When Your World Has been turned
Rescue RemedyR will help
Turn Things Around
     The original Bach Flower Rescue RemedyR is the one product you need to take care of all kinds of emergency emotional stress.  It was first formulated in the 1930's by Dr. Edward Bach - a noted British physician, bacteriologist and immunologist.  Made from 5 of the Doctor's original Flower Essences including Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Clematis, Rescue  Remedy has helped millions of people all over the world in stressful situations.
    For most of us, are in a stress-filled environment.  There are deadlines to meet, bosses/co-workers/clients/family emergencies  to deal with and the constant pressure to produce.  Sometimes an event or series of events gets so blown out of proportion that a stress emergency ensues.
---Rescue RemedyR to the Rescue
     Stress can play havoc with our looks.  Too many impossible deadlines, too much worry, too many sleepless nights.  Very soon wrinkles start to replace laughter lines.  We become tight and tense and it shows in our face.  So, if the face you see in your mirror is not as relaxed and carefree as it used to be, it's time to de-stress and tap into your true beauty potential.  Rescue RemedyR will help combat stress, relax that furrowed brow and enhance your natural.

Many common drugs that cause dry mouth can be leaving millions of people at an increased risk for tooth decay. Researchers at the University of Rochester say more than 600 medications create dry mouth.  They tested the affect the drug clonidine, a medicine used for treating high blood pressure in adults and hyperactivity in children, had on tooth decay. Researchers found that rats, which develop cavities similar to humans, that were given clonidine had an increase in cavities of 84 percent. The 
cause is twofold. Saliva washes away sugars and other substances that promote cavities. In addition, a dry mouth can also start an unfortunate cycle. It causes people to drink liquids constantly, oftentimes juices or colas that contain sugar and are acidic, which also promotes tooth decay. 

By JIM KLING (UPI) Copyright 2000 by United Press 

Heavenly Father made your body to heal itself!  You have twice as much lymph in your body as you do blood.  The lymph system is made to cleanse your body. 

I am taking most of this out of Dr. Schultz writings although there are libraries of studies and writings that substantiate everything he writes. 

The first law of natural healing is that you must thoroughly cleanse your organs of elimination and your bloodstream BEFORE you can expect anything else to work. 
You have to give the toxins, etc.  a straight path out of the body.  Whatever therapy you use, it will work better and faster when you cleanse your elimination systems FIRST.   (See a good cleanse using herbs at the end of this information.) 

Quote from Dr. Schultz  "I saw one guy opened up in Santa Barbara who was a pretty healthy runner, a non-smoker, non-drinker, exercise guy who dropped dead of a heart attack while he was running......He was considered a fairly healthy guy, not over-weight at all.  I saw his gall baldder and, I thought I was going to throw-up.  It was about the size of a softball, it was like flourescent golden-green in color and packed hard with cholesterol and probably a thousand stones.  And this guy was considered healthy by his doctors." 

It is impossible  to cure anything in a few days that it has taken us over thirty years to build up to. 

The gallbladder protects the liver.  When the gallbladder is removed, the liver has no place to deposit the excess fat, which means stones are more likely to form in the liver itself--which can be dangerous.  Dr. Schultz is also convinced that by removing the gall bladder it puts an unnecessary strain on the liver and pancreas - removing the gall bladder will lead to diabetes down the road by weakening the pancreas.  This is the reason it is so important to cleanse the system and get the body back into a smooth working organism of health again. 

This is a simplified quick and easy liver flush that you can do before you go to work in the morning.  Just brush your teeth well to get rid of the garlic smell.  You can also chew on parsley or use chlolophyll as a mouth wash (swish & swallow) to get rid of the garlic smell. 

Put in a Blender - 1 Tbsp. olive oil, 1 large clove of garlic (fresh is a lot better), 1 fresh piece of ginger root (about 1 inch long), 1 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice or an apple, 1 cup of water.  Blend until smooth and drink. 

You can double and then triple the amounts as you feel the need - build up to it. He guarantees anyone - even "healthy" people will benefit from this detox formula and pass stones (none or minimal pain - not like a regular attack because the stones are softened and lubricated.)  Do this for 6 days and rest on the 7th for 2 or 3 weeks. 

