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I have a neighbor/friend who is responsible for putting in a complete Aromatherapy line for a huge MLM.(Not YL)  (She gave us the source for our essential oils before she went to work for them.)  In the process of picking an essential oil company they tested oils from all over the U.S. and this laboratory came out by far the best.  There are a few small distillers that carry a few oils that may be as good but overall this laboratory can't be beat for a full essential oil line.  I have gone by her word because she is a perfectionist  and exacting. 
They are a laboratory that tests all their oils so we can get test results.  In fact they were out of Thyme for several months at one time because they received 3 shipments they had to reject The shipments didn't meet their standards.  They have now switched to Thyme Serpolet because of the problems.

She says that very few companies have single species oils.  This laboratories essential oils are single species, 100% pure essential oils.  They are guaranteed free of herbicides and pesticides.  Only 3 states in the U.S. have Organic guidelines - the rest can claim anything as organic.  This is why we don't claim "Organic" on most of our oils.  We can honestly say they are herbicide and pesticide free. 

The woman who does the training and is responsible for quality control helped her Grandmother who was one of the first people to bring Essential Oils into the U.S. commercially,  Her Grandmother was testing Essential Oils at U.C.L.A. while she was a student there 

One of our customers gave one of our competitors a sample of our Eucalyptus oil.  When our competitor smelled it he said it could never be a 1st distillation oil, however, he tested it and after testing it he said he had never tested a higher quality eucalyptus. 

The more we look at other oils the more impressed we are with our suppliers oils. 

Usually when people get a rash or what seems like an allergy reaction to an oil, it is because the oil they are using is not a pure, unadulterated oil.  An exception to this is a person who hates to be anywhere near essential oils, that is usually because 
this person's body is so toxic that it immediately throws them into a cleansing mode.  This is not comfortable for them, so they in turn "hate" essential oils. 

We believe than man cannot improve on Heavenly Fathers chemical synergies. 

Essential oils are like a fine wine.  There are many variances, some of which are due to weather conditions, where grown  etc.  Mother Nature doesn't make every plant exactly alike.    There are and always will be variances in natural products.  We do not "standardize" any of our oils because we want the least amount of processing possible.  No one can improve upon Mother Nature.   We are interested in the therapeutic use of Essential Oils and  Quality determines Results!  We have tried to bring you the best oils that we can come up with to use with whatever your choice of healing may be. 

Don't forget prayer. 
God bless you and yours, 




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