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New Thyroid Information
taken from Woman's World magazine
May 20, 2003 issue

The 2 Miracle Foods that will:
     1.  Restart your sluggish thyroid
     2.  Make your body melt unwanted fat
     3.  Triple your energy!

Discover two breakthrough techniques that supercharge your thyroid so you melt fat fast.  They've already helped frustrated dieters like Cristina, Carine, and Gail lose weight that once seemed unbudgeable. And the best part of all:  These amazing tricks are easy.

     Latin talk-show sensation Cristina Saralegui has known for years she has a sluggish thyroid.  "My mom, my daughter and I all have a borderline thyroid condition," says the star.  So it's no wonder that Cristina also has a long history of weight woes.  She's not alone.
     According to experts, underactive thyroids are responsible for making one in every four women fat and tired.  And while even those taking thyroid medication often continue to struggle with spare pounds, what's worse is that 50% of those affected are undiagnosed or, like Cristina, receive no treatment. 
     Yet Cristina---whose weight problem reached its worst at the onset of menopause, a time of roller coaster hormones that typically worsens problem thyroids---is newly slender and otherwise symptom-free..  The reason?  Well, it turns out the Havana native's best pal, singer Gloria Estefan, dished out some diet advice now proven by the University of Illinois researchers to work thyroid miracles.  "For years, I was a ball of fat, and then all of a sudden, I was like, 'Oh, my gosh, I'm melting!'"  Cristina recalls, "My energy level went up to the sky, and I went from size 16 to a 10."  After so much struggle, she hit on the right thyroid remedy, and arriving at her happy ending was easy.
     The same was true for Las Vegas mortgage lender Carine Werner.  While Carine used a different approach than Cristina, the mom of two shed 30 pounds gained after developing a thyroid condition called Hashimoto's disease. "I feel great, and I'm actually eating a lot more now---and I have no fear of gaining weight," she says.  "I'm amazed by how simple the solution was.  If only I had known sooner!" 
     Do Cristina and Carine have secrets you should know sooner rather than later?  Could your thyroid be to blame for your low energy and unwanted pounds?  Read on...

Two thyroid breakthroughs everyone should know about.

    The thyroid gland lays across our throats like an open-winged butterfly.  It is, in essence, the thermostat responsible for regulating all the chemical processes that run our bodies, explains Glenn S. Rothfeld, M.D., author of Thyroid Balance.  When the thermostat is set just right, everything hums along nicely, and we look and feel great.  But when it's set too low---a malfunction caused by anything from hormonal changes to stress or illness---all chemical processes slow.  Most notably, the rate at which we convert calories and fat to energy slows, and we end up fatigued and ever plumper. 
     Of course, weight gain and weariness can be brought on by lots of factors---which is why underactive thyroid , or hypothyroidism, is so easy for doctors to miss,  Dr. Rothfeld says.  Should you be tested by your physician?  It's a good idea if you have difficulty losing weight, particularly if accompanied by low energy and one or more of the following: flaky or dry skin,  headaches, depression or mood swings, constipation, insomnia, hair loss, high cholesterol, difficulty with concentration or memory, or difficulty staying warm.
     Dr. Rothreld does caution that blood tests are often inconclusive or fail to catch the condition altogether.  So let's say your tests are normal, but your intuition tells you something's wrong.  Or maybe your tests are abnormal, but thyroid medication does little to improve your weight problem.  The good news!   You now have two simple nonprescription options.  Wisconsin mom Gail Karczewski whisked off 26 pounds even though her thyroid has always seemed fine!  Experts agree these strategies are great for just about everyone to try...