I would consider this program prior to the liver/gallbladder cleanse above so that the pathways are unobstructed. 

Herbal Cleansing Program 
1.  Drink plenty of water between meals.- Cannot substitute pop, juice, milk, coffee or tea for the water. 
         (At least 2 quarts a day - only increase by 1 cup every day or two or you will spend a lot of time in the bathroom - haha) 

2. Follow the mucusless diet as close as possible. (Basically no animal products as they will stop/slow down,  most of the cleansing.) 

3.  Take the following herbs/combinations 
            A.  Lower Bowel (Fen LB)
                    2 - upon waking 
               2 - 1 hour before lunch 
                    2 - before bed 
            B.  Liver Gallbladder Formula   (Barberry LG)
                    2 1/2 hour before meals 
            C.  Kidney Formula  (Juni-Pars)
                    3 - mid morning 
                    3 - mid afternoon 
            D.  When you have finished one bottle of the Kidney formula, 
begin taking the Blood Stream Formula (Red Clover Combination).  While 
continuing with the Lower Bowel and the Liver Gallbladder. 
                 Take the Blood Stream Formula
                      3 -  mid morning 
                      3 - mid afternoon 
4. Tailor this to your body's needs 
Follow by drinking 2 cups of peppermint or ginger tea. 

Do this for 6 days and rest on the 7th for 2 or 3 weeks. 
These are Dr. Christopher's formulas - Dr. Schulze was a student of Dr. Christopher's. 
You can read more about Dr. Christopher and his formulas here 

or we carry his products here. 
 Dr. Christopher

Christopher's publications (All discounted ) 

School of Natural Healing           Link to his products & books   Dr. Christopher
by Dr. John Christopher 
20th Anniversary Edition of Dr. Christopher's world renowned work.  This text combines his methods and famous formulas in an easy-to-use volume for personal and classroom study.  Now expanded, revised and updated, this book will enlighten generations to come. (hardcover) 

The Complete Herbal Writings of Dr. Christopher on CD Rom for Windows     Includes the full texts of - 
          School of Natural Healing
          Every Woman's Herbal
          Herbal Home Health Care
          Over 6 years of Dr. Christopher's Newsletters
          Over 2,000 pages of Unpublished Writings
          Also includes color pictures of nearly 100 herbs
This Folio based program can allow you to search quickly and easily for any topic Dr. Christopher ever wrote on.  Search in a particular book or scan the entire library.  This easy-to-use CD Rom will speed up your study and research time.  (see picture below) 

An Herbal Legacy of Courage -
by David Christopher, M.H. 
What prompted Dr. Christopher's passion for study of herbs and natural healing?  Learn fascinating facts and history in this, the first biography written about Dr. Christopher.  Authored by his son, this book recounts Dr. Christopher's youth, his roots in herbalism, methods of healing and his joys and struggles as he sought to teach and heal.  (paperback) 

Capsicum -
by Dr. John Christopher 
As one of Dr. Christopher's favorite herbs, cayenne's versatile and safe healing properties make it the most useful first aid herb available.  Discussed are its history, botanical information, and variety of medicinal uses.  Discover how cayenne has been applied in cases of heart attack, high blood pressure and severe bleeding. (paperback) 

Dr. Christopher's Complete Works and Biography on CD)   The Complete Herbal Writings of Dr. John R. Christopher, the founder of The School of Natural Healing, contains the full writings of Dr. Christopher's publications in HTML format.

Search through every word on the disk or use one of the Index Pages to easily and quickly find information on ailments, herbs, and products.

Herbal Home Health Care - A Modern Herbal
by Dr. John Christopher 
This excellent reference volume lists diseases in convenient alphabetical order with concise definitions, symptoms descriptions, causes and herbal aids.  Other natural treatments are outlined, including the cold sheet treatment, the incurables program, detoxification and the mucusless diet.  A book for every family. 

