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How to Live 
I would like to start with what some common health symptoms mean.  Some are harmless 
while other can indicate a serious problem. This is a list given by Dr. David S. Smith, a 
medical professor and chief of internal medicine for Yale University's HMO. 
    Sleep jerks - the arm and leg jerking that people get when falling asleep - are normal 
and nothing to worry about. 
    Ringing in the ears usually has a relatively benign cause related to damage to the 
hearing nerve from loud noise.  If the ringing is in both ears, it could signal an over dose 
of medication, such as aspirin.  If the ringing is on one side along with decreased hearing, 
it could signal something more important like a neurological tumor. 
If ringing persists, see a doctor. 
    Dry mouth could be related to your medications and medical history.  Some people 
naturally have dry oral membranes, so it's nothing to worry about. Cotton mouth can 
be a side effect from medications such as anti-histamines.  It also can be due to 
de-hydration and may signal some underlying problem.    (See my July Newsletter book 
review on "Your Bodies Many Cries for Water") 
    Dizziness when standing is usually caused by a temporary drop in blood pressure. 
It's a common side effect of medication, but it also can be seen with dehydration or 
neurological problems. 
    Eyelid twitches are experienced by most people at some point and are virtually never 
anything to worry about. (If extreme it could be tourrettes syndrome and require further consideration) 
    A racing heart can be a symptom of anxiety, but there are many serious conditions 
that can cause abnormal heart rhythms.  It doesn't always indicate a problem, but you 
should see a doctor. 
    Butterflies in the stomach are usually an anxiety symptom and not a big deal. 
Relaxation techniques should help.  If you have stomach pain, see your doctor. 
    White spots under the nails are usually due to trauma.  They're nothing to worry 
    Jaw  pain can be due to lots of problems.  Usually a tooth abscess or sinus infection 
triggers it.  Pain that goes up into the jaw can be seen with a heart attack, while pain with 
chewing can occur with a serious inflammatory condition called giant cell arteritis.  See 
your doctor to find the cause. 
    Floaters in the eyes -- small dark flecks that occasionally float around - are harmless. 
But a shower of hundreds of them could signal a torn or detached retina and requires 
immediate treatment. 
    He concluded with "If any symptom is persistent or painful, then you should see a doctor." 
    (Taken from the National Enquirer) 

I tend to exhaust natural remedies before resorting to doctors, however, everyone's body 
is different and some people are more delicate and sensitive than others. 

Hint:  Reducing sodium in the diet may adversely affect the body's ability to absorb and 
use other necessary nutrients.  Dr. Batmanghelji in his book "Your Bodies Many Cries for 
Water" also says that low salt intake is a fallacy. 

How to Live Longer
A researcher in Germany discovered that how you deal with problems can affect how long 
you will live and, to some extent, how you may die! 
    In this life, each individual is continually confronted by problems - difficulties in relation to 
persons, situations, and goals.  Some of these problems can be quite large.  but the attitude 
the person takes toward his problems can, literally, finish him off. 
    There are four methods of dealing with problems: 
        Type 1 - The first way of dealing with a problem is to let it get you down.  The key 
words are "hopeless/helpless."   This person is unable to solve problems relating to others, 
situations, or goals.  If relationships are sour, circumstances unfavorable, and goals seemingly unachievable, he sinks into a depression, characterized by feelings of helplessness and 
hopelessness.  This person seems unable to change his negative view of life.  He consistently 
chooses to keep depression as a habit to run into and hide.  The coronary reports revealed 
the fact that the person choosing this type of behavior is highly prone to cancer. 
        Type 2 - This way is to blow  up.  The key words are "frustrated/angry."  This person 
also seems unable to deal with problems in a positive way.  Instead, he becomes disgusted 
or loses his temper.  The person choosing this type of behavior is highly prone to heart disease. 
        Type 3 - This person remains positive, and turns his attention to finding a new way - 
a different way - to tackle the problem and resolve it.  the key words here are 
"cheerful/positive."  the significant factor, of course, is the continued positive outlook.  The 
individual selecting this type of response to problems - tends not to get sick!  These people 
have the lowest incidence of disease.  In fact, they have the lowest incidence of death due 
to all causes, including accidents. 
        Type 4 - This method increases the positive outlook of Type 3 living, intensifies the 
healthful results, and makes it easier to switch from Type 1 and Type 2, to Type 3 behavior. 
It is to take it to God in prayer.  Those who do this have found that it produces wonderful 
results.  In some cases, a beautiful solution appears all by itself.  At other times, the person 
will arise from prayer, greatly encouraged to press forward in a Type 3 approach: With a 
positive outlook. he will try a new way to solve the problem. 
         There is something else about Type 4 living which is special:  The person who puts 
God first in his life - will spend much of his thought and energy trying to make the lives of 
others happier.  The person who is busy helping others, will always seem to have fewer 
problems.  The reason is that he is too busy being a blessing to others - to give them much 

