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The desire and quest for balance in our Physical, Emotional/Mental and Spiritual Life Using
Essential Oils

Essential Oils
Spring means spring showers—usually followed by that subtle, intoxicating "after-rain" smell in the air that can cause you to drop your umbrella and wander the sidewalks senselessly sniffing. This potent all-natural perfume usually comes from a mixture of odors: ozone (created by lightning as it transforms O2 into O3); wet clay (a class of minerals with their own "earthy" scent and taste); and grasses, trees, flowering plants and mosses, which, when wet, release "a complex bouquet of organic molecules . ..hmm...if only we could bottle that.
When I feel out of balance; I may feel much fear, paranoia, and in general fears of the unknown, and inability to connect to life . . .the desire and quest for balance in our physical, emotional/mental and spiritual life is innate.

Essential oils can deeply influence our physical imbalances, psychological well-being and our spiritual equilibrium. They act on holistic principles-affecting body and soul.

Essential oils are the life force of a plant, flower, tree, shrub, root, bark, resin from which they are distilled. Like human beings, they are alive, both chemically and electrically. They have a direct effect on the brain through the olfactory system and skin absorption.

To help find balance, to find a feeling of safety, security, willingness to connect to life, and embrace life's experiences. I love these oils to help regain balance:

: Some oils that harmonize with the earth sweet, warm, earthy, regulator or restorative aromas like: vetiver helichrysum  ginger myrrh, frankincense, ylang ylang patchouli  sandalwood, cypress, elemi, cedarwoodclary sage, geranium and melissa.

ROSE- the highest frequency essential oil. It affects every cell on a molecular cellular level to enhance frequency and to bring the body into harmony. Pure rose oil produces a magnetic energy to attract love and to enhance the frequency of self love which brings joy to the heart.

Some of my favorite Essential Oil Blends for this purpose would be Balance, Beautiful Gardens, Belief, Chakra - facilitate the release of negative emotions. It is uplifting, through memory recall, helps keep negative energy from reattaching. Composure - Helps balance emotions, reduce anxiety. Grounding, Here & Now - Helps heighten the sense of being "in the moment” instead of the past, Serenity -Tranquil, reassuring, relaxing, and Strength -This blend has been used to empower the physical and spiritual bodies. Helps build courage, self esteem, calming, ADD & ADHD.   It has also been found to help energy alignment in the body

While inhaling  use this affirmation: "I am one with all that is. I am safe. I am loved."
Allergies, Parasites and Candida
As the saying goes: March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. But with Spring comes Allergies for many. Causes for Allergies may often times be overlooked.

Allergies are a result of our immune system doing it's job, only in a misdirected way. It is a result of the immune system being hypersensitive and over-reactive to harmless proteins it misidentifies as a harmful intruder. Resulting in an immune reaction of releasing histamines and other protective bio-chemicals being released. This is when we reach for a tissue.

There has been a relationship between outside intruders, like parasites and candida albicans yeast, and allergies that may hold some clues on how to stay sneeze free.

Researchers feel that when parasites and candida are present in the body, the immune system kicks into high alert for multi-celled intruders, as it is supposed to do. However, if the system becomes hypersensitive it will also start attacking other harmless multi-celled visitors, including pollens and dust. Even food, if it is not broken down enough by the time it gets into the blood stream will be attacked.

When people do a parasite or candida cleanse, their allergies often diminish.
Parasites interfere with the normal activities of the cells they infect, which may lead to symptoms and disease. The secretions released by a parasite can trigger a bodily response in which the immune system attacks its own tissues. This is known as an autoimmune reaction. Examples include rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease.

Everyone has a certain amount parasites. Some people have more parasites than others. We are constantly exposed to parasites from our food, water, pets and our environment. Usually our immune system keeps most of them from inhabiting our bodies, yet a few get through and set up house. We usually do not notice them since we can share a few nutrients and eliminate their wastes. As their populations grow we start to notice their effects on us, such as poor digestion and elimination, sleeplessness, restlessness, grinding teeth, and allergies. These happen slowly so we do not think anything is wrong. When people do a parasite or candida cleanse, their allergies often diminish.

Candida is present in everyone. It is kept under control by the friendly bacteria in the intestines. When the friendly bacteria populations diminish, the candida grows out of control, giving off toxins and affecting our health. Candida overgrowth can also kick our immune system into protection mode as with parasites.

