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This line of Chinese herbal extracts offers the effectiveness of traditional Chinese herbal tea in a convenient, highly concentrated form.  These handmade extracts are more potent than most powders, pills and tinctures, and their exceptional taste and aroma play an important role in stimulating organ systems.  They are rapidly absorbed and have a very low alcohol content (16%).  The premium-quality botanicals used in these rich, thick liquids are free of sulfites, preservatives and pharmaceuticals.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 



An Mian Tang

Peaceful Sleep Formula
Blockage and obstruction 
blood stasis and phlegm obstruction

Ba Wei Di Huang Tang
Rehmannia Eight Formula
warms the Kidney's Yang
and the lower part
of the body; replenishes Blood
and the
Yin of the Kidneys and Liver.

Ba Zhen Tang
Women's Precious Formula
anxiety, fatigue, irregular menstruation,
menstrual pain, post-partum recovery,
skin rash, habitual
 miscarriage, pallor, and dizziness

Ba Zheng San Tang
Dianthus UTI Formula

Clears heat and drains damp in the lower burner

Ban Xia Hou Po Tang
Pinellia & Magnolia Formula
Qi Stagnation with Phlegm, Plum-Pit Qi

Bao He Tang
Preserve Harmony
Promotes digestion and reduces food stagnation

Fritillaria & Trichosanthes
Dry Dampness and Expel Phlegm

Moistens and nourishes the Lungs

Bi Yan Tang
Nose Clear Formula
dispersing wind, clearing heat,
expelling toxins,
transforming phlegm
 unblocking the sinus passages

Bu Xue Tiao Jing Tang
Bu Tiao Formula
.Courses the liver resolves depression, quickens the blood transforms
stasis, warms the menses and scatters
cold, supplements the splieen
and kidney, nourishes blood,  checks vaginal discharge
Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang
Ginseng & Astragalus
tonify and raise spleen
and central qi
Cang Er Zi Tang
Xanthium Fruit Formula

Chai Hu Gui Zhi Tang
Bupleurum & Cinnamon
harmonize deficient liver and spleen qi
Chai Hu Jia Long Gu Mu Li Tang
Bupleurum & Dragon Bone
depression, anxiety and insomnia
Chuan Xin Lian Kang Tang
Andrographis Compound
Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao San
Cnidium & Green Tea

Dan Shen Yin Tang
Salvia Decoction

Dang Gui Ji Li Tang
Dong Quai & Tribulus
Dang Gui Shao Yao Tang
Dong Quai & Peony
.spleen qi and blood imbalance with damp accumulation

Dao Chi Tang
Guide out the Red formula

Die Da Tang
Trauma Support Compound
----- .

Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang
Angelica & Loranthus

tonify Liver Kidney, tonify
Qi & blood, expels Wind
& Damp lower limbs

Er Chen Tang
Citrus & Pinellia
phlegm accumulation cough

Er Xian Tang
Two Immortals
Warms kidney yang,
tonifies kidney essence, quenches kidney fire

Gan Mai Da Zao Tang
Licorice, Wheat &

Nourish the heart
Pacify the spirit
Harmonize the middle burner

Gan Mao Ling
Throat Clear Formula
Dispels Wind, Clears Heat, Expels Toxins

Ge Gen Tang
Pueraria Formula
Dispels wind, eliminates dampness, clears heat,
opens the portals of the nose

Gui Pi Tang
Ginseng & Longan
spleen qi and heart blood deficiency

Gui Zhi Fu Ling Tang
Cinnamon & Hoelen
regulate spleen qi, warm and transform blood stasis
Gui Zhi Tang
Cinnamon Twig Formula
warm-heat pathogen disease,
Yin deficiency with heat
signs and Heat in the Blood
with vomiting

Huang Lian Jie Du Tang
Coptis & Scute
to Eliminate Toxicity

Huang Qi Ling Zhi Tang
Astragalus & Ganoderma
strengthen a weakened energy constitution

Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Tang

Rectify Qi

Jia Wei Xiao Yao Tang

Bupleurum & Peony
Easy wanderer Plus

Jin Gui Shen Qi Tang

Golden Cabinet Kidney Qi
kidney qi and yang deficiency

Jing Fang Bai Du Tang
Schizonepeta & Siler
Disperse wind-cold-dampness Reduce inflammation
and swelling
Induce sweating

Kan Ning Tang
GI Support Compound
Curing Formula

Li Dan Tang
Benefit the Gallbladder

Liu Jun Zi Tang
Six Gentlemen Formula
Tonifies Spleen Qi, Transforms Dampness, Expels Phlegm

Liu Wei Di Huang Tang
Rhemannia Six
tonify kidney qi yin deficiency

Long Dan Xie Gan Tang
Gentiana Formula
drain liver and gall bladder damp heat
Mai Men Dong Tang
Ophiopogon Formula
Tonify qi
Nourishes yin
Prevent excessive perspiration
Stimulate pulse
Mu Xiang Shun Qi Tang
Saussurea Regulate
Qi Formula
Ping Chuan Tang
Asthma Support #2
cough and difficulty in breathing due to weak kidney rooting
of the lungs, with systemic deficiency of qi

Ping Chuan Tang Modified
Asthma Support #1
clearing and tonifying
respiratory support
broncho-dilation effects

Ping Wei Tang
Calm the Stomach Decoction

dispels Dampness in the
Spleen by warming; enhances
the Stomach Qi circulation; dissolves food Stagnation

Pu Ji Xiao Du Yin Tang
Universal Decoction to clear Toxins
Clears Heat, Expels Toxins,
Disperses Wind-Heat, Cools the Blood, Reduces Swelling,
 Benefits the Throat

Qi Ju Di Huang Tang
Lycium, Chrys. & Rehmannia
nourish liver and kidney blood and yin

Qing Bi Tang

Pueraria Nasal Formula #1
Anosmia; Fatigue; Headache; Infections; Rhinitis; Sinusitis; Sneezing
Qing Qi Hua Tan Tang
Resolve Phelgm Formula
phlegm heat cough

Qing Re Zhi Ben Tang
Clear Heat, Stop Flooding
Ren Shen Yang Rong Tang
Ginseng Nutritive Tonic
Sang Ju Yin
Morus & Chrysanthemum
Common cold caused by
the beginning stage of
Exterior affection of Wind and Heat

Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang
Fennel & Corydalis Formula
Distension of the
lower abdomen

Shao Yao Gan Cao Tang
Peony & Licorice Combination
muscle spasms and pain
Arthritis, Low Back Pain / Sciatica, Fibromyalgia

Shen Ling Bai Zhu Tang
Ginseng & Atractylodes
spleen qi deficiency with diarrhea

Shen Tong Zhu Yu Tang
Gentian & Ligusticum
drive out blood stasis from a painful body

Shi Quan Da Bu Tang
All-Inclusive Tonifying Decoction
Deficiencies of qi and
blood accompanied by yang
deficiency and cold manifestations
Shou Wu Tang
Polygonum Decoction #1
restore vitality and
virility, working especially
on the liver
and the reproductive, urinary
and circulatory systems
Shu Gan Tang
Soothe the Liver
Moves Liver Qi,
Harmonizes the Liver
and Stomach, Invigorates the
Blood, Eliminates Food Stagnation,
Alleviates Pain
Shu Jing Huo Xue Tang
Clematis & Stephania
pain caused by wind-dampness,
and Qi and blood stasis
in the channels

Si Jun Zi Tang
Four Gentlemen
improve digestion and
energy, tonifies the qi,
strengthens spleen and stomach

Si Miao Tang
Four Marvel Decoction
expell dampness clear heat

Si Wu Tang
Four Substance Decoction
Invigorates and tonifies the blood, regulates menstruation

Suan Zao Ren Tang
Zizyphus Decoction
Dizziness; Insomnia; Irritability;
Many dreams; Nervous breakdown;
Night sweating; Palpitations;
Restless sleep; Dry mouth;
Dry throat; Red, dry tongue; Fine-Rapid-Wiry pulse

Te Xiao Yao Tong Ling
Specific Lumbalgin Formula
relieve sciatica and muscle tension
 as they increase circulation.
Spring time humidity increases
water retention, abdominal
bloating, depression, and dull body aches

Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin
Gastrodia & Uncaria
Tonifies the Liver and
Kidneys, invigorates the Blood, and clears heat
Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan
Ginseng & Zizyphus Formula Heavenly Emperor
Nourishes the Blood and Yin,
Tonifies the Heart and Kidneys,
clears deficient heat, and
calms the spirit

Tu Si Zi Tang
Cuscuta Seed Compound
Tonify the Qi

Wen Dan Tang
Warm the Gallbladder
Clears Gallbladder heat,
regulates Qi, reduces phlegm,
and regulates the


Wen Jing Tang
Warm the Menses
Invigorate the Blood and Dispel Blood Stasis
Wu Ling Tang
Five Ingredient Compound with Poria
Promotes urination,
drains damp, and strengthens the Spleen
Wu Zhu Yu Tang
Evodia Formula
Warm the Channels and
 Disperse Cold Tonifies
and warms the Liver
and Stomach
.Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang
Six Gentlemen Plus
Diarrhea; Digestive disorders
sensation of fullness Distension
of the abdomen; Nausea; Pain
of the abdomen; Poor appetite; Regurgitation; Vomiting;
Acute gastritis; Chronic
gastritis; Duodenal ulcer;
Gastric ulcer

Xiao Chai Hu Tang
Minor Bupleurum
chills and fever, dry mouth
and throat, bitter taste in the mouth,
irritability, dizziness, fullness
and discomfort in the hypochondria
and chest, loss of appetite,
nausea, vomiting, and heartburn
Xiao Feng Tang
Eliminate Pathogenic Wind
Disperses wind and
eliminates damp Clears
heat, cools and
nourishes the blood
Xiao Qing Long Tang
Minor Blue-Green Dragon
Promotes sweating, releases
the exterior, and
disperses wind cold
Circulates and warms the Lung Qi

Xiao Yao Tang
Easy Wanderer
Spreads Liver Qi and relieves stagnation Tonifies the
Spleen and
nourishes the blood


Xin Yi Qing Fei Yin
Magnolia & Gypsum Formula
Clear lung heat
Relieve stuffy noses

Internal heat in the lungs and nose
Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang
Persica & Carthamus Formula
Invigorates the blood and
dispels blood stagnation
Spreads Liver Qi, unblocks
the channels, and
relieves pain
Yi Guan Jian
Linking Decoction
Kidney and Liver Yin
Deficiency with Qi
Yin Qiao San Tang
Honeysuckle & Forsythia
Releases the exterior
and clears Wind Heat
Relieves interior
 heat toxins

You Gui Yin Tang
Restore the Right #1
Formulas that Tonify the Qi

Yu Ping Feng Tang
Jade Windscreen Formula
Formulas that Stabilize the Exterior and the Lungs

Zhi Bai Di Huang Tang
Eight Flavor Tea
nourish Yin while clearing deficient heat patterns
Zhong Gan Ling
Ilex Plus
Dispels Wind, Clears Heat,
Expels Toxins, Cools the Blood,
Releases Pathogenic Influences
from the Muscle Level,
Alleviates Pain Flu with
fever, body aches, sore
throat, cough

Zuo Gui Tang
Restore the Left #2
Tonify the Qi
Zuo Gui Yin Tang
Restore the Left #1
Heart, Kidneys, Liver, Lungs, Spleen

