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November 2011   


Don't leave out God and prayer - the 2 most important ingredients in any situation.
While you are praying or after praying don't forget to LISTEN for the answers! They will come. 
 click here - to view the studies showing the scientific proof that prayer works.

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Canola oil is a health hazard to use as a cooking oil or salad oil. It is not the healthy oil we thought it was. It is not fit for human consumption, do not use canola oil, it can hurt you. Polyunsaturated or not, this is a bad oil.
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Magnesium is responsible for jumpstarting nearly 400 enzyme reactions inside your body.
Magnesium in a drinkable form, is far superior to tablets

Diabetes isn't something that anyone wants to have to deal with, and a study suggests that getting the right amount of magnesium could be a very effective way to make sure you don't have to.

Researchers discovered that participants who took in the highest amounts of magnesium -- whether from foods or vitamins -- were half as likely to end up with diabetes 20 years later than the participants who took the lowest amounts of magnesium.

Here's a couple of theories about how magnesium reduces diabetes risk. First, magnesium is used by the body's enzymes to process glucose, thus reducing the risk of diabetes. Researchers also noted that increased levels of magnesium were correlated with decreased inflammation and less resistance to insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar levels.

So how much magnesium did the participants take? The people who took the most consumed about 200 milligrams of magnesium per 1,000 calories. The people who took the least only consumed roughly 100 milligrams per 1,000 calories. The difference was significant: those who didn't take enough magnesium were 53% more likely to develop diabetes at some point down the road.

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Understanding the role your Pancreas plays in a diagnosis of Diabetes
BY THE TIME you receive a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, as much chance 80% of your body's ability to produce insulin may have already been destroyed.
Love your pancreas, the organ that manufactures insulin.
During digestion, your body breaks down food into glucose (a simple sugar derived from the carbohydrates and starches you eat) and ensures that there's a steady supply of it for energy.
Insulin assists in this process by unlocking receptor sites on the surface of your cells so glucose (blood sugar) can enter. This is the only way glucose can be metabolized into the fuel that keeps you thinking, breathing and moving.
Problems start to happen when you don't get enough exersise - but your eating poor food choices  and eating more than you need to, night after night. As fat cells become more engorged, they lose their sensitivity to insulin (the condition known as insulin resistance) and turn away glucose, which keeps it circulating in the bloodstream. This is where your body's hormone system begins to go haywire.

Chronically elevated blood sugar sends signals to the pancreas to crank out more insulin, which creates even more fat and forces its storage. Over time, insulin finds it more and more difficult to open your cells' receptor "locks." The pancreas thinks more insulin is the solution, so it churns out yet more of the stuff. When insulin's effect becomes so weakened that the cells hardly pay attention to it, high levels of glucose remain in the bloodstream. This state is called Type 2 diabetes.
Now high levels of both glucose and insulin are now circulating through the bloodstream. Together they are highly inflammatory, as if billions of tiny shards of glass were coursing through your arteries under pressure, scratching and scraping the tissue they come in contact with. This damages the delicate lining of artery walls.
In an attempt to repair the microscopic scratches and scrapes in your arteries, your body uses fats and cholesterol to seal and heal them. Layer upon layer of these fats (called plaque) accumulative and can block arteries - or can trigger a blood clot which results in a heart attack or stroke. This is the primary reason 75% of all diabetic fatalities are caused by cardiac arrest, making it the most deadly of all complications.
Massive amounts of free radical molecules are generated by all this inflammation, which destroy healthy tissue - including beta cells in the pancreas. When free radical populations reach a critical mass, they overwhelm the antioxidant defense system that protects the body's DNA. Once the body's genetic blueprint is breached and damaged, cancer begins to develop. (It's especially important to note here that glucose is cancer's preferred fuel, feeding the tumors.) Continuing to consume sugary carbs when you have diabetes or insulin resistance is like asking for a diagnosis of cancer.
Glucose molecules displace oxygen's usual (and essential) presence on red blood cells, in effect hijacking them. The result is that vital organs - among them the brain, heart, eyes, arms and legs - suffer poor circulation. This is the fundamental cause of serious diabetic complications including blindness, gangrene and limb amputation.
Without sufficient oxygen and with high levels of glucose, the blood becomes thick and slow-moving. In response, the brain sends out a "thirst signal" in an attempt to dilute the bloodstream. Gulping extra fluids (and, tragically, most diabetics reach for sugary sodas, making matters worse) causes excessive urination, and in the process the body can become dehydrated. Frequent urination also flushes out precious nutrients already in short supply, further depriving vital organs of adequate nutrition. Ultimately, the body eats its own muscle in an attempt to gain vital nutrients. This is why diabetes is called a "wasting disease."
Improve your eating habits and heal the damage that inflammation has already caused.
Eating regular meals and snacks that contain little or no refined carbohydrates or sugar - but are loaded with fiber with adequate protein - can also keep your blood sugar levels steady without relying on glucose-lowering medications. Solid studies support this...
The effect of exercise and weightloss on a group of obese, elderly adults. . .  - After just six months, their insulin sensitivity doubled.
Losing weight and being active not only significantly lowered their odds of developing Type 2 diabetes, this also increased their insulin sensitivity and improved beta cell function.
Never underestimate the human body's remarkable ability to heal itself.
There are herbs and herbal formulas desinged to help heal and nourish your pancreas:

Grandma’s Herbs Pancreas Aid is designed to feed your overworked and stressed pancreas and helps stop blood sugar lows and highs.

Pancreas Formula by Dr Christopher - Many have had a glucose tolerance test with a clean bill of health on the pancreas area. Many reports have come in about heavy insulin users who continue using the insulin buy by watching litmus paper or other types of diabetic checking have gradually tapered down on the insulin; and many within a year have found complete relief.

Pancreas Support Formula - The herbs in this formula are designed to aid in blood sugar metabolism particularly in Adult Onset Diabetes

Raw Pancreas Nutritional support for the pancreas. 

Pancreatic Flukes .

Dandelion, Increases pancreas activity.

The Most beneficial thing you can do for your Diabetes is Exercise! Exercise! Oh and did I mention, Exercise!
Three of the most awesome and beneficial Books I have read on Diabetes in the last 30 days:
The 30 Day Diabetes Cure - It has stopped my cravings dead in their tracks!
Sugar Blues - It's a history of Sugar and helps your understanding of the necessity of stopping your sugar intake.
The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program

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Don't forget prayer and listen to your body as you take anything.  Remember that even doctors are only practicing.

God Bless each of you in your quest for health.


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