Candida can be a factor in food allergies in that it can weaken the intestinal wall, which is also known as leaky gut syndrome. The toxins from candida can inflame the intestinal walls making them super reactive to antagonistic foods. It can also damage the intestinal wall, causing a leakage of food substance into the blood stream before it is properly broken down. This is viewed as a foreign substance, which the immune system attacks as if it were a dangerous parasite. This can develop into a food allergy.

Many natural health practitioners prepare for allergy season by cleansing the body of parasites, fungus and candida.

Many natural health practitioners prepare for allergy season by cleansing the body of parasites, fungus and candida to minimize the immune system's overreaction to these intruders. This can also keep the intestinal tract clear and efficient in eliminating toxins and other accumulations after an inactive winter. While this approach does not directly address the effects of allergies, it may be very helpful in managing the cause.
Some simple ways to maintain a healthy immune system are to get adequate sleep, eat a healthy Mediterranean diet, exercise and find ways to cope with stress. In addition, research is showing more and more that daily vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements are tremendously beneficial in supporting the immune system.

Master herbalist Hanna Kroeger used her traditional herbal knowledge and decades of working with herbs and people’s health needs to formulate these following products:

Wormwood Combination is a great herbal combination for checking parasite populations and their reproductive cycles, particularly roundworms. In traditional herbalism, bitter, digestive tonic herbs are used to paralyze and kill parasites in the digestive tract as well as controlling their eggs and improving digestive secretions, a natural protection against parasite overgrowth. At the same time, the bitter principles help to increase elimination, so that the parasites’ toxins may be excreted at a faster rate. Wormwood Combination employs some favorite herbs from this category that herbalists and naturopaths alike have relied on for centuries: Black Walnut, Quassia and Male Fern. Wormwood Combination is further balanced for gentle yet thorough action with the addition of spicy Cloves, which helps to reduce the gassiness and cramping that many other de-worming formulas can cause, only exacerbating the digestive distress many people experience with parasite conditions. Traditional herbalists use Male Fern to paralyze parasites so that they may be more easily passed out of the system. Just a touch of this herb is used here, to ensure effective but safe cleansing. Black Walnut adds laxative effects to ensure elimination, while Quassia soothes and protects the stomach. All five herbs in this blend also control secondary fungal infections and excess mucus that can be both a contributing factor to and a by-product of parasite infections.

It is best to do the Wormwood Combination for one month, 2 bottles, since most parasites have a one month reproductive cycle. This way you get the adult parasites and all phases including the eggs. Many people start the Wormwood Combination one week before the full moon, which is when parasites are most active.

Rascal® is an energetically balanced herbal blend designed to control and eliminate tapeworms. According to traditional herbalism, once established in the system, tapeworms can cause a variety of health complaints ranging from poor blood sugar balance to digestive complaints, dizziness and allergies. Rascal combines some favorite herbs for fighting tapeworms and other parasites: Pumpkin Seeds, Garlic and Thyme. Thyme also teams up with Cayenne or Capsicum in this blend to warm and support digestion and elimination, while Cramp Bark is added to prevent cramping that many other de-worming products can cause. This gentle yet effective formula also controls the mucus accumulations and secondary fungal infections that often accompany parasite complaints.

It is best to reduce or eliminate sweets, fermented foods, alcohol and carbohydrates when doing a parasite cleanse. Parasites love these foods and you do not want to "feed" them unnecessarily.

Candida Formula #1™ is an herbal combination that prevents and gently but thoroughly eliminates Candida from the system. Holistic healing systems suggest that controlling mucus accumulation and improving digestion are key elements in preventing and controlling Candida along with direct anti-fungal actions. Candida Formula #1™ is composed of Condurango Bark, Yellow Dock and Red Clover. Condurango is an often forgotten herb today, but its bitter principles and tannins combined with its ability to increase the secretion of saliva and other digestive enzymes create an inhospitable chemical environment for Candida growth while reducing mucus accumulations where it resides and reproduces. Red Clover and Yellow Dock are powerful cleansers that eliminate toxins created by Candida that can cause liver, blood and lymph toxicity as well as oxidation at the cellular level and the arthritis-like issues many people notice with Candida symptoms.