Bottled loose = large spice bottle size -approx. 4" high x 1 3/4" 
100% Vegetarian Capsules 
Chinese Herbs & Spices updated 2/10
Most remedies are certified Kosher check here
Ai Ye / Mugwort LeafArtemisia / Herbal liquid extract
Ba Ji Ren / Zi  Morinda / Noni Fruit - Herbal liquid extract
Ba Ji Tian /Morinda Root - Herbal liquid extract
Bai Bu  Stemona root  - Herbal liquid extract
Bai Dou Kou / Round Cardamon fruit / Cluster - Herbal liquid extract
Bai Fu Zi  Typhonium rhizome - Herbal liquid extract 
Bai Guo /Ginkgo Nut - Herbal liquid extract
Bai Guo Ye / Ginkgo biloba leaf  - Herbal liquid extract
Bai He  Lily Bulb - Herbal liquid extract
Bai He Hua  Lily Flower  - Herbal liquid extract 
Bai Hua She She Cao  Oldenlandia - Herbal liquid extract
Bai Ji  Bletilla Rhizome - Herbal liquid extract
Bai Ji Li  Tribulus Fruit - Herbal liquid extract
Bai Jie Zi   Brassica / White Mustard Seed - Herbal liquid extract
Bai Liang Cao   Patrinia, Thiaspi  - Herbal liquid extract 
Bai Mao Gen  Imperata Rhizoma - Herbal liquid extract
Bai Mu Er   Tremella Fungus Fruiting Body - Herbal liquid extract
Bai Qian  Root and Rhizome of Cynanchum - Herbal liquid extract
Bai Shao Yao  White Peony Root - Herbal liquid extract
Bai Shen  Ginseng Root (White) - Herbal liquid extract
Bai Tou Weng  Anemone Root or Pulsatilla - Herbal liquid extract
Bai Wei  Swallowwort Root - Herbal liquid extract
Bai Xian Pi   Dictamnus Root - Herbal liquid extract
Bai Zhi  Angelica Dahurica Root - Herbal liquid extract
Bai Zhu  White Atractylodes Rhizome - Herbal liquid extract
** Bai Zi Ren  Arbor Vitae Seed, Biota Seed - Herbal liquid extract
Ban Bian Lian  Chinese Lobelia - Herbal liquid extract 
Ban Lan Gen  Woad Root or Isatis Root - Herbal liquid extract
Ban Xia  Pinellia Rhizome - Herbal liquid extract
Ban Zhi Lian  Scutellaria Barbata - Herbal liquid extract
Bei Xie   Dioscoreae Rhizome - Herbal liquid extract 
Bi Bo (Bi Ba)  Long Pepper Fruit - Herbal liquid extract 
Bian Dou (Bia)   Dolichos / Hyacinth - Herbal liquid extract
Bian Xu  Knotweed, Polygonum Avicularis - Herbal liquid extract
Bie Jia  Chinese Soft Shelled Turtle Shell - Herbal liquid extract
Bing Lang   Betel Nut, Arecae - Herbal liquid extract 
Bo He  Peppermint, Spearmint, Field Mint - Herbal liquid extract
Bu Gu Zhi   Psoralea Pea - Herbal liquid extract
Cang Er Zi   Xanthium Fruit - Herbal liquid extract
Cang Zhu   Atractylodes Rhizome - Herbal liquid extract
Cao Dou Kou  Alpiniae Seed, Wild Cardamon - Herbal liquid extract
Cao Guo  Amomum, Chinese Cardamon Fruit - Herbal liquid extract
Ce Bai Ye  Biota, Arborvitae Leafy Twig - Herbal liquid extract
Chai Hu  Thorowax, Bupleurum Root - Herbal liquid extract
Chan Tui   Cicada Shell - Herbal liquid extract
Che Qian Zi / Plantago / Plantain Seed /
Chen Pi / Tangerine Peel /
Chen Xiang / Aloeswood sap, Aquilaria
Chi Fu Ling / Red Poria Hoelen Fungus Skin
**Chi Shao / Red Peony Root
Chi Xiao Dou /Aduki Bean / Phaseolus
Chong Wei Zi / Motherwort Seeds / Leonurus
*Chou Wu Tong / Clerondendron / Glorybower Leaf
Chuan Bei Mu / Tendrilled Fritillaria Bulb
Chuan Jiao / Zanthoxylum / Szechuan Pepper
Chuan Lian Zi / Melia / Chinaberry / Neem Fruit
Chuan Mu Tong / Akebia Vine Stem
Chuan Xin Lian / Andrographis  Herb
Chuan Xiong / Szechuan Lovage Root, Cnidium
Cong Bai / Bulb of Scallion or Green Onion
Da Feng Zi / Hydnocarpus, Chaulmoogra Seeds
Da Fu Pi / Areca / Betel Husk /
Da Huang / Rhubarb Root and Rhizome /
Da Ji / Japanese Thistle /
Da Qing Ye / Isatis Leaf /
Da Xiao Ji / Small Thistle / Field Thistle /
Da Zao / Jujube Fruit / Chinese Black Date /
Dan Dou Chi / Prepared (Fermented) Soybean /
Dan (Tian) Nan Xing / Prepared Arisaema Rhizome /
Dan Shen / Salvia miltiorrhizae / Red Sage Root /
Dan Zhu Ye / Lophatherum / Bamboo Stem and Leaves /
Dang Gui (High Grade)  / Dong Quai / Angelica Root /
Dang Shen / Codonopsis Root /
Deng Xin Cao / Juncus Pith /
Di Fu Zi / Kochia / Broom Cypress Seed /
Di Gu Pi / Lycium / Wolfberry Bark /
Di Long / Earth Dragon / Lumbricus /
Di Yu Sanguisorba Root /
Ding Xiang / Clove Flower Bud /
Dong Chong Xia Cao / Cordyceps Fungus /
Dong Gua Ren / Benincasa / Wintermelon Seed /
Dong Kui Zi  /Abutilon, Malva Seed /
Du Huo / Pubescent Angelica Root /
Du Zhong / Eucommia Bark /
E Jiao / Donkey Hide Gelatin / tonifies and enriches blood, stops bleeding, nourishes Yin, moistens lung
E Zhu / Curcuma Zedoary / Tumeric Rhizome / Breaks Bloods stasis and Dissolves Accumulations
Fan Xie Ye / Senna Leaf / Eliminates Heat and Stagnation by Draining Downward
Fang Feng / Siler / Ledebouriella Root / Releases the Exterior and Stops Wind Dispels Wind, Cold, and Damp Conditions  Stops Spasms Associated with Wind
Feng Wang Jiang / Royal Jelly Freeze Dry Ext. / Royal Jelly, containing many potent natural anti-oxidants, has an anti-aging effect. Taking Royal Jelly may provide numerous health benefits including energy, stamina, robustness, youthfulness, promoting immune system and skin beauty, and alleviating anxiety, asthma, moodiness, and sleeplessness.
Fo Shou / Finger Citron Fruit / Excellent for symptoms of Liver Qi stagnation but only mildly relieves pain. Symptoms include hypochondriac and abdominal distension, stifling sensation in the chest, belching, hiccups and vomiting. For unrelenting chronic cough with copious phlegm and chest pain. It mildly resolves phlegm and is not used for early stages of externally contracted coughs.
Fu Ling (Bai) / Poria / Hoelen White Fungus /
  • Drains Dampness and Reduces Swelling
    For edema of any etiology.
  • Promotes Urination
    For difficult urination and scanty urination due to Damp-Heat.
  • Tonifies Spleen Qi
    For loose stool, lethargy, and low appetite.
  • Transforms Phlegm
Fu Ling Pi / Poria / Hoelen Fungus Skin / Promote Urination and Reduce Edema
Fu Pen Zi / Rubus / Rasberry Fruit Bud / tonify, stabilize kidney – incontinence, enuresis, spermatorrhea
Fu Shen / Poria/ Hoelen Fungus Heart /
  • Calms the Spirit
    For irritability, palpitations, insomnia, and forgetfulness.
  • Promotes Urination
    This action is mild.
Fu Xiao Mai / Triticus / Wheat Chaff - Grain / deficiency sweating – night sweat, spontaneous sweat rish heart – palpitations, insomnia, irritability,
Fu Zi / Prepared Sichuan Aconite Root / The herb is pungent in flaour, hot in nature, and toxic. It acts on the heart, spleen kidney channels. Being extremely pungent, the herb is good at supplementing fire and Yang, dispersing yin-cold, helping heart-yang, warming spleen-yang and kidney-yang, dispersing cold alleviating pain, and recuperating depleted Yang to rescue patients from collapse. Therefore, it is used to treat cold syndrome in the upper, the lower, the interior and the exterior.
Gan Cao / Licorice Root (Raw) / Tonifies the Spleen and Strengthens the Qi Moistens the Lung, Dispels Phlegm, and Stops Cough Releases Cramps and Alleviates Pain Clears Heat and Reduces Fire Toxins Poison Antidote Harmonizes Formulas and Moderates Other herbs
Gan Jiang / Dried Ginger Rhizome / Warms the middle and expels cold - warms spleen and stomach both in conditions of excess due to externally contacted cold, as well as cold from deficiency due to yang qi deficiency. Rescues devastated yang, expels interior cold - very weak pulse and cold limbs.
Gan Sui / Euphorbia Root / Drains Fluid Accumulation in the chest and abdomen Used topically for Damp-Heat skin lesions.
Gao Ben / Ligusticum Rhizome and Root / Chinese Lovage Root /Expels Wind-Cold and Stops Headache Expels Wind and Stops Pain
Gao Liang Jiang / Alpinia / Lesser Galangal Rhizome / Gao Liang Jiang shows its strength in its ability to warm the Spleen and Stomach; not surprisingly, it also enters these meridians. It is also used to drive out common accumulations of Liver qi, and also exhibits analgesic properties.
Ge Gen / Pueraria / Kudzu Root / Releases the Muscles and Disperses Wind-Heat Generates Fluids and Stops Thirst  Promotes the Expression of Measles Stops Diarrhea and Dysentery Reduces Symptoms of Hypertension
Ge Jie / Gecko Lizard / strengthen kidneys, tonify lungs – help kidney grasp lung Qi – wheezing assists kidney yang, strengthen essence and blood – impotence, day break diarrhea, urinary frequency
Gou Ji / Cibotium Rhizome / In traditional Chinese medicine, cibotium is used a tonic for the liver and kidneys. It strengthens the sinews and bones of the lower back, and expels wind and dampness.
Gou Qi Zi / Lycium Berry, Wolfberry Fruit / bronchial demulcent, hypoglycemia, liver restorative Nourish - tonify Liver and Kidneys.  Yin blood deficiency
Gou Teng / Uncaria Gambir Vine Thorns / Functions: Control convulsions - Clear heat - Calm liver - Calm nervous excitement due to wind
Gu Sui Bu / Drynaria Rhizome / Functions: Tonify kidney and liver - Suppresse pain - Invigorate blood circulation - Strengthen bones and tendons
Gu Ya / Oryza / Rice Sprout / Dissolves Food Stagnation, Harmonizes the Middle Jiao, Promotes Digestion Strengthens the Spleen, Improves Appetite
Gua Lou / Trichosanthes Fruit / Transforms Phlegm Heat, Clears Lung Heat Unbinds the Chest Dissipates Nodules, Reduces Abscesses
Gua Lou Pi / Trichosanthes Peel / Transforms Phlegm Heat, Regulates Qi and Expands Chest
Gua Lou Ren / Trichosanthes Seeds / Transforms Phlegm-Heat, Moistens the Lungs, Expand the Chest Moistens the Intestines Promotes Healing of Sores, Eliminates Pus, Dissipates Nodules
Gui Zhi / Cinnamon Twig / Adjusts the Ying and Wei Levels Warms the Channels and Collaterals Unblocks the Yang Qi of the Chest  Promotes Blood Circulation
Hai Dai / Laminaria Algae / Obstruction in the neck, full sensation in the throat, scrofula, goiter, mass, edema, accumulation, testicular pain and swelling.
Hai Feng Teng / Piper / Kadsura Stem / Dispels Wind Damp and Opens the Channels and Collaterals
Hai Piao Xiao / Cuttlefish Bone / Sepia / stop bleeding – uterine bleeding with vaginal discharge kidney deficiency –nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, leucorrhea  harmonize stomach – epigastric pain, acid reflux
Hai Tong Pi  / Erythrina Bark / Dispels Wind Damp, Opens Channels and Collaterals Relieves Itching and Kills Parasites Promotes Urination, Reduces Edema Relieves Toothache due to dental caries
Hai Zao / Sargassum Seaweed / Softens Hardness, Dissolves Phlegm  Promotes Urination, Reduces Edema and Swelling, Regulates Waterways
Han Fang Ji / Stephania Root / Promotes Urination, Reduces Edema, Regulates the Water Passages Expels Wind-Damp and Relieves Pain
Han Lian Cao / Eclipta Herb / Tonifies Kidneys and Nourishes Liver and Kidney Yin  Cools Blood and Stops Bleeding
He Hua / Lotus Flower / drains heart fire – confusion, delirium, insomnia, irritability stops bleeding, binds essence – vomiting blood
He Huan Hua / Albizzia / Mimosa Flower / In traditional Chinese medicine, albizzia flower is considered to have sweet and neutral properties, and is associated with the Heart and Liver meridians. Its main functions are to calm the spirit, invigorate the blood, alleviate pain, and dissipate swellings.
He Huan Pi / Albizzia / Mimosa Tree Bark / Actions: calms spirit, relieves constraint, harmonizes blood, stops pain, heals tendons and bones
He Shou Wu / Polygonum / Fleeceflower Root / Hair loss, premature grey hair, dizziness, blurred vision, spermatorrhea, deficiency of vital essence, deficiency of blood, lassitude of the loins and legs. Deficiency of the liver-yin and kidney-yin accompanied with hyperactivity of the liver-yang with manifestations of dizziness, blurred vision and numbness of the extremities.
He Ye / Lotus Leaf / Relieves Summerheat Raises the Clear Yang of the Spleen  Stops Bleeding
He Zi (Ke Zi) / Terminalia / Myrobalan Fruit / stabilize kidney, retain essence- leaking of fluids - urine/sperm/sweat tonify liver and kidney – light headedness, dizziness, impotence  stabilize menses – excess uterine bleeding, prolonged menses
Hei Zhi Ma  / Black Sesame Seeds / Tonifies Liver and Kidneys, Tonifies Jing and Blood  Lubricates the Intestines, Moistens Dryness
Hong Hua / Carthamus / Safflower / Invigorates the Blood, Eliminates Blood Stasis, Regulates Menses, Nourishes Blood
Hong Jing Tian / Rhodiola Rosea & Crenulata / Anti-oxidant effect: it can protect the liver from damages caused by a lipid type of peroxide.Lower blood sugar:  inhibits the increase of glycogen caused by glucose and epinephrine.Improves memory that has been damaged by drug or alcohol. Increases the flow volume of oxygen carrying blood to the heart muscle; thus protects the muscle from damage caused by lack of oxygen.
Hong Ren Shen / Ginseng Root (Red Korean)/ For collapse of Qi and abandonment situations with symptoms such as shortness of breath, shallow breathing, cold limbs, profuse sweating, and a minute or imperceptible deficient pulse. Ren Shen can be used alone for these symptoms, which can occur after blood loss or other conditions that involve fierce fluid loss, such as severe diarrhea and vomiting, or chronic illness. Strengthens and tonifies the Spleen and Stomach Tonifies the Lungs Generates body fluids and alleviates thirst Calms the Spirit and Clears the Mind Tonifies Qi and Yang and benefits the Kidneys.
Hong Teng / Sargentodoxa Vine / Clears Heat and Toxins, Reduces Abscesses Dispels Blood Stagnation and Relieves Pain
Hong Zao (Red) / Jujube Fruit / Chinese Red Date / universally believed in the Orient to build strength and extend life. Jujube is slightly sedative and laxative and removes obstructions of the energy flow.
Hou Po / Magnolia Bark / Moves and Regulates Qi, Resolves Stagnation Warms and Dries Damp Descends Qi, Calms Wheezing, Dissolves Phlegm
Hu Lu Ba / Fenugreek Seed / Traditional Chinese herbalists used it for kidney problems and reproductive conditions.
Hu Ma Zi / Linum / Flax Seed / Laxative effects due to increase in volume and consequent initiation of intestinal peristalsis due to stretching reflexes. Protective effect on the mucosa because of coating action.'
Hu Po / Amber / Succinum (Pine Resin)
  • Strengthens the heart, purifies the blood, prevents arteriosclerosis, removes excess fat, lowers cholesterol, retards aging, regulates blood-sugar levels and blood pressure.
  • It protect, rejuvenate and restore liver function.
  • Works as an antiseptic, aids the healing of wounds and injuries, prevents inflammation, and stops itching.
  • Works as an expectorant and prevents cold. Good for chronic bronchitis.
  • Has an analgesic effect. Relieves insomnia and recurring headaches. Also good for arthritis
  • Hu Zhang / Giant Knotweed / Bitter in flavour and cold in nature, it acts on the lung, liver, gallbladder and large intestine channels. Being bitter for dispersion and purgation, and cold for reducing fever and sending down abnormally ascending Qi, it effects on the liver channel and the blood system promoting blood circulation, relieves blood stasis and pain.
    Huai Hua Mi / Sophora / Pagoda Tree Bud / Traditional Chinese Medicine are useful in treating many eye disorders, such as chronic red eyes and conjunctivitis.
    Huang Bai / Phellodendron Bark / Eliminates Heat and Dampness Reduces Kidney Fire Drains Fire Toxicity
    Huang Jing / Polygonatum / Solomon Seal Rhiz / Huang Jing/Solomon's seal was used for respiratory and lung disorders, and as an astringent and anti-inflammatory. It was also used topically for bruises, furuncles, ulcers or boils on the fingers, hemorrhoids, skin redness, edema, and hematoma.
    Huang Lian  / Coptis Rhizome / Drains Fire and Relieves Toxins Drains Dampness and Clears Heat Calms Heart Fire Clears Heat, Stops Bleeding
    Huang Qi / Astragalus Root /
    • Tonify Qi and Blood
    • Raise Yang
    • Tonify Wei Qi and Stabilize Exterior
    • Promotes Urination and Reduces Edema
    • Expels Pus, Generates Flesh
    • Wasting and Thirsting (Xiao Ke)
    • Numbness, Pain, or Paralysis
    Huang Qin / Scute / Baical Skullcap Root / Especially for heat and damp in the Upper Jiao, symptoms include high fever, thirst, cough, irritability, and sputum that is thick and yellow. Used topically or internally for hot sores and swellings.
    Hui Shu Hua / Maiitake Extract / lung, liver and brain cancers as well. Maitake also regulates blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, reduces inflammation, and blood clots.
    Huo Xiang / Agastache / Patchouli / Pogostemon /
    • Dispels Damp, Relieves Summer-Damp and Releases the Exterior
    • Harmonizes the Middle Jiao, Awaken the Spleen, Relieves Nausea and Vomiting
    • Treats Fungal Infections
    Ji Nei Jin / Chicken Gizzard Lining / Gallus /
    • Reduces Food Stagnation, Strengthens Spleen
    • Secures the Jing, Stops Enuresis
    • Transforms hardness, Dissolves Stones
    Ji Song RongAgaricus Blazei Mushroom /
    •  overcome numerous diseases and disorders relating to the immune system,
    • cardiovascular system,
    • digestion,
    • weight management,
    • diabetes,
    • chronic and acute allergies,
    • cataracts,
    • hearing difficulties,
    • stress syndrome,
    • chronic fatigue,
    • diarrhea,
    • constipation,
    • and disorders of the liver.
    Ji Xue Teng / Spatholobus / Millettia Root and Vine /
    • Moves and Tonifies Blood
    • Opens the Channels and Relaxes the Tendons
    Jiang Can / Bombyx / Silkworm Larvae /