(1) The thyroid-stimulating diet switch

     One reason most diets don't work for those with sluggish thyroids:  "Typically, caloric restriction reduces thyroid function, slowing the metabolism even further and makes it even harder to lose weight," says Donald Layman, Ph.D., a professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois.  Fortunately, Layman and his research team discovered a way to get your thyroid to cooperate with your weight-loss efforts:  feed it more meat, poultry soy and eggs.  Why?  As the scientists were conducting tests to determine why protein-rich diets increase metabolism, they learned that improved thyroid function may be the key. 
     "Dieters getting about 30% of their calories from protein had normal levels of thyroid hormone circulating in their blood, while those getting just 15% from protein had decreased levels," says Layman.  And those higher thyroid levels among the high-protein group allowed them to lose a whopping 200% more weight than the low protein group!  Dr. rothfeld says a form of protein called tyrosine deserves credit for the magic:  "Thyroid hormone is largely made of tyrosine.  The more protein you get, the more tyrosine available to produce the thyroid hormone."
     Though she had no idea she was doing her thyroid a favor at the time, Cristina is thrilled with the results of cutting back on carbs and getting more protein.  "Gloria told me not to eat white carbohydrates like bread, potatoes and pasta after 5 p.m.," she says. "Many people I know use this trick, so I figured, Why not?  I made one big switch.  Every night after I was finished taping my TV program, my family and I would eat my favorite Japanese food---rice and tempura.  When I began eating just the fish, I started losing weight really fast,"  She also began gaining energy, which she used to speed her weight loss even more.  "I jump on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes, four times a week.  When I finish, I feel like Superwoman!"  It's.a strategy, says Dr. Rothfeld, that helps restore metabolisms damaged by years of poor thyroid function.  Adds Cristina:  "I'm a size 10 now, but I still have my size 8 dresses, and I'm keeping them because I'm sure I'm going to get there!"

(2)  The miracle oil that boosts thyroid function

     As more and more studies began demonstrating the fat-fighting, health-restoring benefits of ordinary coconut oil, Bruce Fife, N.D., was so impressed, he stopped seeing patients and joined the ranks of coconut oil researchers. When he first spoke with folks who claimed the oil had cured them of all their thyroid related symptoms, he suspected it could be the placebo effect---they got better because they believed they would.  But soon his investigation revealed this startling truth:  regular consumption of coconut oil effectively reverses hypothyroid problems, compensating for a slowed metabolism and other system failures as it stimulates the production of more and more thyroid hormone.  "I'm now doing studies to determine if it's safe to give up thyroid medications and simply use coconut oil instead,"  says Fife, author of Eat Fat, Look Thin, who recommends we each get three tablespoons of the stuff a day.  "Since it's a food and not a drug, it's free of side effects and is safe and smart for everyone."  In fact, he urges you to give it a try even if you don't have thyroid problems.  That's because University of Colorado research has found coconut oil can increase your calorie-burning power by up to 50%.  Separate studies have found that by substituting coconut oil for other plant based oils in your diet---which actually block the secretion of thyroid hormone---you can lose 36 pounds a year without dieting.
     The reason coconut oil works these wonders?  It's made of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) instead of the long-chain variety found in other vegetable-based fats.  Because MCFAs are smaller, they're digested very quickly, creating a heat that stimulates the metabolism and restores proper enzyme activity.  Yet at the same time, because MCFAs are incinerated rapidly, they bypass phases of digestion where they might otherwise be stored in fat cells. 
     Carine started using coconut oil after she tried Atkins, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig.  "I didn't lose any weight on any of them," says the 33 year old, who turned to the Internet after she was finally diagnosed with a thyroid condition. I came across . It described my feelings to a tee---tired, scattered, depressed, overweight---so I got myself some coconut oil."  Stirring it into a protein drink each morning, "right away, I had so much energy.  The first week, I lost five pounds, and then two pounds a week after that.  Getting ready in the morning used to be a chore---now I pop out of bed.  I even wore a bikini this summer!"
     Gail heard about coconut oil from her mom.  "I had been trying to lose weight since my hysterectomy a year ago.  I was even starving myself, and nothing was happening," she says.  "Then my mom mentioned that her boss had lost 10 pounds just by using coconut oil.  I figured it couldn't hurt!"  It didn't.  Making everything from sauteed veggies to donuts with her coconut oil, Gail began losing so quickly---about five pounds every week---that she actually worried she was slimming too fast.  "In six weeks, I was 26 pounds smaller.  I've tripled my energy---and I don't have to lie on the bed to zip my pants anymore  -- Liliana Martinez & Danielle Schlass

When all is said and done I would add - Check out your adrenals -  I seem to have felt much better since I added Adrenal Formula (Dr. Christopher's) to my regimen.
(We have several thyroid formulas on our website to help with the healing process.