Herbalist Seminar Video Course - $325  (sug. retail $395)
You and your family can enjoy timeless herbal information from America's premier natural healer in the comfort of your own home.  Herbal students of all ages will delight in the information gained through nearly 17 hours of lectures by Dr. John Christopher captured on video cassette.  Literally hundreds of herbs, formulas, case histories and therapies are expertly detailed. 
Set includes eight VHS cassettes in two Video Albums - Also available in PAL format

Curing the Incurables A Home Therapy Program  -
by Dr. John Christopher 
This booklet outlines the procedures used historically by Dr. Christopher for ailments deemed incurable by modern medicine.  The Incurables Program is effective in its simplicity through a combination of cleansing, massage, diet, exercise, sunshine, and herbs.  It has given new hope, health and happiness to those who have been left to die by their doctors. 

3 Day Cleanse, Mucusless Diet & Herbal Combinations -
Learn the fastest program for detoxification through simple juice cleansing and revitalization by nourishing the body with live foods found in the "mucusless diet."  Also contained are 63 of Dr. Christopher's famous herbal combinations with descriptions for their components, uses and benefits.  (paperback) 

Cold Sheet Treatment & Anti-Plague Recipe-
by Dr. John Christopher 
This booklet expounds step-by-step the safest and most effective methods of using hydrotherapy and the body's own healing system to combat colds, flus, and other viruses.  By aiding a body's fever, one can quickly increase the immune system and easily overcome illness.  This revised edition includes the Anti-Plague Formula recipe.   (Paperback) 

Regenerative Diet -
by Dr. John Christopher 
This book is a compilation of Dr. Christopher's writings on health, diet and nutrition.  The importance of feeding the body organic vitamins and minerals are dicussed along with simple methods to cleanse and nourish.   (Paperback - see picture below) 

Rejuvenation through Elimination -
by Dr. John Christopher 
The lower bowel is perhaps the most important eliminative organ - if it gets backed up, everything gets backed up.  Many diseases would be eradicated if we would only give proper care to this neglected organ.  With exercises, diet, and the recipe for the Lower Bowel Tonic, you will be on the way to health and vitality.   (Paperback)

Dr. Mom   -
by Sandra K. Livingston Ellis, M.H. 
Sandra Ellis, a student of herbal studies, was suddenly faced with family health crisis after crisis. Some being extremely severe.  After putting her new-found herbal knowledge to use she discovered that there was almost no disease or emergency that could not be easily remedied by safe, natural methods.  You will enjoy learning from her experiences.   (Paperback) 

Every Woman's Herbal -
by Dr. John Christopher & Cathy Gileadi Wilson 
Dr. John Christopher and Cathy Gileadi span the life of women, offering bountiful knowledge to aid puberty, preparation for childbearing, pregnancy, the new baby and menopause.  Other topics include nutrition, hormone therapy, infertility, healthy recipes and more. 
(Paperback, see picture below.) 

Herbs to the Rescue -
by Kurt King, M.H. 
An emergency first-aid herbal handbook.  Herbs to the Rescue expounds herbs for specific diseases along with 13 easily accessible first aid herbs.  First aid techniques are also outlined.  A wonderful book for hiking and camping to help in those unexpected emergency situations. 

Herbal Preparations & Natural Therapies 
by Debra Nuzzi St. Claire, M.H. 
This wonderful set will help you learn to gather herbs and prepare them into tinctures, salves, ointments, oils and much more.  Watch the process step-by-step on video, then do it yourself with help from the reference manual.  (Two 2 hour VHS videos and a Ref. Manual 133 pp.) 

Transfiguration Diet
by Littlegreen Inc.'s Thinktank 
Students of Dr. Christopher transformed their everyday diets into diets of pure health and nutrition - the Mucusless Diet.  This book offers firsthand advice to aid people in changing their eating habits.  wonderful information and recipes round out this enlightening work. 
(Paperback - 159 pp.) 

Mild Food Cookbook
by Michael Tracy 
This wonderful cookbook offers delicious, healthy recipes for salads, vegetables, soups, stews, a variety of beverages and nutritious deserts.  Enjoy eating healthy!  (Paperback  72 pp.) 

      This is a CD for windows

School of Natural Healing CD


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