    clears liver wind, stop pain – spasm, facial paralysis, seizures headache, red sore eyes, sore swollen throat, loss of speech

    -transforms phlegm, clears heat – skin rash, nodules

    Jiang Huang / Curcuma / Tumeric Rhizome / It is a valuable anti-inflammatory.  Modern research has shown it to be a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-hepatotoxic herb, useful in the treatment of many inflammation-related conditions such as diabetes, hepatitis, arthritis, diarrhea, psoriasis, eczema, asthma and smoking related lung inflammation, used to invigorate the blood, relieve menstrual cramps, and treat the pain and swelling associated with trauma.
    Jiao Gu Lan / Gynostemma Root / Tonic, Cardiovascular, Immune Support
    An anti-aging, longevity tonic herb. It is reinforcing to overall health and has a strong anti-fatigue effect. Strengthens the immune system. Used for a variety of health complaints. Cardiovascular - Immune System - Anti-Oxidant - Stress Relief.  overall effect of helping to balance and regulate body systems, such as the cardiovascular and hormonal systems.
    Jie Geng / Platycodon / Balloon Flower Root /
    • Opens and Disseminates Lung Qi, Dispels Phlegm, Benefits Throat
    • Dispels Pus
    • Raises Lung Qi and Large Intestine Qi
    Jin Qian Cao / Lysimachia /
    • Promotes Urination, Unblocks Stones, Clears Damp Heat
    • Clears Liver and Gallbladder Damp Heat, Unblocks Stones
    • Clears Heat and Toxins, Reduces Swelling
    Jin Yin Hua / Honeysuckle Flower / Lonicera /
    • Clears Heat and Reduces Toxins
    • Expels Pathogenic Wind-Heat
    • Expels Damp-Heat in the Lower Jiao
    Jin Ying Zi / Cherokee Rosehip / Fructus Rosae Laevigatae /

    stabilize kidney –spermatorrhea, incontinence, leucorrhea, rectal prolapse

                      -binds intestines – stop diarrhea and dysentery

    Jing Jie / Schizonepeta Bud or Stem /
    • Releases the Exterior and Stops Wind
    • Alleviates Itching and Rashes
    • Stops Bleeding
    Jiu Zi / Chinese Leek Seed / The whole plant is antibacterial, cardiac, depurative, digestive, stimulant, stomachic and tonic. It is an anti-emetic herb that improves kidney function. It is used internally to treat urinary incontinence, kidney and bladder weaknesses etc.
    Ju He / Tangerine Seeds / Activates and moves Qi, relieves pain, and dissipates clumps
    Effective for pain from small intestine hernial disorders, swelling and pain of the testes, mastitis, breast nodules, and in the lower back pain.
    Ju Hong / Red Tangerine Peel /
    • Regulate Qi, Harmonizes the Middle Jiao and Dry Damp
    • powerful cholesterol-lowering
    • anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties
    Ju Hua / Chrysanthemum Flower /
    • Releases Wind and Heat
    • Clears Heat in the Liver Channel
    • Stops Wind
    Jue Ming Zi  / Cassia Seeds /
    • Clears Wind-Heat in the Liver and Brightens the Eyes
    • Clears Internal Heat in the Liver Channel
    • Moistens the Intestines
    Ku Shen  / Sophora / Bitter Ginseng Root /
    • Eliminates Heat and Dries Dampness
    • Stops Wind, Itching, and Kills Parasites
    • Promotes Urination
    Kuan Dong Hua / Tussilago / Coltsfoot Flower /Moistens Lungs, Descends Qi, Stops Cough, and Transforms Phlegm
    Kuan Jin Teng / Tinospora Stem /
    • Dispels Wind Damp, Relaxes the Sinews
    • Unblocks the Channels
    Kun Bu / Laminaria Kombu / Thallus Kelp /
    • Dissolves Phlegm and Softens Hardness
    • Promotes Urination, Regulates Water Circulation, Reduces Swelling
    Lai Fu Zi / Raphanus / Radish Seed /
    • Reduces Food Stagnation, Reduces Distension
    • Descends Qi, Reduces Phlegm
    Li Lu / Veratrum Root /
    • one of the most potent purgative herbs in existence,
    • with an extremely acrid taste caused by the chemical helleborin.
    • valuable in the treatment of some nervous disorders and hysteria,
    • help remove poisons from the body.
    • However, the herb is also toxic and a powerful narcotic, and must be used with extreme caution.
    Lian Qiao / Forsythia Fruit /
    • Clears Heat Toxins and Disperses Lumps and Nodules
    • Clears Wind-Heat
    Lian Xu  / Lotus Stamen /
    • Astringes the Kidneys
    • Clears the Heart
    Lian Zi Xin / Lotus Seed /
    • Sedates Heart Fire and Calms the Spirit
    • Stops Bleeding and Astringes the Essence
    Ling Zhi Cao / Ganoderma / Reishi Mushroom /
    • Ling Zhi Cao is rich in active organic compounds such as polysaccharides,
    • amino acids,
    • proteins,
    • triterpenes,
    • ascorbic acid,
    • sterols, lipids,
    • alkaloids,
    • a glucose, a courmarine glycoside,
    • volatile oil,
    • riboflavin and more.
    • These compounds are being studied for their positive effects on the immune system, including anti-tumor activity.
    Long Dan Cao / Chinese Gentian Root /
    • Eliminates Heat and Damp from the Liver and Gallbladder Channels
    • Sedates Liver Fire
    Long Gu / Dragon Bone Mineral / Dragon bone is an extremely useful therapeutic substance. Dragon bone, being a mineral, is rich in calcium and other trace minerals that can benefit the body in many ways. It is used to relieve irritability, chronic and acute anger, tension and dizziness caused by hyperactivity of Yang. Dragon Bone has wonderful benefits for those experiencing mental and emotional agitation, palpitations, insomnia and chronic or acute anxiety. In Chinese medicine, it is even used for epilepsy induced by terror and for manic behavior.
    Long Yan Rou / Longan Fruit /

    Longan contains several vitamins and minerals, including iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, and large amounts of vitamins A and C. In traditional Chinese medicine, longan is considered to have a sweet taste and warm energy, and is associated with the Heart and Spleen meridians. It is used to relieve rapid heartbeat, insomnia, forgetfulness and anxiety associated with blood and qi deficiency.