Candida Formula #2™ is an herbal blend designed for use in Candida conditions in conjunction with Candida Formula #1™. This gentle yet effective formula fights fungus while promoting digestion, assimilation, detoxification, immunity, and thorough but comfortable elimination. Additionally, this formula purifies the blood, liver, gall bladder, and intestinal tract, all of which may be suffering from Candida overgrowth and toxicity. Tansy contains thujone, a compound with antifungal activities as well as bitter principles and tannins to strengthen digestion. Clay binds mucus and toxins while countering mineral deficiencies. Milkweed is a favorite in Native American herbalism for parasites, digestive complaints, cleansing, and mucus accumulations. Cramp Bark is added to control intestinal spasms that may arise during Candida die-off as well as contributing to the formula’s astringent actions on mucus. Traditional herbalists often use Goldenseal leaf to provide many of the properties found in the root but with a gentler action. Blessed Thistle is a prized European digestive herb with strong bitter and astringent properties that create an inhospitable environment for Candida while toning the stomach, spleen and liver.

Taurin Dophilus is a combination of acidophilus and the amino acid taurine used to rebuild the friendly bacteria after cleansing with Candida Formula #1™ and Candida Formula #2™. It supplies acidophilus to re-establish flora that keeps the candida population under control.

It is best to use Candida Formula #1™ and Candida Formula #2™ for one month, 2 bottles of each and followed up immediately with Taurin Dophilus. During the cleanse reduce intake of sweets, simple carbohydrates, fermented foods, mushrooms and alcohol.

These programs, while not directly designed to prevent allergies, often help the body’s ability to minimize the effects of allergies by taking the stress off the immune system and reducing the over sensitized reactions. It is also a good practice to do these cleanses once a year for maintenance.

Other things to consider when getting ready for allergies include: avoiding known allergens, eating a clean diet free of mucous forming foods like dairy and wheat, drinking lots of water to flush out the system of impurities.

A little preparation can go a long way in feeling good throughout the spring and year round. You might not need the tissues!

A great recipe for allergy sufferers!
Fill a saucepan with water and bring to a boil. Turn off the heat, take the pan off the stovetop and add 3 drops eucalyptus essential oil, 3 drops rosemary essential oil, 2 drops myrtle essential oil and 2 drops tea tree essential oil. Tent a bath towel over the saucepan (keep your face just far enough away from the steam to avoid burns) and inhale deeply for 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat 1 to 3 times a day

Nettle can be very helpful for drying out the sinuses. It can be highly effective for chronic allergies. Take two or three times daily, as needed, for two weeks.

Oregano oil has powerful antibacterial and anti-parasitic effects.

Grapefruit seed -  reduces inflammation, and contains substances like proanthocyanidins, which help to flush infection and parasites from the body.

Net Pots. What could be simpler than rinsing away allergens with saltwater? Neti pots, small vessels shaped like Aladdin’s lamp, have been used in India for thousands of years to flush the sinuses and keep them clear. It’s an idea that takes some getting used to for most Westerners, but it’s a bit like using nasal spray. A little douse of saltwater can rinse away those prickly pollen grains and help treat allergies and other forms of sinus congestion.

Quercetin. A natural plant-derived compound called a bioflavonoid, quercetin helps stabilize mast cells and prevents them from releasing histamine. Quercetin also is a natural antioxidant that helps mop up molecules called free radicals that cause cell damage, which can lead to cancer. Citrus fruits, onions, apples, parsley, tea, tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce and wine are naturally high in quercetin, but allergy sufferers will most likely need to use supplements to build up enough of this compound to prevent attacks.

Homeopathy uses very diluted amounts of herb and flower essences. For allergies: Euphrasia, which is especially good for burning, itchy eyes; and Allium cepa, which is good for a drippy nose. Trying one at a time (rather than together) to see which one might work for you.

Allergy Formula - or Sinus Allergy Formula - For the symptomatic relief of seasonal allergies, runny nose, itchy eyes, hives, sneezing, etc.
Researchers have found eating foods containing probiotics (live organisms, usually helpful bacteria that are found in such foods as yogurt, keifer and specially formulated drinks - minus the sugar.) can change the immune system’s responses in allergic rhinitis, and may possibly make the symptoms a little less severe.
Although sugar may not register on a standard allergy test, too much sugar (or carbohydrates with a high glycemic value) does cause an inflammatory response similar to what the immune system mounts to an allergen. How? Well, too much sugar (or even worse, high-fructose corn syrup) places major demands on our digestive system, interfering with absorption of crucial vitamins and minerals. Too much sugar suppresses the immune system, wreaks havoc on the metabolism, and depletes valuable neurotransmitters.

