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Neem Oil Testimonial.  - Hi Lynne,
I just want you to know that after 3 years of finding pantry moths on my ceiling every morning, trying everything to
get rid of them only to have more as time went by, I used the Neem oil I ordered from you yesterday.
This morning there were NO PANTRY MOTHS!!!! Not a one. My family thinks it's a miracle and I am astonished,
because I must confess I didn't think it would work.
I poured it onto paper towels and taped the towels to the inside of the cabinet doors, along the back walls of the
actual pantry, and rolled up in the drawers. I used the entire 2 oz bottle. It smells a little strange in my kitchen, but
not awful.
You are welcome to use my e-mail as a testimonial, and my family and I thank you very much.
Ellene W - Los Angeles, CA   4/03 
Taken from 
             Alternative Health and Healing Newsletter 
             Tue, 6 Jul 1999 14:09:10 GMT                    Published by: 
              Global Healing Center 
            10101 Harwin Drive, Suite 298 
              Houston, Texas 77036 

TIP OF THE MONTH: Allergies-- You don't have to suffer! 

To start it is important to know whether your allergies are environmental or from food or both. 

Environmental allergies are from substances such as pollen, plants, weeds, grass, flowers, perfumes, household cleaners, cosmetics and any chemical that is foreign to the body. 

The most common foods to cause allergic reactions are wheat, corn, milk, dairy products, egg whites, peanuts, shellfish, tomatoes, chocolate, soy and substances that are put into the food we eat such as additives, preservatives and food dyes. 

Why do some people have allergies and others don't? 
Well, I could respond the way other health professionals do and tell you it is due to your genetics, but I think that is a typical response when one doesn't know a lot about allergies. 

What really causes an allergic reaction is a suppressed or impaired  immune system.  This is due to a toxic buildup in the body from breathing environmental toxins in the air, drinking toxic beverages and eating toxic foods. 

Here is a good analogy; Let's say your immune system is the police department of the body and the toxins that you breathe, eat and drink are the criminals.  If there are more simultaneous crimes taking place in your system then there are police to stop it; this causes the criminals to wreak havoc on your immune system, overwhelming the police. 

Here is where genetics come in.  Everyone has a specific threshold of toxins that their body can handle based on each individual's genetic code.  Your threshold is the amount of toxins your body can handle without causing symptoms of allergic reactions. 

Either you have a lower threshold due to genetics or lifestyle or both. Either way, detoxifying the body and boosting the immune system increases your threshold.  Here is another big problem.  You cannot drug a body back to health!  If your body takes in anything other than what it was created with or is needed to sustain life, it is recognized as a foreign material and triggers a response by the immune system.  This means anything manufactured in a lab, processed, micro-waved, chemically 
altered, pasteurized, homogenized, dyed, or overcooked, is considered a toxin by the body and the immune system will attack it, neutralize it, swallow it, metabolize it and eliminate it through one of your elimination routes. 

Your elimination routes are through the skin (by sweating), respiration (heavy breathing), kidney's (urine), defecation (bowel movements), and menses.   The problem is that 90% of the American public's elimination routes are blocked because they don't drink enough water (poor urination and constipation), and they do not perform adequate aerobic exercise to heat the body enough to sweat and breathe off toxins. This leads to a condition known as blood toxemia. 

If these toxins continue to be introduced into the body and continue to pollute the blood, they will be forced into the surrounding tissues (in order to keep the blood clean).  These toxins can end up in any organ (liver, kidneys, gall bladder, pancreas, sinuses, respiratory tract, lungs, etc.),  where they cause an inflammatory or "allergic" reaction. 

It seems ironic that the first thing a doctor or allergy specialist gives you is a drug (more toxins) to mask or cover up the problem.  It is like having a sink overflow from leaving the water on and going to get more and more mops to clean up the spill instead of addressing the cause and reaching over to turn the water off at the source.  Drugs only address symptoms 
and not the underlying cause. 

The first step in any allergy or chemical sensitivity is to detoxify the body!  Once the body is detoxified and is cleaned up, then your immune system will have a higher threshold.  Depending on how toxic the body is, this will determine the length of your detoxification program, but for most people, 14 days to 6 weeks is adequate.  In fact, most people get incredible results after only 14 days. 

I use very high tech detoxification protocols that can get pretty expensive due to supplement costs, however I usually only deal with extreme cases.  I am going to give you a very basic detoxification program that will provide good results, without the cost of a complete supplement program. 