    Lu Gen  / Phragmites Reed Rhizome /
    • Clears Heat and Promotes Fluids
      For high fever, irritability and thirst.
    • Clears Lung Heat
      Especially useful in acute stages with thick, yellow sputum.
    • Clears Stomach Heat
      For vomiting and belching.
    • Promotes Urination
      For dark and scanty urine (from heat), especially if symptoms include thirst and irritability.
    • Vents Rashes
      Encourages the expression of rashes during a febrile condition.
    Lu Hui / Aloe Vera Leaf /
    • Drains Fire and Reduces Accumulation
    • Kills Parasites and Strengthens Digestion
    Lu Jiao Jiao / Mature Antler Gelatin /

    Lu Jiao Jiao is noted for its adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, immune-stimulating, and growth-enhancing properties, as well as healthy sexual functioning.  Studies have shown increased RBC count, hemoglobin, cardiac output, IGF-1, uterine tone, as well as increased energy, strength, and endurance for athletes.

    Lu Lu Tong / Liquidambar / Sweetgum Fruit /
    • Moves Qi and Blood, Opens Channels, Opens Middle Burner
    • Promotes Urination, Expels Wind, Treats Allergies
    Lu Rong / Cervus / Velvet of Young Deer Antler /
    • tonify kidneys , strengthen Yang,
    • tonify Governing-Penetrating-Conception vessels
    • strengthen sinews/bones, stabilizes Dai Mai, reproductive disorders
    • nourish Qi/blood – Yin type boils
    Luo Han Guo / Momordica Fruit
    • Moistens the Lungs, Clears Heat, and Stops Cough
    • Generates Fluid to Stop Thirst
    • Moistens Intestines to Unblock Bowels
    Luo Shi Teng / Star Jasmine Stem /Caulis Trachelospermi Jasminoidis  Dispels Wind Damp, Opens the Channels and Collaterals  Cools Blood and Reduces Swelling
    Ma Bian Cao / Verbena / Vervain Herb / Clears Heat; Eliminates Blood stasis; Calms roundworms; Resolves edema
    Ma Bo / Puffball Fruiting Body / Fructificatio Lasiosphaerae seu Calvatiae / For Fire Toxins affecting the Lungs and throat causing loss of voice, hoarseness and Lung heat cough For epistaxis, vomiting Blood, and is used topically to stop bleeding in any part of the mouth, especially the gums and lips.
    Ma Chi Xian / Purslane Herb / Herba Portulacae Oleraceae / For dysentery from Damp-Heat or Fire Toxins, urinary tract infections with Blood, red and white vaginal discharge, and post partum bleeding. Can be used both topically or internally
    Ma Huang / Ephedra Stem / For Wind-Cold excess patterns with fever, chills, headache, lack of sweating, and a tight, floating pulse. Opens the pores and induces sweating Obstruction of Lung Qi due to exterior Wind-Cold or wheezing from an internal condition. Especially due to obstruction from external Wind-Cold pathogen.
    Ma Huang Gen / Ephedra Root / Action: To arrest perspiration. Indications: Spontaneous sweationg, night sweating.

    Usage: For external use, appropriate quantity to be ground into powder and dabbed on the skin.

    Mai Men Dong / Ophiopogon Tuber / Tuber Ophiopogonis Japonici /Moistens the Lungs, Nourishes Yin Nourishes the Stomach Yin and Generates Fluids Moistens Intestines Clears the Heart and Eliminates Irritability
    Mai Ya / Barley Sprout / Malted Barley / Fructus Germinatus Hordei Vulgaris /
    Man Jing Zi / Vitex Fruit /
    • Clears Heat and Disperses Wind
    • Clears Wind and Heat in the Liver Channel
    • Drains Dampness and Expels Wind
    Mang Xiao / Mirabilitum / Sodium Sulfate Mineral /
    • Removes Accumulation and Reduces Stagnation
    • Clears Heat and Reduces Inflammation
    Mao Dong Qing / Ilex / Pubescent Holly Root /

    A single herb remedy for blood stagnation in the heart and blood vessels causing angina pain, respiratory distress, numbness in the limbs and poor blood circulation. Use as a treatment and preventative in heart disease, including atherosclerosis, stroke, and embolism.

    Mei Gui Hua / Young Chinese Rose Flower /
    • Moves Qi and Relieves Constraint
      Treats stifling sensation in chest, belching, poor appetite and pain and distension in the flanks and epigastrium. Promotes the movement of Qi and relieves constraint - liver-stomach disharmony with pain. 
    • Harmonizes Blood and Disperses Stagnation
      Treats irregular menses, menstrual pain due to blood stasis, and premenstrual breast tenderness (PMS), menstrual pain; stasis from trauma.
    Mi Meng Hua / Buddleia Flower / For blurry vision, excess lacrimation Is sweet in taste and cool in action. It enters the liver meridian. It reduces liver heat, and removes cataracts. It benefits the eyes, and is used for red, swollen painful eyes, excessive tearing, eye infections, superficial visual obstruction, or sensitivity to light. Used for both excessive and deficient patterns.
    Mo Yao / Myrrh Gum Resin /By breaking blood stasis it relieves pain in most conditions including painful trauma, contusions, sores, carbuncles, swellings, fixed abdominal masses, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea and cramps, post partum pain and spotting, Bi Zheng, chest pain, abdominal pain, painful obstructions, epigastric pain, intestinal abscesses, Generates flesh and healing in skin lesions, ulcerations, chronic sores and non healing ulcers.
    Mu Dan Pi / Moutan / Cortex of the Peony Tree Root / For heat in the Blood causing nose bleed, vomiting with Blood, Bloody phlegm, subcutaneous bleeding, and heavy menstruation. For Yin deficiency symptoms, especially without sweating. For abdominal tumors, bruises, lumps, and amenorrhea or dysmenorrhea. For headache, rib pain, or eye pain. Used topically to drain pus and reduce firm sores. Used internally for intestinal abscesses.
    Mu Gua (Chuan) / Chaenomelis / Chinese Quince Fruit /
    • Relaxes the Sinews and Opens the Channels
    • Harmonizes the Stomach and Transforms Damp
    Mu Hu Die / Oroxylum Seeds / For cough and loss of voice or hoarseness with sore throat For flank and epigastric pain due to Qi Stagnation For suppurative sores due to Damp Heat.
    Mu Li / Oyster Shell Mineral / Used for Hypertention.
    Mu Xiang / Costus Root / Auklandia / Used for symptoms of Qi stagnation of the Spleen and Stomach including poor appetite, indigestion, food stagnation, epigastric and abdominal fullness, bloating, pain, diarrhea and tenesmus. Also relieves flank pain, distension, and soreness as well as bitter taste, yellow tongue coat, and possible jaundice associated with Liver Qi stagnation. Used for Spleen Qi Deficiency symptoms including abdominal fullness, distention, bloating, pain, poor appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea. Helps ameliorate the side effects of tonifying herbs.
    Mu Zei / Horsetail / Shavegrass / For redness, pain, swelling, cloudiness, blurred vision, pterygium, cataract, and conjunctivitis affecting the eyes. Also used to treat headache due to Wind-Heat. Used as a complimentary herb for bleeding hemorrhoids and Blood in the stool.
    Nan Sha Shen / Adenophora Root For dry, non-productive cough. Also for cough with yellow, scanty, difficult to expectorate sputum or blood streaked sputum. Associated symptoms include dry mouth, dry throat, dry nasal cavity, voice loss, sore throat For thirst and dry mouth, red/dry tongue, and constipation associated with Stomach Yin Deficiency. Also for aftermath of febrile disease with low grade fever and peeled tongue coat.
    Niu Bang Zi / Arctium / Burdock Seed /
    • Expels Wind-Heat and Relieves Sore Throat
    • Promotes the Eruption of Measles
    • Lubricates the Intestines
    Niu Xi (Chuan) / Cythula Root / This is one of the strongest herbs for blood stasis leading to gynecological disorders including irregular menses, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, postpartum abdominal pain and difficult labor. Also for musculoskeletal pain and trauma. For painful and burning urination as well as hematuria. It dispels damp heat and blood stagnation in the lower Jiao.For hematemesis, epistaxis, toothache, ulcers on the tongue and mouth, headache and dizziness associated with fire flaring upward and abnormal bleeding.
    Niu Xi (Huai) / Achyranthes Bidendata Root

    Is bitter and sour in taste, and enters the liver and kidney channels. It tonifies the liver and kidney (yin and yang), guides the other herbs downward, and is used for low back pain, knee pain, swelling ankles, and lower body problems. It invigorates the blood, expels blood stasis, and strengthens the sinews and bones. Used for dysmenorrhea, and amenorrhea with blood stasis pattern

    Nu Zhen Zi  Ligustrum, Privet Fruit For dizziness, spots before the eyes, prematurely grey hair, tinnitus, sore and weak low back and knees Treats vision problems including blurred vision, dry eyes, and diminished vision due to excess and Deficient conditions. For red and painful eyes due to Liver Yang Rising.
    Ou Jie  Lotus Rhizome Node  Lotus node has sweet and neutral properties, and is associated with the Lung, Liver and Stomach meridians.
    Pang Da Hai  Sterculia Seed For sore throat, hoarseness, or loss of voice due to Lung Heat or Lung Yin Deficiency. For cough with profuse yellow sticky sputum, throttling sound in the throat, bitter taste in the mouth and dry throat. Relieves mild constipation and dry stool with headache, red eyes, and fever associated with Heat in the Intestines
    Pao Jiang  Quick Fried Ginger Rhizome Warms the Middle; Rescues Yang; Warms the Lungs; Transforms Phlegm
    Pei Lan Eupatorium Boneset Thorouhwort
    • Transforms Damp, Awaken the Spleen
    • Clear Summerheat, Transforms Damp
    Pi Pa Ye Loquat Eriobotrya Leaf For cough or wheeze with yellow, copious sputum, bitter taste, and dry mouth due to Lung Heat. For dry cough with dry mouth and red tongue due to Dryness or Heat  For nausea and vomiting with sour smell, acid regurgitation and thirst, hiccups and belching due to Stomach Heat or Rebellious Stomach Qi
    Pu Gong Ying Dandelion  Taraxacum Herb & Root For any type of heat disorder, especially heat in the Liver channel with red and swollen eyes. For boils, sores, and furuncles especially if they are firm and hard as in mastitis and intestinal abscesses. For jaundice, acute urinary tract infections, and hepatitis from Damp-Heat.
    Pu Huang Typha,  Bullrush Pollen External bleeding, internal bleeding, amenorrhea, sluggish flow of blood and qi, sharp pain in the heart and abdomen, postpartum pain due to stagnant blood, stagnant blood due to a fall, carbuncle, hemoptysis, epistaxis, hematochezia, functional bleeding, traumatic injury.
    Qi Ye Lian  Schefflera Root 

    Modern uses of schefflera include the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, numbness in the limbs, abdominal pain, headaches, arthralgia, and sore and/or swollen throat. It can also help to relieve asthma. Externally, it can be ground into a paste to treat injuries and stop bleeding.

    Qian Cao Gen Madder, Rubia Root liquid Meridian: HEART, LIVER  cool blood to stop bleeding invigorates blood to dispel blood stasis chronic skin rash – eczema
    Qian Hu Peucedanum Root For cough and wheezing with thick copious difficult to expectorate sputum, and chest oppression For headache and cough with symptoms of Wind-Heat pattern
    Qian Nian Jian Homalomena Rhizome liquid For pain, numbness, and tightness of tendons. Also treats spasms and weakness in the sinews and bones especially in the elderly. Also for joint pain and tightness as well as traumatic injury.
    Qian Shi Euryale Seeds liquid

    Considered sweet, astringent and neutral, and is associated with the Spleen And Kidney meridians. Its main functions are to tonify the spleen and stop diarrhea, to strengthen the kidneys and control the essence, or jing; and to dispel dampness.