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that normally are found inside the digestive tract. However, there are many things that can deplete the level of friendly bacteria that normally exists. Antibiotics work to destroy dangerous forms of bacteria that can lead to infection, but they can also kill off the good kind of bacteria as well. Patients who have recently taken antibiotics or who use antibiotics frequently may need to restore the level of probiotics in their digestive tract. Also, stress and an unhealthy diet can lead to lower levels of healthy bacteria.

With the right balance of beneficial microflora, you can fight off allergens and infections (including viral, fungal and bacterial infections).

The Swiss Government's Remarkable Report on Homeopathic Medicine Posted: 02/15/2012 8:56 am

The Swiss government has a long and widely-respected history of neutrality, and therefore, reports from this government on controversial subjects need to be taken more seriously than other reports from countries that are more strongly influenced by present economic and political constituencies. When one considers that two of the top five largest drug companies in the world have their headquarters in Switzerland, one might assume that this country would have a heavy interest in and bias toward conventional medicine, but such assumptions would be wrong.

In late 2011, the Swiss government's report on homeopathic medicine represents the most comprehensive evaluation of homeopathic medicine ever written by a government and was just published in book form in English (Bornhoft and Matthiessen, 2011). This breakthrough report affirmed that homeopathic treatment is both effective and cost-effective and that homeopathic treatment should be reimbursed by Switzerland's national health insurance program.

The Swiss government's inquiry into homeopathy and complementary and alternative (CAM) treatments resulted from the high demand and widespread use of alternatives to conventional medicine in Switzerland, not only from consumers but from physicians as well. Approximately half of the Swiss population have used CAM treatments and value them. Further, about half of Swiss physicians consider CAM treatments to be effective. Perhaps most significantly, 85 percent of the Swiss population wants CAM therapies to be a part of their country's health insurance program.

It is therefore not surprising that more than 50 percent of the Swiss population surveyed prefer a hospital that provides CAM treatments rather to one that is limited to conventional medical care.

Beginning in 1998, the government of Switzerland decided to broaden its national health insurance to include certain complementary and alternative medicines, including homeopathic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, anthroposophic medicine, and neural therapy. This reimbursement was provisional while the Swiss government commissioned an extensive study on these treatments to determine if they were effective and cost-effective. The provisional reimbursement for these alternative treatments ended in 2005, but as a result of this new study, the Swiss government's health insurance program once again began to reimburse for homeopathy and select alternative treatments, in fact, as a result of a national referendum in which more than two-thirds of voters supported the inclusion of homeopathic and select alternative medicines in Switzerland's national health care insurance program, the field of complementary and alternative medicine has become a part of this government's constitution (Dacey, 2009; Rist, Schwabl, 2009).

The Swiss Government's "Health Technology Assessment"

The Swiss government's "Health Technology Assessment" on homeopathic medicine is much more comprehensive than any previous governmental report written on this subject to date. Not only did this report carefully and comprehensively review the body of evidence from randomized double-blind and placebo controlled clinical trials testing homeopathic medicines, they also evaluated the "real world effectiveness" as well as safety and cost-effectiveness. The report also conducted a highly-comprehensive review of the wide body of preclinical research (fundamental physio-chemical research, botanical studies, animal studies, and in vitro studies with human cells).

And still further, this report evaluated systematic reviews and meta-analyses, outcome studies, and epidemiological research. This wide review carefully evaluated the studies conducted, both in terms of quality of design and execution (called "internal validity") and how appropriate each was for the way that homeopathy is commonly practiced (called "external validity"). The subject of external validity is of special importance because some scientists and physicians conduct research on homeopathy with little or no understanding of this type of medicine (some studies tested a homeopathic medicine that is rarely used for the condition tested, while others utilized medicines not commonly indicated for specific patients). When such studies inevitably showed that the homeopathic medicine did not "work," the real and accurate assessment must be that the studies were set up to disprove homeopathy... or simply, the study was an exploratory trial that sought to evaluate the results of a new treatment (exploratory trials of this nature are not meant to prove or disprove the system of homeopathy but only to evaluate that specific treatment for a person with a specific condition).

