work, report the incident to your supervisor, a security officer, or police. If at home, call the police or sheriff's department. 
Make a list of the people who were in the room when the package or letter was opened. Include all people who may have handled this mail. Give copies of the list to police and to local public-health officials. 

Mail is suspicious if it: 

Was sent by someone you don't know; 
Is addressed to someone no longer at your address; 
Has a hand-written address with no return address or with a return address that can't be confirmed as legitimate; 
Is lopsided or lumpy; 
Is sealed with excessive amounts of tape; 
Has excessive postage.

You need to know that there is NO REALLY TESTED  antidote/remedy for man made biological grade warfare not even the highly touted  Cipro
This information is not given to you to scare you and make you more paranoid than most people are these days - It is given to you to make you more knowledgeable and give you the tools to help yourself and let you know that above all else you need to put yourself and your family in God's hands - HE WILL GUIDE YOU IF you LISTEN.

Quote from "Vitamin Retailer - The Dietary Supplement Industry's Leading Magazine" December 2001 issue. 
     "Virtually every prescription antibiotic that is consumed is hastening the day when all the bug-killers will be rendered useless," said health journalist Bill Sardi. "Why we continue to solely rely upon patentable molecules to kill germs and ignore more potent, economical and safe natural antibiotics, which do not induce resistance, goes unexplained except for financial greed.  A growing body of scientific evidence confirms that natural herbs and spices exhibit antibiotic properties that are equivalent -- if not superior -- to drugs."  Some manufacturers (of patented drugs) have taken advantage of the situation by offering products that specifically claim to treat or cure anthrax.  This is a clear violation of FDA regulations and has Industry leaders concerned. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Colloidal Silver:
The FDA's rules state that we cannot even link to scientific studies that show various alternative therapies work because if anything works it has to be classified as a drug so that only doctors and pharmacies can dispense it. - Consequently we have removed all studies from our site. 

Essential Oils:
     The nice thing about essential oils is that they are so easy to use.  Some ways you can use them is to put a couple of drops on any kind of natural fabric such as cotton and then put the scarf on your neck, head etc. An essential oil necklace. You can also use a paint or ??? mask like they use in hospitals or construction areas.  They are easy to find and inexpensive.  You can also use cotton balls or diffusors. 
     Another way to use them is to put them in shoes or on the bottom of the feet.  You will be able to taste them in your mouth almost immediately because they are carried throughout the body quickly and they stay in the body for 21 days (life of blood cells)  so it doesn't take very much. 
     The reason you need to use natural fabrics with essential oils is that they will sometimes melt synthetic fabrics. (petroleum based synethics) 
     You should always use a carrier oil (vegetable) with pure essential oils. Many Essential oils sold are not strong enough or pure enough to accomplish any goal.  See our explanation here -

 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Red Thyme


3 in 1 Essential Oil Combination or 

X-Plague Essential Oil Combination  - 

     Three ways  to administer herbs is by capsules, in tea with honey or in liquid extract/tincture  form.  Capsules are the least effective way, however, it is usually the most convenient way.   Tea can sometimes be nasty unless it is a pleasant tasting herb. (What some think taste nasty others will say it tastes good?) Also when your body really needs an herb it will really taste good while at other times it will taste nasty to you 
     Liquid extracts or tinctures usually have alcohol and should never be taken by someone with an alcohol problem.  You can get glycerine or vinegar based ones, however, they are not usually as good.  The advantage they have is that you can put a few drops under your tongue or add a sprayer to the bottle and spray your mouth.  I don't see why you couldn't also soak a scarf in the herb tea and put over your nose like a bandit. (Public? tee hee)  You could also use it on your hands. 

     I have not been able to find a source for extracts or tinctures for these 2 herbs, however, it is easy to make your own. 
          Put herb (cut & sifted best) in jar and cover + some extra with Everclear (an alcohol you get in the liquor store)   It is food grade - the alcohol you get in grocery stores is wood alcohol and a poison to your body.  You can use Vodka, however, it gives you an alcoholic smell and is not as strong.  Then you cap it tight and put it in a cabinet where you will be looking regularly and shake it everytime you see it for approx. 2 weeks - until it starts to separate.  then strain and squeeze out good with muslin or something and put in bottle. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease 


Thyme herb - Thymus vulgaris. 

Olive Leaf 



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease 

     "this vaccine is the same type that Jenner built 200 years ago.  It's essentially cowpox pus. 
Says a virologist who looked at it under a microscope: "It looks like nose snot.  It's all hair and wads of crap." 
     "we know that there is no readily available vaccine.  The entire stock of vaccine currently available in the United States is less than 7 million doses." 
Click here to read complete article

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease 


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease 

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