    Qiang Huo Notopterygium Rhizome & Root liquid For chills, fever, headache and a heavy sensation in the body. For Wind-Cold-Damp Bi pain, especially in the upper parts of the body, including the occiput. This herb directs other herbs to regions traversed by these channels. 
    Qin Jiao Gentiana Root Bitter Root liquid Treats all types of pain and cramping in the extremities including hot, cold, acute and chronic. One of the only Dispel Wind Damp herbs that isn’t drying. For afternoon fever, low grade fever post febrile disease, steaming bone disorder Treats jaundice mildly For dry constipation
    Qin Pi  Korean Ash Bark Fraxinus liquid
    • Eliminates Heat and Stops Diarrhea
    • Clears Heat in the Liver Channel and Clears the Eyes
    • Clears Wind-Damp
    Qing Dai Indigo liquid
    • Clears heat
    • detoxifies Fire Poison of entire body,
    •  but especially of throat and Lungs;
    • especially useful for highly contagious Warm Disease.
    Qing Hao Artemisia Sweet Wormwood  liquid
    • Clears Summer-Heat
    • Treats Malaria and Resolves Heat
    • Clears Yin Xu Heat and Blood Xu Heat
    • Cools Blood and Stops Bleeding
    • Clears Liver and Gall Bladder Heat and Brightens Eyes
    Qing Pi Immature Tangerine Peel
    • Spreads Liver Qi and Breaks Qi Stagnation
    • Disperses Nodules and Resolves Stagnation
    Qu Mai Dianthus Flower liquid
    • Promotes Urination, Clears Heat
    • Invigorates Blood
    Ren Dong Teng Lonicera Honeysuckle Stem
    • Clears Heat and Toxin, Releases Exterior
    • Dispels Wind Damp, Unblocks the Channels, and Soothes the Sinews
    • Cools the Blood
    Ren Shen Ye Ginseng Leaf liquid For collapse of Qi and abandonment situations with symptoms such as shortness of breath, shallow breathing, cold limbs, profuse sweating, and a minute or imperceptible deficient pulse. Ren Shen can be used alone for these symptoms, which can occur after blood loss or other conditions that involve fierce fluid loss, such as severe diarrhea and vomiting, or chronic illness. Used for Spleen Qi Deficiency with lassitude, poor appetite, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, generalized weakness, low or soft voice, abdominal distention, and in severe cases stomach or rectal prolapse.
    Rou Cong Rong  Cistanche, Broomrape Fleshy Stem Invigorate the kidney and supplement essence; moisturize the intestine and relax bowels; tonify kidney-yang and nourish kidney-yin for impotence, infertility, premature ejaculation and emission.
    Rou Dou Kou Nutmeg Seeds liquid  In traditional Chinese medicine, nutmeg is associated with the Spleen, Stomach and Large Intestine meridians, and has pungent and warm properties. Its functions are to warm the spleen and stomach, promote the circulation of qi, and stop diarrhea.

    The most common applications for nutmeg are diarrhea and gastroenteritis; according to traditional Chinese medicine principles, it helps stimulate the stomach and "bind" the intestines. Nutmeg also helps to reduce symptoms associated with digestive problems, such as nausea and vomiting, and can increase appetite. Externally, ointments created with nutmeg oil can treat rheumatic conditions and stimulate blood flow. In India, nutmeg is believed to act as an aphrodisiac and can increase sexual stamina.

    Rou Gui Cinnamon Bark liquid
    • a potent anti-fungal,
    • helping rid the body of oral candida infections
    • to fight the bacteria that causes most ulcers
    • help reduce allergies.
    Ru Xiang Frankincense, Boswellia Gum Resin  liquid extract
    • Moves Blood and Qi, Relieves Pain, Relaxes the Sinews
    • Reduces Swelling and Generates Flesh
    San Leng Sparganium Rhizome liquid extract Breaks Blood Stasis, Moves Qi, Relieves Pain
    One of the strongest herbs for Blood Stasis, it is reserved for severe pain with palpable masses. Also for amenorrhea, dysmenorrheal, postpartum abdominal pain, and abdominal masses. Dissolves Accumulations
    For Food Stagnation and Qi Stagnation resulting in severe abdominal pain and distention
    Sang Bai Pi Morus, Mulberry Root liquid extract
    • Purge lung heat
    • calm wheezing,
    • promote urination
    • relieve edema
    Sang Ji Sheng Mulberry Mistletoe, Loranthus Stem  liquid extract Tonifies Liver and Kidneys, Strengthens Sinews and Bones, Expels Wind-Dampness
    Treats soreness and pain in the lower back, knees and joints. Especially for elderly patients with Yin deficiency symptoms including chronic low back and knee pain, weakness and soreness, joint pain, as well as atrophy of the sinews and joints. Calms Fetus
    For restless fetus along with possible back pain and bleeding Nourishes Blood
    For dry scaly skin due to blood deficiency
    Sang Piao Xiao Praying Mantis Cocoon liquid extract

    The egg casing of the Preying Mantis is a very useful Kidney/Liver tonic use primarily to conserve essence while building Yang. It is one of the Kidney Yang herbs most suitable and beneficial to women. It is often found in women's formulas where Kidney Yang is deficient manifesting in sluggishness, obesity, low sexual drive, infertility and premature aging. Many women claim that Mantis Egg Case is a female sexual stimulant.

    Sang Ren Morus, Mulberry Seed  liquid extract

    Used as a blood tonic.

    Sang Shen Morus, Mulberry Fruit Bud liquid extract

    Properties: sweet, cold, Heart, Liver, Kidney. Action 1: Tonifies Blood and Enriches the Yin.

    Sang Ye Morus, Mulberry Leaf liquid extract Disperses Wind and Heat
    Used when Wind-Heat affects the Lungs, causing either a dry cough or expectoration of thick, yellow sputum. Also for headache, sore throat, and fever. Clears Heat in the Liver Channel For eye problems from heat in the Liver Channel or Liver Yin Deficiency. Cools Blood and Stops Bleeding For mild cases of vomiting with Blood.
    Sang Zhi Morus, Mulberry Twig liquid extract
    • Dispels Wind, Opens Channels, Benefits the Joints
      Treats hot joint pain and muscle spasms and pain. Also for muscle aches with heat in the upper extremities or hemiplegia or post stroke paralysis
    • Promotes Diuresis, Reduces Swelling and Edema
      For edema and dysuria with painful limbs or joint pain by regulating the water passages
    • anti-rheumatic and analgesic.
    • lowering blood pressure
    Sha Ren Amomum Fruit liquid extract Moves Qi, Transforms Damp, Strengthens Spleen For indigestion, abdominal distention and pain, epigastric distention and pain, lack of appetitie, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Warms the Spleen, Stops Diarrhea For diarrhea due to cold in the Spleen Calms Fetus, Stabilizes Pregnancy For a restless fetus due to an unstable pregnancy, morning sickness, bleeding, and abdominal pain.
    Sha Shen (Bei) Glehnia Root liquid extract Properties: sweet, slightly bitter, slightly cold  replenishes Yin of the lung and stomach, removes heat from the lung, promotes fluid secretion
    Sha Yuan Ji Li Astragalus Seed liquid extract Actions: tonifies kidney Yang, augments Yin, secures essences, tonifies liver, improves vision, benefits spleen, stops diarrhea, calms fetus
    Shan Nai Galanga Rhizome liquid extract

    Shan Nai is used against rheumatism, bronchial catarrh, bad breath and ulcers whooping colds in children, throat infections, to control incontinence and fever. Alpinia species show promise as anti-fungals, hypotensives, enhancers of sperm count and motility. Anti-tumor and anti-dementia effects have been observed in rodents.

    Shan Yao Dioscorea, Wild Yam Root liquid extract Tonifies the Qi and Yin of the Spleen and Stomach For Deficiency of the Spleen and Stomach with lack of appetite and energy, loose stools, spontaneous sweating, abdominal distention after eating, and a pale tongue. It can be used alone in large doses for this purpose. Tonifies the Qi and Yin of the Lung For Lung Qi and Yin Deficiency characterized by chronic coughing and wheezing. If Yin Deficiency is pronounced, there may be no sputum or very small amounts of sticky sputum. Tonifies Yin Nourishing, slightly astringent, and not drying, this herb is effective at treating Xiao Ke (wasting and thirsting syndrome). It can be used alone in large quantities for this purpose. Tonifies Kidney Yin and Stabilizes the Kidneys
    Shan Zha Crataegus, Hawthorn (unripe) Fruit liquid extract  Reduces Food Stagnation, Transforms Accumulation Especially effective for improved digestion of red meat and oily, greasy and fatty foods. Treats indigestion with abdominal distention, pain and or diarrhea Disperses Blood Stagnation, Dissipates Clumps Treats post-partum or amenorrhea abdominal pain and spotting. Used for hernia and bulging disorders. Treats Cardiovascular Disease Treats hypertension, coronary artery disorder, angina, high cholesterol Stops Diarrhea Treats chronic dysentery disorders
    Shan Zhu Yu Cornus Fruit liquid extract Shan Zhu Yu used for nourishing the liver and kidney and inducing astringency to arrest incessant and excessive loss of the body fluid. Medical Functions:promote urination, lower blood pressure, antibiotic.
    She Chuang Zi Cnidium Seeds liquid extract

    She Chuang Zi is most commonly used to treat itchy skin, rashes, eczema and ringworm, typically in the genital area. These conditions are treated by grinding cnidium seeds with water into a solution and applying to the skin. Cnidium seeds are also taken internally to treat vaginal discharges and/or increase sexual potency. Cnidium is often combined with herbs such as cuscuta and schisandra to treat infertility and impotence; in many classical traditional Chinese medicine texts, cnidium is used as a form of aphrodisiac.

    She Gan Belamcanda Rhizome liquid extract Clears Heat, Removes Toxins, and Benefits the Throat For acute laryngitis, tonsillitis, edema of the glottis, or any pain and swelling of the throat from Fire Toxins or phlegm fire.
    • Strongly Reduces Phlegm and Clears the Lungs
      Treats cough with profuse sputum, wheezing, and phlegm obstruction. This herb's action on phlegm is so strong that it can be combined with warming herbs to treat phlegm cold.
    Shen Jin Cao Lycopodium, Clubmoss liquid extract

    Traditionally used as a diuretic, particularly for bladder health maintenance and urinary system problems, including painful, sandy, and bloody urination, and as a soothing, absorbent powder for skin irritations and inflammations in the case of herpes, dermatitis, eczema, ulcers, boils, nodes, swelling, and other skin infections and abrasions. Externally, the spores were also used as a styptic and as powders for baby's chafing. Shen Jin Cao is also used to treat gastritis, heartburn, indigestion and fevers, including those resulting from rare forms of malaria. Native American Indians also used the spores as a drying agent for wounds and a treatment for nosebleeds and diaper rash.  The spores are still used today to powder rubber products, including condoms, and as a body powder for babies and bedridden patients. Resent studies found that Shen Jin Cao contains an enzyme (Prolyl Endopeptidase-PEP) possibly effective for improving memory and reversing amnesia and Alzheimer's disease. Two species of club moss sought for as foods by the Chippewa also contain a compound called huperzine, recognized as a potential treatment for Alzheimer's disease. Huperzine inhibits the breakdown of acetylcholine in the brain, a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in recognition, reasoning and memory.

    Shen Qu Medicated Leaven liquid extract
    • Reduces Food Stagnation, Harmonizes the Stomach
      Treats poor digestion, poor appetite, borborygmus, epigastric or abdominal fullness and distension.
    • Flatulence, diarrhea due to pixu (spleen deficient), stomach flu, reducing xue yu (blood stasis).
    Sheng Di Huang Rehmannia Root Raw liquid extract Clears Heat and Cools the Blood For heat in the Ying level causing very high fever, thirst, and a dark red tongue. Also used for hemorrhage, epistaxis, spitting Blood, Bloody urine, and uterine bleeding. Nourishes the Yin and Increases Fluids For injured Yin from heat causing dry mouth, throat pain, wasting and thirsting disorder, and constipation. Clears Heart fire For irritability, restlessness, mouth and tongue sores, or insomnia.
    Sheng Jiang Fresh Ginger Rhizome liquid extract Releases the Exterior and Warms the Middle Jiao For exterior Wind-Cold, cold in the stomach causing vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal fullness with pain. Disperses Lung Cold and Stops Cough For Wind-Cold cough or chronic Lung problems with thin, white phlegm. Adjusts the Ying and the Wei levels For exterior deficiency when sweating does not improve the patient's condition.  Reduces Toxicity From Other Herbs For detoxifying or treating over dosage from other herbs, such as Radix Lateralis Aconiti Carmichaeli Praeparata (Fu Zi) and Rhizoma Pinelliae Ternatae (Ban Xia).
    Sheng Ma Cimicifuga, Black Cohosh Rhizome liquid extract Disperses Wind-Heat and Vents Measles For headache, sore throat and used in the early stages of measles. Clears Heat and Toxins Used when toxins manifest in the upper parts of the body, including toothache, gingivitis, ulcerated lips or gums, and canker sores.
    • Raises the Yang Qi
      Used for Middle Jiao Qi deficiency manifesting as fatigue, shortness of breath, and prolapse.
    • Also used to guide other herbs to the upper regions of the body.
    Shi Chang Pu / Acorus Sweet Flag

    In ancient Chinese medicine, the root's warm pungent properties made it useful in treatin ailments of the heart, stomach, liver and spleen. It was also used for the treatment of mental disorders. Acorus is an antioxidant that has special effects on the central nervous system. It also has anti-inflammatory, decongestant, and sedative properties.