IMPORTANT:  You must eliminate all alcohol and any other drugs (except those medically necessary) during the detoxification program. 

Warning:  This is a very powerful detoxification program that will re-introduce built up toxins in to the bloodstream to be eliminated through urine, sweat, feces and respiration.  You may have temporary symptoms of headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue and general malaise.  These symptoms are only temporary! 

Supplements- 3 capsules of milk thistle (liver detoxification), twice a day and one teaspoon of colloidal silver (natural antibiotic,antiviral  and antiparsitic) two times a day as directed on label. Make sure that the colloidal silver contains a concentration of 40-100 parts per million.   
Follow this supplement plan for all three days and for one week after. 
Diet: Day 1-3 

Only fresh, organic Carrot, Beet, Celery, Cucumber and Green Apple juice, as much as you like throughout the day.  You must juice this fresh.  Also, drink three cups of Pau D'Arco Tea daily between meals. 

Day 1 - BATH- Evening bath- mix 2 ounces of cold pressed castor oil and 2 ounces of organic olive oil.  Rub this over the skin from head to toe and  sit in a hot bath for 15 minutes.  Pat dry and cover yourself with 2 layers of thick blankets or a heated blanket for 1 hour to sweat out toxins.  Go to bed and get at least 8 hours of sleep. 

Day 2 - BATH Evening bath - mix one pound of sea salt (available at your health food store) and one pound of baking soda.  Mix in hot bath water and sit in bath for 15 minutes

Day 3 - BATH Evening bath- Mix 1 cup of Clorox bleach in hot bath water.  Soak in bath for 15 minutes.  This will pull toxic metals from your system 
Diet:  Day 4-7  Same as day 1-3 except you are allowed one large salad (fresh, organic) with vinegar and olive oil.  You can add cucumbers, onions,  bell peppers and carrots. Use spinach leaves or romaine lettuce.  **No cooked meals.** 
Diet: Day 7-14  Solid meals are allowed throughout the day consisting of only organic, uncooked foods such as raw vegetables, fruits, any nuts except peanuts, salads, and you are allowed two slices of organic spelt or millet (no wheat) bread. 
Diet: Day 14-6 weeks  One cooked meal is allowed, preferably during lunch with only fresh, cold water fish, steamed or baked (cod, salmon, mackerel, haddock) 

You must eat some live food such as a side salad or raw vegetables to aid in digestion.  You may also have fruits, vegetables, spelt or millet bread (no wheat) and organic turkey, or fish as your cooked meal. 
Diet: After 6-weeks  You should be able to resume a healthy eating plan as long as you slowly introduce the allergic foods back into your system. Make sure to eat different foods every day because eating the same food every day can create an allergy to that food.  Rotate your foods so that you only eat the same food  every 4-5 days to prevent an overload on the 
immune system. 

It is important that you follow this program strictly and it is a good idea to use only organic, chemical free shampoos, soaps and especially deodorant.  Drink plenty of the juice and also distilled water.

Jon Group, R.D.    Nutritional Consultant Global Healing Center 
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NUTRITION NEWS: Fatigue: You may have Adrenal Insufficiency 
(We also added Adrenal Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to bottom of this.)  What is Adrenal Insufficiency? 

This condition refers to the inability of the adrenal glands to produce a normal quantity of hormones.  It may also be defined as a reduced ability to cope with stress.  Adrenal insufficiency is rapidly becoming a problem in our society today.  This condition can lead to total adrenal burnout, which is much more serious and difficult to treat. 

The adrenal glands are located are located on top of your kidneys and have two parts.  The adrenal medulla produces epinephrine and norepinephrine, our stress hormones.  These are very powerful hormones which initiate our "fight or flight' responses to situations.

The adrenal cortex produces aldosterone (important for water/sodium regulation), cortisol and cortisone (both are important hormone regulators and also convert amino acids and glycogen to glucose for energy).  A balance between aldosterone and cortisol is important to maintain ones health. 

The primary cause of adrenal insufficiency is nutritional imbalances and the use of stimulants such as caffeine and ephedra.  Many people are unaware that a large percentage of weight loss supplements contain ephedra or MaHuang (the herbal name for ephedra).  Many foods and chemicals in foods cause adrenal stress such as sugar, alcohol and chocolate. 

Ephedra and caffeine are very stressful on the adrenal glands because they continually cause the secretion of epinephrine (adrenalin).  This is what causes one to feel "wired" and will definitely cause weight loss.  Even though you will experience weight loss, the adrenals take a major beating and end up producing less and less of these important hormones 
leading to poor health and a decrease in metabolism over time. 