After assessing pre-clinical basic research and the high quality clinical studies, the Swiss report affirmed that homeopathic high-potencies seem to induce regulatory effects (e.g., balancing or normalizing effects) and specific changes in cells or living organisms. The report also reported that 20 of the 22 systematic reviews of clinical research testing homeopathic medicines detected at least a trend in favor of homeopathy.* (Bornhoft, Wolf, von Ammon, et al, 2006)

The Swiss report found a particularly strong body of evidence to support the homeopathic treatment of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections and Respiratory Allergies. The report cited 29 studies in "Upper Respiratory Tract Infections/AllergicReactions," of which 24 studies found a positive result in favor of homeopathy. Further, six out of seven controlled studies that compared homeopathic treatment with conventional medical treatment showed that homeopathy to be more effective than conventional medical interventions (the one other trial found homeopathic treatment to be equivalent to conventional medical treatment). All of these results from homeopathic treatment came without the side effects common to conventional drug treatment. In evaluating only the randomized placebo controlled trials, 12 out of 16 studies showed a positive result in favor of homeopathy.

The authors of the Swiss government's report acknowledge that a part of the overall review of research included one review of clinical research in homeopathy (Shang, et al, 2005). However, the authors noted that this review of research has been widely and harshly criticized by both advocates and non-advocates of homeopathy. The Swiss report noted that the Shang team did not even adhere to the QUORUM guidelines which are widely recognized standards for scientific reporting (Linde, Jonas, 2005). The Shang team initially evaluated 110 homeopathic clinical trials and then sought to compare them with a matching 110 conventional medical trials. Shang and his team determined that there were 22 "high quality" homeopathic studies but only nine "high quality" conventional medical studies. Rather than compare these high quality trials (which would have shown a positive result for homeopathy), the Shang team created criteria to ignore a majority of high quality homeopathic studies, thereby trumping up support for then- original hypothesis and bias that homeopathic medicines may not be effective (Lildtke, Rutten, 2008).

The Swiss report also notes that David Sackett, M.D., the Canadian physician who is widely considered to be one of the leading pioneers in "evidence based medicine," has expressed serious concern about those researchers and physicians who consider randomized and double-blind trials as the only means to determine whether a treatment is effective or not. To make this assertion, one would have to acknowledge that virtually all surgical procedures were "unscientific" or "unproven" because so few have undergone randomized double-blind trials.

In my view, for a treatment to be determined to be "effective" or "scientifically proven," a much more comprehensive assessment of what works and doesn't is required. Ultimately, the Swiss government's report on homeopathy represents an evaluation of homeopathy that included an assessment of randomized double blind trials as well as other bodies of evidence, all of which together lead the report to determine that homeopathic medicines are indeed effective.

The next article will discuss further evidence provided in this report from the Swiss government on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of homeopathic care.

Bornhoft, Gudrun, and Matthiessen, Peter F. Homeopathy in Healthcare: Effectiveness, Appropriateness, Safety, Costs. Goslar, Germany: Springer, 2011.

https://rd.springer.eom/book/10.1007/978-3-642-20638-2/page/l (This book is presently available from the German office of the publisher, and it will become available via the American office as well as select booksellers in mid- to late-February, 2012.)(NOTE: When specific facts in the above article are provided but not referenced, this means that these facts were derived from this book.)

Bornhoft G, Wolf U, von Ammon K, Righetti M, Maxion-Bergemann S, Baumgartner S, Thurneysen AE, Matthiessen PF. Effectiveness, safety and cost-effectiveness of homeopathy in general practice - summarized health technology assessment. Forschende Komplementarmedizin (2006); 13 Suppl 2:19-29.

Dacey, Jessica. Therapy supporters roll up sleeves after vote., May 19, 2009. http.V/

Linde K, Jonas W. Are the clinical effects of homeopathy placebo effects? Lancet 36:2081-2082. DOI: 10.1016/SO140-6736(05)67878-6.

Ludtke R, Rutten ALB. The conclusions on the effectiveness of homeopathy highly depend on the set of analysed trials. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. October 2008. doi: 10.1016/j.jclinepi.2008.06/015.

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