    Shi Di Persimmon Calyx liquid extract

    Persimmon is associated with the Lung and Stomach meridians, and has bitter and neutral properties. Its chief functions are to stop hiccups and belching, and to move stomach qi downward. It is often taken with cloves and fresh ginger or bamboo shavings. Some practitioners may also use fresh persimmon juice to lower blood pressure.  Whooping cough, urine with blood, influenza with vomiting.

    Shi Hu Dendrobium Stem liquid extract Nourishes Stomach Yin, Generates Body Fluids and Clears Heat For thirst, dry/parched mouth and throat, irritability and perspiration due to a warm febrile disease injuring Body Fluids  Nourishes Kidney Yin and Clears Deficiency Heat For unremitting low grade fever, dry and painful throat, and red tongue with no coat. Also used for chronic dry cough with low grade fever, night sweats and dry mouth in conjunction with other herbs. Tonifies Kidneys, Brightens the Eyes
    Strengthens weak back, tendons and bones. Improves visual acuity, dizziness, and platycoria (spots in front of the eyes). Also used for numbness of extremities or Wei atrophy syndrome.
    Shi Jue Ming /Abalone / Haliotis Shell  Calming the liver-yang and checking exuberance of Yang, clearing away heat from the liver to improve vision drains liver fire and ascending yang – headache, dizziness, red eyes liver heat disturbing vision – photophobia, pterygium, visual
    Shi Jun Zi Quisqualis Fruit liquid extract In traditional Chinese medicine, Shi Jun Zi has sweet and warm properties, and is associated with the Spleen and Stomach meridians. Its main functions are to kill parasites, strengthen the spleen, and dissolve accumulations in the body. Quisqualis is used to treat roundworms and abdominal distention, and to improve one's appetite. It is sometimes given to infants to relieve indigestion and improve appetite.
    Shi Liu Pi Pomegranate Husk or Rind liquid extract
    • Binds intestines, stops diarrhea: chronic diarrhea, dysentery, rectal prolapse
    • Stabilizes K, retains essence: spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, excessive uterine bleeding [charred], leukorrhea
    • Kills parasites: tapeworm, roundworm; ringworm [topical
    Shi Shang Bai Selaginella Herb liquid extract According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, Shi Shang Bai has sweet, spicy, bitter and cold properties, and is associated with the Liver, Lung and Stomach meridians. Its main functions are to clear heat, reduce toxicity, and drain damp heat. Among the conditions Shi Shang Bai is used for are coughs, sore throats, and jaundice. Shi Shang Bai is also used to treat cancer of the liver and cirrhosis of the liver. More recent research has shown that Shi Shang Bai may be effective against both acute and chronic hepatitis. Shi Shang Bai may also be used externally to help stop bleeding and promote wound healing.
    Shi Wei  Pyrrosia Leaves liquid extract According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, pyrrosia leaf has bitter, sweet and slightly cold properties, and is associated with the Bladder and Lung meridians. Its main functions are to clear damp heat and expel phlegm. The leaves have antitussive, expectorant and antiviral properties. Among the conditions pyrrosia leaf treats are bronchitis, asthma, congestion, coughs, kidney stones and gallstones. It also helps to regulate the frequency of urination.
    Shu Di Huang Rehmannia Root (Prepared) liquid extract In traditional Chinese medicine, Shu Di Huang is used as a diuretic and to strengthen the kidney, liver and heart. Fresh and dried forms of Shu Di Huang tuber are used differently. Fresh root tuber is used on the liver and kidney meridians for conditions such as irregular menstruation; lowered immunity; insomnia; tinnitus; vertigo; impaired hearing; diabetes; and frequent urination. Dried tuber is used mainly for fevers and fever-related conditions; dry mouth; nosebleeds; internal bleeding; rheumatism; and constipation.
    Si Gua Luo Dried Luffa extract According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, luffa has sweet and neutral properties, and is associated with the Lung, Stomach and Liver meridians. Its main functions are to promote blood circulation and remove obstructions. Luffa is used to treat chest pain and congestion, musculoskeletal pain, and mastitis, among other conditions.
    Suan Zao Ren Zizyphus, Sour Jujube Seed liquid extract This seed is a famous anxiety reducing herb which is traditionally said to 'calm the spirit'. This seed traditionally was used to reduce irritabilty and insomnia as well as abnormal sweating. Zizyphus is considered a nourishing sedative. This is believed to make it especially suitable for use in the young, weak or elderly. In modern research this seed has effects which are sedative, hypnotic, heart protective, pain-reducing and blood pressure lowering.
    Suo Yang Fleshy Stem of Cynomorium liquid extract  In traditional Chinese medicine, Suo Yang is considered a mild, yet powerful, jing herb. Its primary functions are to tonify the kidney, fortify yang, nourish the blood and strengthen the sinews. Suo Yang is used to treat impotence in men, and infertility and lack of libido in women. In both genders, it is used for strengthening the back, legs and skeleton, and weakness of the tendons due to kidney yang deficiency.
    Tai Zi Shen Pseudostellaria, Prince Ginseng Root liquid extract

    Tai Zi Shen has a sweet flavor and neutral properties, and is associated with the Spleen and Lung meridians. Its main functions are to supplement qi, strengthen the spleen, generate fluids and suppress coughs. It is also used to improve the functioning of the immune system. Tai Zi Shen is especially effective in treating fatigue and lack of appetite.

    Tao Ren Peach Seed Kernel liquid extract Tao Ren  is used to treat a variety of conditions related to the blood, such as amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea. An extract found in peach seeds, amygdalin, has been shown in some studies to effectively treat hepatosplenomegaly, a condition that causes abnormal enlargement of the liver and spleen. The fats and oils contained in peach seeds help moisten and lubricate the intestines, and can treat constipation. Peach seeds are also sometimes used to help relieve coughs.
    Tian Hua Fen Trichosanthes Root liquid extract Clears Heat and Generates Fluids For irritability, dry lips, dry mouth, dry tongue, thirst, desire to drink cold beverages and cough with thick sputum or blood streaked sputum. For wasting and thirsting disorders. Dispels Pus and Resolves Toxicity For Breast abscesses or carbuncles and sores with redness, swelling, pain and pus(used topically and internally). Treats hemorrhoids.  Clears Lung Heat, Transforms Phlegm, Moistens Lung For cough with thick, sticky sputum that is difficult to expectorate and signs of dryness
    Tian Ma Gastrodia Zhizome liquid extract Traditionally used to calm the liver wind. Tian Ma is used for syndromes of internal liver wind, such as convulsions, tetanus and epilepsy, as well as dizziness and headache due to excess liver yang. More recently, it has been used for the treatment of neurasthenia, nervous headache and hypertension.
    Tian Men Dong Chinese Asparagus Tuber liquid extract  Tonifies Kidney Yin, Clears Lung Heat Treats dry mouth, fever, aversion to wind and cold, chest pain, and hemoptysis or blood streaked sputum. For dry cough, cough with scanty sticky sputum, or cough with blood streaked sputum and difficult to expectorate.  Tonifies Lung Yin, Generates Fluids, Moistens Dryness
    For wasting and thirsting disorder. For thirst, muscle wasting, consumptive cough with blood streaked sputum, low grade or afternoon fevers, constipation, dry stools.
    Ting Li Zi Lepidium, Tansy Mustard Seed liquid extract

    In traditional Chinese medicine, Ting Li Zi has bitter, pungent and cold properties, and is associated with the Lung and Urinary Bladder meridians. Among the conditions Ting Li Zi is used to treat are asthma, edema and pleurisy. It can also be used to treat abdominal distention and dry mouth.

    Tong Cao Tetrapanax, Rice Paper Pith liquid extract  Promotes Urination and Drains Damp Heat For painful, dribbling urination with possible burning due to damp and heat. Promotes Lactation For insufficient lactation. 
    Tu Bie Chong Eupolyphaga, Wingless Cockroach extract Breaks Blood Stasis, Drives out Blood Stasis Treats Amenorrhea, postpartum abdominal pain, abdominal masses.  Connects Tendons and Fuses Bones For trauma, bone fractures, torn tendons and ligaments, lacerations, contusions, and fractures.
    Tu Fu Ling Smilax Rhizome extract According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, Tu Fu Ling has sweet and cool properties, and is associated with the Stomach and Kidney meridians. It is used to treat a variety of urinary conditions, especially urinary tract infections and cysts; animal studies have shown that Tu Fu Ling can fight cancers of the liver and urinary bladder. In addition, Tu Fu Ling is effective in relieving joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis. In women, it helps to relieve painful menstruation and irregular menstruation, and to treat fibroids and cysts that may develop in the ovaries.
    Tu Niu Xi (Huai)  / Achyranthes Aspera root

    Is bitter and sour in taste, and enters the liver and kidney channels. It tonifies the liver and kidney (yin and yang), guides the other herbs downward, and is used for low back pain, knee pain, swelling ankles, and lower body problems. It invigorates the blood, expels blood stasis, and strengthens the sinews and bones. Used for dysmenorrhea, and amenorrhea with blood stasis pattern.

    Tu Si Zi Cuscuta, Dodder Seed extract In traditional Chinese medicine, Tu Si Zi have been used for thousands of years. The seeds are described as having a neutral nature and a pungent, sweet taste. They are associated with the kidneys and liver.
    Wang Bu Liu Xing Vaccaria Seeds extract
    • Moves Blood, Opens Channels
    • Reduces Swelling, Promotes Lactations, Drains Abscesses
    Wei Ling Xian Clematis Root extract  Traditionally, clematis was used to treat blisters and as a poultice for infected wounds and ulcers. It was also employed as a remedy for venereal diseases (particularly syphilis), rheumatism and bone disorders. Today, it is used by the pharmaceutical industry for rheumatic pains, headaches and varicose veins. Homeopathic practitioners sometimes incorporate clematis into their formulas for ulcers and the promotion of wound healing.
    Wu Bei Zi Gallnet of Chinese Sumac extract Properties: Sour and astringent in flavour, cold in nature, it is tropistic to the lung, large intestine and kidney channels. Being sour and astringent, it has effects of astringing the lung and bowels, arresting spermatorrhea. and perspiration. Its effects are similar to those of Fructus Schisandrae. It is used for chronic cough and diarrhea, spontaneous emission and perspiration as well as night sweat. However, owing to its cold nature, it also functions in clearing heat and when it astring, it purges as well. It is used preferentially to treat patients with inability to preserve body essence due to deficiency and with concomitant heat in the interior.
    Wu Jia Pi /Acanthopanax Rootbark

    Is pungent and bitter in taste, and warm. It enters the kidney and liver meridians. It dispels wind and dampness, and strenghtens the sinews, bones and muscles. It is a qi tonic, used to strengthen weakness of legs due to qi deficency. It is the southern form of Siberian Ginseng. It is especially useful when the smooth flow of qi and blood is obstructed. Used for the elderly. Commonly used soaked in wine.

    Wu Jia Seng Eleutherococus Root

    An herb for exhaustion and depletion of vital energy from stress and burn out. It increases ability to handle stress and increases overall energy. An herb with large amounts of herbal growth factor that may be useful to human muscle growth and fat burning. It contains the natural anabolic herbal hormone "Saponin" or "Sapogenin" which resembles testosterone used to promote muscle retention and growth.

    Wu Ling Zhi Trogopterorus extract
    • Invigorates the Blood,
    • Relieves Pain
    • Dispels Blood Stasis,
    • Stops Bleeding
    • Treats childhood nutritional impairment,
    • Eliminates Toxins
    Wu Mei Mume, Prunus, Black Plum extract Channels (meridians) entered: large intestine, liver, lung, spleen. relieving coughs, diarrhea, pain from colic caused by ascaris, alleviates thirst caused by  rid of ascaris worms, stopping bleeding, treating corns and warts (external use),

    Medical Function:antibiotic effect on Staphylococcus. Stimulates the production of bile and induce contraction of bile duct which promote getting rid of round worms in the bile duct. Treatment of hook worms. Anti allergic effect of albumen shock of lab guinea pigs.

    Wu Wei Zi Schisandra Fruit Wu Wei Zi is commonly used in Chinese herbalism, where it is considered to be one of the 50 fundamental herbs. It is an excellent tonic and restorative, helping in stressful times and increasing zest for life. It is considered to be a substitute for ginseng and is said to be a tonic for both the male and the female sex organs.