Another cause of adrenal insufficiency is emotional or psychological stress.  These include death of a loved one, pressures at home or work, financial instability and especially pushing one's self without adequate rest.  Many executives who are always under time and deadline pressures suffer from this disorder.  Worry, anger, fear and resentment can also overstimulate the adrenals. 

Other factors are toxic substances such as polluted air, mercury from dental fillings (very bad), household chemicals, dusts, molds, and pollens. 

Here are some signs and symptoms that you may have adrenal insufficiency: 
-have symptoms of low blood sugar 
-low blood pressure 
-intolerance to cold 

Blood tests may reveal a serum sodium level of less than 130mEq/L and a serum potassium greater than 5mEq/L.  You may also see low blood glucose levels and elevated blood urea nitrogen.  Another test you can do is to shine a light into one pupil with the other eye covered and you will see the pupils immediately get smaller.  They should stay contracted for at least 10 seconds without any dilation (enlargement).  If you see the pupil pulsating in and out and changing size during the first 10 seconds you may have adrenal insufficiency. 

Your doctor can also measure your blood pressure lying, then sitting, then standing and note any major changes such as a sudden drop in blood pressure upon standing. 

A hair analysis can be a very good tool for diagnosing adrenal insufficiency, as well as many different nutrient deficiencies and  toxicity's. 

If you think you have adrenal insufficiency, check with your endocrinologist (hormone specialist) to undergo further testing.  If you have already been diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency or you have many of the symptoms listed earlier, here's what you can do about it: 

Undergo a 14-day detoxification program to rid the body of its toxic buildup. There is a good detoxification plan from this newsletter in the article on allergies above this one. 

Reduce stress!  Eliminate all stimulants, primarily caffeine and ephedrine. 

Nutritional supplements to support the adrenals include vitamin A, C, E, B-5, B-complex, manganese, zinc, and         adrenal glandular.  Ginseng also supports the adrenals and can be taken in pill, tea or extract form.

 <>In mild cases, the adrenals can rebuild in only a couple of months; however; it may take several months in severe cases. 

Dr. Gary Tunsky, Nutritional Director- Global Healing Center 

I will give you some suggestions for your chronic fatigue/adenal exhaustion. 

 #1  I would increase my water consumption to 1/2 to 1 gallon of water a day. (increase by only 1 cup per day or you will spend a lot of time in the bathroom).  Juice, water coffee, tea and especially soda pop do not  count.  You also need salt, especially if your blood pressure is low.  Regular salt is bad for you -  ( "Real Salt" is mined and full of  minerals and the best - The next best salt in my opinion is canning salt in the grocery store. They don't add the chemicals or cook it like regular table salt and sea salt. 

 #2 Absolutely no artificial sweetners - see

 #3  Never! never! never! eat anything that comes from an animal out of  the store - that includes cheese (possible exception  is certified organic).  "Cow to Cannibal" 
 Your body is made to heal itself if given the proper nutrients.  You cannot take death and disease into your body and expect to stay well.  (The article will explain more.) 

 There are other things that you can do such as make sure your colon and intestinal tract is clean.  (You can't cleanse you body if the exit is clogged. LOL  Make sure you are having a minimum of  2 bowel movements a  day and they should be medium soft - not constipation hard or diarrhea runny. 

 Dr. Christopher's lines has what is called "Lower Bowel Formula" which is a lower bowel conditioner. 

 I will quote (cut & paste) off of his CD.  I consider his writings the "Bible" of Herbal knowledge. 

 ADRENALS Formula        (Another Dr. Christopher product) 

 Often Dr. Christopher was called upon to help patients whose bodies were worn out by stress. He developed his adrenal formula to rebuild the adrenal glands, which are always exhausted when there is stress. He began with mullein leaves, the perfect "gland food." He added licorice root, famed for directly supplying the adrenal glands with needed nutrients. He 
added gotu kola to relieve fatigue and stimulate the adrenal glands;  cayenne which brings oxygen and other nutrients to the 
 glands, and ginger which flushes out congested capillaries. He finished with Siberian ginseng, famed for easing stress and boosting endurance among Soviet athletes, and hawthorn berries which tone the heart and reduce its load during stress. 