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Did you know your thyroid gland is one of the most critical organs in the human body? It's located right in front of your neck, below the Adam's apple. It regulates many functions that are vital to your survival.
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What is the Cause of Your Stubborn Weight
 Take the quiz to find out!
1. Clue:
a. Crave sweets, breads, and pasta
b. Crave salt (pretzels, cheese or chips)
c. Crave pickles and deep fried food
d. Crave creamy, spicy, hot foods
2. Clue:
a. Depression or hopeless
b. Worry or anxiety
c. Easily angered, moody
d. Moodiness or irritable at cycles
3.  Clue
a. Feel better on fruits and berries
b. Need coffee or stimulants to wake up
c. Fatty foods cause a tight feeling over right lower stomach or rib cage
d. Menstruation causes constipation
4. Clue:
a. Brittle nails with vertical (up and down) ridges
b. Brittle nails with no ridges
c. Pain/tightness in right shoulder area
d. Pain in right or left lower back area
5. Clue:
a. Weight more evenly distributed
b. Larger abdomen, skinnier legs and arms
c. Protruding abdomen (pot belly)
d. Lower thighs and hip fat (saddle bags)
6. Clue:
a. Dry skin and hair
b. Swollen ankles, socks leave creases on ankles
c. Bloating after eating
d. Hair loss at menstrual cycle
7. Clue:
a. Big or thick ankles
b. Round face
c. Finger joints get swollen or painful upon getting up in the morning
d. Hot flashes or history of bad menstruation
8. Clue:
a. Loss of hair at outer eyebrows
b. Facial hair (women)
c. Hot or swollen feet
d. Menstrual cyclic brain fog
9. Clue:
a. Internal body is always cold
b. Pain and inflammation
c. Headaches or head feels heavy in the morning
d. Excessive menstrual bleeding
10. Clue:
a. Puffiness around eyes
b. Unusual feeling of "out of breath" while climbing stairs
c. Brown spots on skin
d. Low sex drive
11. Clue:
a. Excessive skin sagging
b. Water retention yet feels dehydrated
c. Wake up 1-2 hours before alarm clock
d. Weight gain around menstrual period
12. Clue:
a. Tires easily even with exercise
b. Wakes up in the middle of the night
c. Deep crease down center of tongue
d. Waist and upper body is smaller than lower body (hips and thighs)?
13. Clue:
a. Thicker tongue
b. Larger breasts
c. Cracks in the corners of the mouth
d. Smaller breasts
14.  Clue:
a. Cold hands and feet
b. Need nap around 3:00 in the afternoon
c. Not a morning person, but a night person
d. History of ovarian cysts
Count up how many in each category: A=Thyroid, B=Adrenal, C=Liver, D=Ovary
Total Thyroid:
Products that may be helpful:  Master Gland Formula Dr. Christopher, Herbal Thyroid Formula Dr C, Raw Thyroid by Natural Sources, Thyroid, Thyroid CareThyroid Formula, Thyroid Maintenance.
Total Adrenal:
Products that may be helpful:  Adrenals Formula - by Dr. Christopher, Appetite Balance  Essential oil blend by Garden Essence, Ginseng Plus,  Blood Sugar Kit, Raw Adrenal  by Natural Sources, Super Adrenal Support by Western Botanicals,
Total Liver:
Products that may be helpful: Blood Cleanser-1 by Grandma's Herbs, Liver by Grandma's Herbs, Candida Liver Care by Hanna Kroeger, Liver Formula  by Kroeger, Liver - Gallbladder Formula  by Dr. Christopher's, Liver Transition & D - Tox by Dr. Christopher's,  Liver Detox Tea Western Botanicals, Master Gland Formula Dr. Christopher's, Liver Gallbladder Formula by Western Botanicals.
Total Ovary:
Products that may be helpful:   Raw Female Natural Sources,  Female Reproductive Dr. Christopher's, Female Tonic Dr. Christopher's, Master Gland Formula FemAide,  Dr. Christopher's, Hormonal Changease Combination Dr. Christopher's.
This gives you an idea what area that could be causing your weight gain. It's possible to have multiple things wrong but there is always a primary, a place where you need to start.



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