    The fruit is antitussive, aphrodisiac, hepatic, astringent, cardiotonic, cholagogue, expectorant, hypotensive, lenitive, nervine, pectoral, sedative, stimulant and tonic. Low doses of the fruit are said to stimulate the central nervous system whilst large doses depress it. The fruit also regulates the cardiovascular system. It is taken internally in the treatment of dry coughs, asthma, night sweats, urinary disorders, involuntary ejaculation, chronic diarrhea, palpitations, insomnia, poor memory, hyperacidity, hepatitis and diabetes. Externally, it is used to treat irritating and allergic skin conditions. The fruit is harvested after the first frosts and sun-dried for later use.

    Wu Yao Lindera Root extract Wu Yao is believed to have acrid and warm properties, and is associated with the Lung, Spleen, Kidney, and Bladder meridians. It acts as a general pain reliever (especially for abdominal pain, chest pain, and painful menstruation), and also has antibiotic and antiviral properties. In addition, it may help to treat blood pressure levels and reduce inflammation. There is also some evidence that lindera root can treat cases of frequent urination and enuresis.
    Wu Zhu Yu Evodia Fruit extract Wu Zhu Yu has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine for at least 2,000 years. It is characterized as having a warm nature and an acrid, bitter taste. Taken internally, Wu Zhu Yu is used to treat abdominal disorders such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, and is purported to be especially effective in treating cases of diarrhea that occur in the morning.
    Xi Xian Cao Siegesbeckia, St. Paul's Wart extract  In  traditional Chinese medicine, Xi Xian Cao is considered to have bitter and cold properties, and affects the Liver and Kidney meridians.  Its main functions are to clear heat and release toxins, to strengthen the sinews, and to dispel wind and dampness.  The sap is used externally to treat rheumatic pains and skin conditions such as boils and eczema.  Internally, Xi Xian Cao is used as a sedative and (with other herbs) to treat hypertension.
    Xi Xin Asarum, Chinese Wild Ginger extract
    • Releases the Exterior, Disperses Cold
    • Stops Pain from cold
    • Warms the Lungs
    Xi Yang Shen American Ginseng Root extract American ginseng contains ginsenosides, which stimulate the immune system and fight fatigue and stress. The type and percentage of ginsenosides in American ginseng is somewhat different than the Asian ginseng variety. American ginseng is considered superior for gastrointestinal problems and is commonly used in the U.S. to improve athletic and mental performance. Other studies are examining the use of American ginseng in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, immune suppression, aging and depression.
    Xia Ku Cao Prunella, Selfheal Spike extract
    • Clears Heat From the Liver and Brightens the Eyes
      For Liver Fire ascending, high Blood pressure, red, painful, and swollen eyes. Also for headache, dizziness, and eye pain due to Liver deficiency (eyes sensitive to light and tender).
    • Eliminates Nodules
      Treats swollen thyroid, swollen glands, or any neck swelling due to phlegm fire. Also used to treat nodules in the inguinal area and other parts of the body (mastitis,
    Xian He Cao Agrimony extract In traditional Chinese medicine, Xian He Cao has bitter, pungent and neutral properties, and is affiliated with the Lung, Liver and Spleen meridians. It can be applied orally or topically. Orally, it is used to treat sore throats, stomach problems, and diarrhea of an unknown nature. Topically, Xian He Cao can be applied to the skin to treat mild inflammation. Other conditions that can be treated with Xian He Cao include bleeding, corns and warts, and disorders of the gallbladder.
    Xian Mao Curculigo Rhizome extract  Properties: acrid, hot, mildly toxic Actions: tonifies kidneys, improves Yang deficiency, expels cold, eliminates dampness, treats infertility.
    Xiang Fu Cyperus Rhizome, Nut Grass Rhizome liquid extract
    • Regulates Qi and Spreads Liver Qi
    • Regulates Menses and Relieves Pain
    Xiang Gu Shiitake Mushrooms, liquid extract

    Scientific studies today are discovering evidence that supports the claims of ancient healers of China that Shiitake can be instrumental in helping to combat a host of conditions such as colds and flu, and serious ailments which includes heart disease, cancer, and life-threatening viral conditions. The active constituent in Shiitake is a polysaccharide called lentinan, which is currently under investigation for its potential anti-tumor effects, blood pressure-lowering effects, and cholesterol-lowering effects. Lentinan is also being studied for its ability to inhibit cancer. In recent years, Shiitake extracts have been tested for use as an adjunct to chemotherapy, and currently in Japan, a highly purified form of lentinan is being used in conjunction with standard chemotherapy agents in the treatment of cancer.

    Xiang Ru Elsholtziae, Aromatic Madder extract
    • Expels Summerheat From the Exterior and Dampness From the Interior
      For exterior disorders in the summer or dampness with chills, fever, headache, lack of sweat, diarrhea, and body ache.
    • Promotes Urination
      For edema and dysuria, especially during an exterior disorder.
    Xiao Hui Xiang Fennel Fruit extract Actions: warms kidneys, soothes liver Qi, expels cold, alleviates pain, regulates Qi, harmonizes stomach Medical Indications: indigestions, gastric colic and gas, respiratory congestion, cough, cholera, vomiting, beriberi, frequent urination, insufficient lactation
    Xie Bai Bulb of Chinese Chive, Allium extract
    • Unblocks the Yang Qi, Disperses Cold Phlegm Stagnation
    • Directs the Qi Down, Eliminates Stagnation
    Xin Yi Hua Magnolia Flower extract Disperses Wind-Cold and Opens the Nasal Passages
    For stuffy nose, nasal obstruction, congestion, discharge, loss of smell, and related sinus headache. Can be used for any nasal or sinus problem, especially related to Wind-Cold invasion.
    Xing Ren Apricot Seed extract

    Have been used internally for respiratory problems, bronchitis and dry constipation. Apricot Kernels are used to stop coughing and wheezing and are used alone specifically for a dry cough, while they are mixed with other herbs to treat a productive cough. There has been some experimental work done on how Apricot Kernels can assist in cancer.

    Xiong Can E Male Silk Moth extract 

    Xiong Can E extract has a long history in China of being used as a male sex tonic. Rich in unique proteins and male hormones, Xiong Can E is conducive to the normal growth of the body, and the formation and evolution of the male reproductive organs. It is used to nourish the Kidney, accelerate the growth of sperm and marrow and stimulate the nervous system. Xiong Can E is considered in Asia to be an extremely potent male sexual stimulant and tonic.
    Xiong Can E tonic formulations are invariably very powerful. Xiong Can E extract is usually mixed with other powerful Kidney Yang tonics such as Deer Antler, Gecko, Cordyceps, Morinda, Epimedium, etc. and with Qi tonics such as Ginseng, Astragalus and Siberian Ginseng.

    Xu Duan Dipsacus Root extract

    This Kidney tonic is primarily used to strengthen the skeletal structure. Dipsacus is one of the main herbs used in case of traumatic injury to the skeleton. It is an excellent herb for repairing structural tissue (bones and ligaments) that have been damaged as a result of trauma. Dipsacus helps relieve the swelling due to structural trauma. It is the perfect herb for those who have damaged spinal structure and for those who have experienced knee injuries. However, it is useful for any structural tissue damage to hasten repair.

    Xuan Fu Hua Indula, Elcampane Flower extract
    • Reduces Phlegm, Regulates Water Circulation
      For accumulation of phlegm and fluids in the lungs. Treats symptoms of coughing, or wheezing along with stubborn phlegm that is white or yellow
    • Descends Qi, Stops Vomiting
      For vomiting, nausea, hiccups, and belching due to Rebellious Stomach Qi caused by phlegm accumulation
    • Today Elecampane root is regarded as a long term treatment for respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and asthma.
    • Asthma and bronchitis herbal remedy
    • Used with Echinacea for tuberculosis
    • Externally used for scabies, herpes and other skin diseases
    Xuan Shen Scrophularia, Figwort Root extract
    • Clears Heat, Cools the Blood, and Nourishes the Yin
      Use when heat has entered the Blood level causing fever, bleeding, dry mouth, and a red-purple tongue color. Also for Yin Deficiency heat, especially following a fever with dryness, constipation, irritability, and dry cough.
    • Relieves Fire Toxicity and Inflammation
      For red or swollen eyes and severe sore throat.
    • Resolves Nodules and Lumps
      For neck lumps, swollen tonsils, scrofula, and swollen throat from phlegm fire.
    Xue Jie  Dragon's Blood Resin extract
    • Invigorates Blood, Dispels Blood Stasis, Relieves Pain
      For Blood Stasis due to trauma with swelling and pain. It enters the Xue level and is for amenorrhea, dysmenorrheal and postpartum chest congestion and dyspnea.
    • Stops Bleeding, Generates Flesh, Protects Ulcer surface
      Used topically to stop bleeding from trauma. Used internally for upper digestive tract bleeding. For chronic non-healing ulcers, hemorrhoids with swelling and pain, open sores with pus.
    Ya Dan Zi Brucea Fruit extract
    • Treats Dysentery
    • Treats Shao Yang Level Disorders
    Yan Hu Suo Corydalis Rhizome extract
    • Moves Qi and Blood,
    • Relieves Pain,
    • Reduces Masses
    Ye Jiao Teng Polygonum, Fleeceflower Vine extract
    • powerful Spirit Stabilizing agent
    • calm the Spirit,
    • steady the mind
    • promote sound sleep.
    Yi Mu Cao Leonurus, Motherwort Herb extract
    • Invigorates Blood, Dispels Blood Stasis, Reduces Masses
      A very important herb for gynecological disorders due to blood stagnation. It regulated blood in the chong and treats irregular menses, amenorrhea, postpartum abdominal pain, heavy menses with clots, fixed abdominal masses, infertility and traumatic pain.
    • Promotes Urination, Reduces Swelling and Edema
      For acute systemic edema especially if blood in the urine. Treats dysuria, scanty urine, chronic edema, heavy sensation in the back and legs, abdominal distension, fullness after meals, sallow complexion, fatigue, listlessness and difficulty moving. For edema associated with chronic nephritis. Also for kidney stones.
    • Clears Heat and Toxin
      For dermatological disorders including eczema, sores, lesions, ulcers, itchy rashes, and toxic swellings
    Yi Yi Ren Coix, Job's Tears Seed extract Yi Yi Ren is considered to be beneficial to the skin. It is nourishing to the skin helps to make it smooth. It is believed to help eliminate coarse skin, moles warts and other blemishes.
    • Tonifies the Spleen, Resolves Dampness
      For dysuria, edema, leg qi, diarrhea, and damp febrile disorders due to Spleen deficiency leading to dampness.
    • Clears Wind-Damp, Relieves Pain and Spasms
      For stiff joints, muscle spasm and tendon pain due to wind damp painful obstruction.
    • Clears Heat and Expels Pus
      For lung and intestinal abscesses and postulated carbuncles due to heat. Also for any damp-heat disorder with a greasy tongue and digestion problem.
    Yi Zhi Ren Alpinia, Black Cardamon Fruit extract Warm the spleen and kidney, astringe fluid Cold spleen and kidney with symptoms of abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhoea; cold deficiency of the center, with symptoms of poor appetite and profuse saliva; impotence and enuresis due to cold deficiency of kidney qi Alpinia is a Kidney Yang tonic used to warm the Kidney and to retain essence. It is used for cold conditions of the Kidney, including impotence, spermatorrhea and dribbling of urine.
    Yin Chai Hu Stellaria Root extract
    • Clears Heat Caused by Yin Deficiency
      For afternoon fevers, steaming bone disorder, low grade fevers, and night sweats. Also effective at clearing residual heat in the aftermath of a high fever.
    • Clears Heat, Reduces Childhood Malnutrition
      For fever, irritability, and thirst from childhood malnutrition.
    • Stops Bleeding and Cools the Blood
      For epistaxis, coughing up of Blood, uterine bleeding, or Blood in the urine all caused by reckless movement of hot Blood.
    Yin Chen Hao Artemisia, Oriental Wormwood extract
    • Clears Damp-Heat, Treats Yang Type Jaundice
      This is the best herb for treatment of jaundice due to damp-heat or damp-cold. Most commonly used for jaundice with bright orange-yellow skin usually referred to as yang-type. Also used with other herbs for yin-type jaundice with yellow, dull, and lusterless appearance although it is traditionally contraindicated for this type.
    • Clears Damp-Heat from the Skin
      Especially for lower body skin diseases including sores, rashes, eczema, oozing sores, and urticaria due to damp-heat on the exterior.
    • Treats Febrile diseases with Damp-Heat
      For fever, body aches, oppression in the chest, constipation, yellow urine and abdominal distension due to damp-heat.
    • Promotes Urination
      Weakly promotes urination
    Yin Yang Huo Epimedium Leaf extract
    • powerful sexual tonic
    • stimulant
    • aphrodisiac
    • strengthen the bones and joints
    • calm and relax the heart
    • strong immune system regulator
    Yu Jin Tumeric Tuber extract
    • Moves Qi and Blood, Relieves Pain
      Especially for pain do to Qi and Blood Stasis including hypochondriac pain, irregular menses, masses (especially in abdomen and hypochondriac region), traumatic injuries, and dysmenorrhea. Also for liver cirrhosis, enlarged liver and spleen
    • Clear Heat and Cool Blood
      For bleeding due to Heat in the Blood including epistaxis, hematemesis, hematuria, and epistaxis during menses
    • Clear the Heart, Open Orifices
      For Shen disturbances associated with Damp, Phlegm and Heat in the Heart with symptoms like disorientation, epilepsy, mania, anxiety, agitation, seizures, and derangement
    • Treats Jaundice, Benefits the Gallbladder
      Treats Damp-Heat jaundice and gall stones
    Yu Li Ren Bush Cherry Seed extract
    • Stimulates the Intestines
      For constipation from Qi Stagnation in the intestines.
    • Promotes Urination
      Used in treating edema, leg Qi, or difficulty with urination.
    Yu Mi Xu Cornsilk extract
    • Promote and Unblocks Urination, Reduce Edema
      For edema especially if due to nephritis, swelling, painful urination that is hot or burning with possible dribbling, and painful urination with stones. Also for diabetes.
    • Clear Damp-Heat from Liver and Gallbladder
      For hepatitis, cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, and hypertension with signs of damp-heat.
    Yu Xing Cao Houttuynia Herb extract
    • Eliminates Heat and Toxins
      Reduces Lung abscess, infections, cough with thick yellowish-green sputum, bronchitis, and pneumonia.
    • Detoxifies and Expels Pus
      Used both internally and topically for purulent sores.
    • Drains Dampness
      For Damp-Heat in the Large Intestine, colitis, or urinary tract infection.
    Yu Zhu  Polygonatum, Fragrant Solomon Seal extract
    • Nourishes Lung and Stomach Yin, Moistens Dryness
      Treats dry cough, dry throat, irritability, and thirst. Also for cough with scanty, sticky sputum or chronic respiratory disorders with a consumptive cough. Treats wasting and thirsting disorder with intense hunger and constipation. Treats symptoms of Stomach Yin Deficiency including hunger but no desire to eat, dull epigastric pain, stomach discomfort, dry mouth and dry tongue.
    • Extinguishes Wind, Softens and Moistens the Sinews
      For Pain and spasms in the sinews due to wind generated by deficient Fluids. For dizziness due to internal wind.
    Yuan Zhi Polygala, Chinese Senega, Snakeroot extract calm spirit, quiet heart – insomnia, palpitations, anxiety, restlessness expel phlegm from lungs, clears orifices – copious sputum, mental confusion reduces abscesses, dissipate swellings – boils, sores, painful breasts
    Yue Ji Hua Rosa, Chinese Tea Rose Blossom extract
    • Invigorates Blood and Qi, Regulates Menses
      For scanty menses, amenorrhea, and chest and abdominal pain and distension.
    • Reduces Swellings, Reduces Toxicity
      For neck swelling and scrofula
    Yun Zhi Coriolus Versicolor extract