Essential Oil Combination for October 1998
See our cautions at end of essential oil formulas
         Formula #1 - We call it our 3 in 1 oil - we have used it in so many 
different types of bacterial, fungal, and virus conditions with great success 
including streptococcus.  (We have even put a few drops in a capsule and swallowed it which 
is common in Europe although the FDA says not to take oils internally. We do make sure we don't 
swallow the capsule on an empty stomach. Also never, never take more than 3 capsules over 3 days as 
essential oils stay in your system for approx. 20 days. )

Formula  #1:  Equal parts in this order
            Tea Tree Oil, (aka Melaleuca Alternafolia) (can substitute Eucalyptus) 

Formula #2  has been know to help cardiovascular and circulatory systems.  Apply 
on the chest, above the elbow on inner arm, on the feet, and under the ring finger and 
end of nose (smell it). 

Formula  #2:
            Ylang Ylang - 1 part
            Marjoram - 2 parts
            Helichrysm - 2 parts

Formula #3 has been known to help with digestion. Apply on stomach, bottom of feet 
and end of nose (smell it). 

Formula # 3 Equal parts in this order.

The quality of the oils you use will greatly determine your results.
See our disclaimer.  We make no guarantees as to how it will work on your problems 
Check out the properties of the various oils and see why they work.  Some 
of  the oils will burn some peoples skin - You can dilute before or after applying.  If this 
happens put some kind of neutral oil on to dilute the essential oil (some examples are 
vegetable, olive, almond, sesame, etc.) 
     It is important to always mix the oils in the same order or it makes different chemical 
bonds - hence you have different properties.                     Our        Essential Oils Page

Book Review:
    Dr. Abravanel's Body Type Diet and Lifetime Nutrition Plan
by Elliot D. Abravanel, M.D. and  Elizabeth A King.-
   Want to know why one person can lose weight on a given diet while another gains weight. 
This not only tells you why, and helps you identify your type, it also explains what you can 
do to improve your health and fitness  in simple do-it-yourself  terms. 
    Do you have trouble with cravings? - He explains what various cravings are telling you 
about your body and how to eliminate them. 
    He even gives you great tasting, easy menu's and recipes. 

 Quote from the book which is also our position on health. 
        "...deciding what's best for you to do at any given moment is ultimately up to you. 
Like it or not, the responsibility for day-to-day health decisions is on your own shoulders." 

    A list of just some of the chapters: 

        Health and the Body Types. 
        The Four Body Types 
        The Body Type Personal Metabolic Inventory 
        Lifetime Nutrition for Your Body Type.  (He keeps it very simple and inexpensive) 
        The Body Type Balancing Diet 
        The Body Type Purification Diet 
        The Body Type Health and Weight Maintenance Program 
        Body Type Nutritional Supplements 
        The Body Type Exercise Program 
        Stress Reduction for your Body Type 
        Body Type Self-Acupressure Massage 
        Body Type Life Extension 

This book is very well documented and makes a lot of sense.  A must have!

Check with your Health Care Provider before using any information on this web page as 
it is not intended to be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any specific medical condition 
and is not intended as a substitute for the advice and counseling of your own healthcare 

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