    The entire mushroom (mycelium and fruiting body) is used to fortify the immune system. The polysaccharides found in the mycelium and from fermentation liquid each have significant anti-carcinogenic activity. This whole polysaccharide fraction is used as a drug against malignant tumors in Japan. Coriolus has been found to be an interferon-inducing substance. In China, Coriolus is used for viral infections of the liver, including hepatitis B and chronic hepatitis, and it is used as a preventive and curative drug for liver cancer. However, it is so safe that it is also sold over the counter as an immune system strengthening tonic in herb stores.

    Zao Jiao Gleditsia, Honeylocust Fruit extract
    • Dispels Phlegm
      For cough, dyspnea and chest congestion with difficult to expectorate, copious sputum and/or phlegm nodules.
    • Opens Orifices
      For resuscitation of unconscious patients with locked jaw, pale face, and difficulty breathing possibly due to stroke. Also for sudden loss of consciousness with seizures or facial paralysis due to excess phlegm.
    • Reduces Swelling and Abscesses, Dissipates Clumps
      For initial stages of boils, abscesses and clumping prior to ulceration
    • Unblocks Bowels, Expels Roundworms
      For constipation with roundworms by stimulating peristalsis
    Zao Jiao Ci Gleditsia, Honeylocust Spine extract
    • Eliminates Toxins, Drains Pus, Invigorates Blood, and Reduces Swelling
      Treats sores, masses with pus, and carbuncles in early stages prior to suppuration.
    • Expels Wind, Kills Parasites
      For leprosy and tinea
    Ze Lan Lycopus, Bugleweed Hreb extract
    • Invigorates the Blood, Dispels Stasis
      For painful gynecological disorders by warming the channels which activates the blood. It has a mild effect to regulate menses, menses pain, irregular menses, postpartum abdominal pain, and amenorrhea. Also used topically and internally for traumatic injuries and abscesses.
    • Promotes Urination, Regulates Water Circulation, Reduces Swelling
      It has a mild effect for dysuria, postpartum edema, postpartum painful urinary dribbling, and systemic or facial edema.
    Ze Xie Alisma, Water Plantain extract
    • Promotes Urination and Drains Damp
      For urinary disorders with pain, difficulty, or dribbling, edema, dizziness, vertigo, and diarrhea. For many disorders associated with damp and water in the lower jiao.
    • Drains Kidney Deficiency Fire
      For spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, and nocturnal emissions associated with Kidney fire possibly due to damp heat
    Zhe Bei Mu Thunberg Fritillaria Bulb extract
    • Transforms Phlegm Heat and Stops cough
      One of the best herbs for stopping coughs due to exterior pathogen or interior disharmony. For productive cough due to acute Lung Heat pattern
    • Clears Heat and Disperses Nodules
      For neck swellings, scrofula, sores, carbuncles, goiter, and breast and lung abscesses. For sores and abscesses that have not ulcerated especially in the neck and breast area.
    Zhen Zhu Pearl (Cultivated, Hydrolyzed) extract

    Pearl is a very special herbal substance used since ancient times. Powdered Pearl is used as a Spirit tonic to stabilize the emotions, allay fright, ease frustration and anger, brighten the eyes and help regenerate tissue. Pearl is also used as a major beauty tonic, because it is believed that oral consumption of Pearl powder results in lustrous, pure, beautiful skin. Pearl powder is also used topically in skin creams to purify the skin. The best pearls, for herbal purposes, are wild sea water pearls that come from cold northern waters. The smaller the pearls, the more powerful their effect. Hydrolyzed Pearl, which is almost totally water soluble, is also now available. This hydrolyzed pearl is highly assimilable and extremely effective.

    Zhen Zhu Mu Mother of Pearl Shell extract
    • Calms the Liver
    • Anchors Yang
    • Clears the Liver
    •  Improves Vision
    Zhi Gan Cao Honey Fried Licorice Root extract Zhi Gan Cao is one of the greatest herbs known to mankind. Zhi Gan Cao builds energy and is an excellent digestive tonic. It is the most broad spectrum natural detoxifying agent known, ridding the body of over 1200 known toxins without any distressful side-effects. It also helps regulate the blood sugar level, helping counteract hypoglycemia, a very common imbalance.
    Zhi Ke Bitter Orange Peel extract Breaks Stagnant Qi, Relieves Distension and Accumulation
    Treats cough and expands chest to relieve chest congestion. Used for abdominal distension and pressure or constipation.
    Zhi Mu Anemarrhena Root extract
    • Clears Heat in the Qi Level
      For high fever. irritability, and a rapid and flooding pulse. Very effective at clearing heat in the stomach and Lungs, with intense thirst and thick yellow sputum.
    • Moistens Dryness and Nourishes Yin
      For Lung and Kidney Yin deficiency with night sweats, five centers heat, afternoon fevers, steaming bone fever, or irritability. Also for spermatorrhea and leakage of vital essence.
    • Generates Fluids
      For thirst, dry and ulcerated mouth, dry throat, and for wasting and thirsting disorder.
    Zhi Shi Immature Bitter Orange extract
    • Breaks Stagnant Qi and Reduces Accumulation
      Treats epigastric or abdominal pain and distension. Used for indigestion and focal distension with gas, belching, and foul breath. Effectively treats constipation, abdominal hardness, distension and pain, dysentery, and tenesmus.
    • Transforms Phlegm and Relieves Distension
      Treats chest and epigastrium focal distension and fullness. Treats Xiong Bi (painful obstruction of the chest), coronary heart disorders or angina, poor appetite, shortness of breath, fatigue and weakness due to phlegm accumulation and Heart Yang Deficiency. Also used in cases with heat in the body, abdominal fullness, gas, pain, and irregular bowel movement.
    Zhi Zi Gardenia Fruit extract
    • Clears Heat and Calms the Spirit
      For high fever, irritability, restlessness, insomnia, delirium, or chest constriction.
    • Drains Damp-Heat
      For dysuria from Damp-Heat in the Lower Jiao, jaundice from Damp-Heat in the Liver and Gallbladder, and Damp-Heat in the San Jiao and Gallbladder channels affecting the face, nose, and eyes.
    • Cools the Blood, Reduces Toxins, and Stops Bleeding
      For epistaxis, vomiting Blood, or Blood in the stool or urine.
    • Reduces swelling and moves Blood Stagnation
      Can be mixed with egg whites and vinegar and applied topically for trauma.
    Zhu Ling Polyporus Fungus Skin extract Promotes Urination and Drains Damp For edema, scanty urine, diarrhea, difficult, painful, turbid urination, leucorrhea, spermatorrhea, and jaundice
    Zhu Ru Bamboo Shavings extract
    • Clears Heat and Transforms Phlegm
      For cough with thick, yellow, viscous sputum, along with stifling sensation in the chest, or coughing up blood due to Lung heat. For irritability, insomnia nausea, chest congestion, hypochondriac distention and a bitter taste the mouth with profuse phlegm due to Gallbladder fire and Phlegm.
    • Stops Vomiting and Clears heat
      Very effective for morning sickness, nausea, acid regurgitation, and vomiting with a bitter or sour taste and bad breath due to Stomach Heat of Excess or Deficiency
    Zi Cao (Bei) Lithospermum, Groomwell Root extract
    • Clears Heat, Cools Blood, and Relieves Fire Toxins
      For Fire Toxins in the skin causing very dark purple rashes. This herb encourages the rash to erupt, used when diseases (like mumps or chickenpox) are not progressing.
    • Clears Damp-Heat Skin Lesions
      Used topically for skin lesions, vaginal itching, eczema, dermatitis, or burns.
    • Unblocks the Bowels and Invigorates the Blood
      For mild constipation from heat in the Blood, or used to treat amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.
    Zi Hua Di Ding Viola herb extract 
    • Eliminates Heat and Toxicity
      Reduces inflammation of the throat, eyes, and ears, especially effective for treating mumps. Also effective at clearing abscesses of the breast and intestines, and erysipelas.
    • Relieves Sores from Heat
      Used topically or internally for boils, carbuncles, and other sores or abscesses, especially in the head and back.
    Zi Su Ye Perilla Leaf extract
    • Releases the Exterior and Disperses Wind-Cold
      For cold invasion with symptoms of chills, fever, headache, nasal congestion, and cough.
    • Promotes the Movement of Qi in the Middle Jiao
      For nausea, vomiting, and poor appetite. Also used in pregnancy to calm restless fetus or for morning sickness.
    • Used either alone or with other herbs to counteract seafood poisoning.
    Zi Su Zi (Su Zi) Perilla Seed extract Reduces heavy phlegm in the chest and relieves chest pressure Crushed seeds relieve constipation due to dryness in the Large Intestine. The seed is antiasthmatic, antitussive, emollient and expectorant. It is used internally in the treatment of asthma, colds and chills, nausea, abdominal pain, food poisoning and allergic reactions (especially from seafood), bronchitis and constipation.
    Zi Wan Purple Aster Root extract relieves cough, expels phlegm(strongest function) redirects rebellion Qi downward and stops coughing  frying in Honey enhances moistening function of lungs
    Chinese Teas     c = contains caffeine
    c  China Black  (Orange Pekoe)
    c Keemun Congou
    c Lapsang Souchong
    c Rose Congou     Blend
    c Dragonwell  (Lungching)
    c Jasmine     Blend
    c Young Hyson
    c Se Chung Special Oolong 
    c Yin Hao Jasmine         Blend
    **Yam Root Slices   (Shan Yao)    192 pieces
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