 Fatigue is usually caused by insufficient oxygen in the body either through diet, wearing synthetic clothes, or through improper breathing. It may be caused by being in congested areas where there is insufficient good air for breathing.  The oxygen supply to the body is very important because waste matter accumulates if there is a lack of oxygen to every  cell.  Overeating also robs the body of the oxygen that should be distributed to various other places.  Not only should one use proper herbs and proper foods to rebuild the body, but it is also necessary to take steps to avoid overtiring the body and learn the science of breathing properly. 

 Herbal aids: 
 Brigham tea (ephedra) , carrot juice, cayenne, ginseng, grape juice, lobelia, 

Most of these products can be purchased here for less. 

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Anti-Aging and DNA Resonance
by RT 


I have always been interested in the aging process. To be more precise, how to prevent or stop aging all together. Most believe that aging/death is the result of a so called "natural cycle of life". I could not disagree more! This prevailing consensus is based more on an "acceptance" of aging/death as a way of life, than it is on fact. No one can deny that this cycle exists, not even I! However, the undeniable fact that we all grow old and die within the time frame we do, is only representative of "the way it is", not necessarily "the way it has to be". 

The life cycle for all forms of life is controlled more by environmental influences than by genetics. A creature's genetic makeup can control how well they fair in any given environment, but not necessarily counter act all negative environmental influences. The world we live in and the universe as a whole, holds at least as many malevolent influences as it does benevolent ones. We do not live in a perfect universe! In fact, it is quite hazardous. It is highly likely that aging as we know it, is caused from one of those environmental hazards and not simple limits set by our genetic makeup.

The Dotto Ring

Dr. Gianni Dotto, an engineer and bio-physicist from Dayton, Ohio conducted research back in the 70's on the effects of thermo-magnetic radiation on living cells. Like many scientist's, Dotto became interested in the Hunza tribes living in the Himalayan mountains. The members of these tribes are reported to live a very long and healthy life, up to 150 years! Since they are a simple tribal culture, there are no birth records to validate the ages of these unheard of life expectancy's. None the less, no one can deny that these simple people live a long life with virtually no illness.

Dotto spent many weeks living with and studying the Hunza people. He eventually discovered what he believed was the reason for their amazing longevity. I very unique static electric field known as thermo-magnetic was present in the area that these people lived.. The Hunza people live near a glacial valley and this valley can get quite warm in the summer. When the conditions are just right, a natural electric circuit forms as a result of the heat of the vally, the cold ice and just the right humidity in the air. It is these conditions that create the thermo-magnetic field. The Hunza people do not live in this vally, they live in the mountains near by, but do regularly walk through it. Dotto believed that the Hunza people were unknowingly regenerating their DNA on a regular basis when exposed to this special type of magnetic field.

According to Dotto... At birth we have about 25 base pairs (nucleotides) per turn in the DNA molecule. By the time we are 21 years of age that number is about 14 and only 10 by the time we are in our mid 30's. By the time we hit our 60's, we only have about 6 base pairs per turn. Dotto believed that he could trigger the DNA molecule to replace the lost base pairs by restoring it to it's natural resonant frequency. To achieve this effect, he created a special thermionic-couple he called the "Dotto Ring". Years of research and testing proved he was correct. This device creates a special magnetic field (thermo-magnetic). It is the unique nature of the "waveform" that makes this field special and capable of interacting with the DNA molecule in a beneficial way. A thermo-magnetic wave is "circular polarized', meaning the lines of flux rotate 1 complete turn for every cycle. The wave can be visualized as a "cork screw". You could also think of the electromagnetic waves that the Dotto Ring produces as an electromagnetic facsimile of the DNA molecule. Dotto's Ring, utilized the principles of the Thompson, Peltier and Seebeck effects to create a themionic-couple which produces this special magnetic field. All 3 of these principles are just variations of the same phenomenon of how metals that conduct heat and electricity at different rates interact. (See below)

Thompson effect: When a current flows in a conductor having an uneven temperature distribution, heat is either produced or absorbed.

Peltier effect: When a current passes through a junction of two dissimilar metals, a change in temperature may occur. (Heat increase or decrease is dependent on the direction of current flow)

Seebeck effect: When two dissimilar metals are joined, a potential difference may develop between them.

These principles are nothing "high tech". They are used in RV 12 volt DC coolers and sensors that control the temperature in our ovens. It is how Dotto combined the 3 of these principles that is the real secret! The end result is a thermo-magnetic field emanating from the Ring and this field is what helps to restore the lost base pairs in the DNA molecule.

Dotto claimed that a subject only need a short weekly treatment with his ring to turn back the clock on aging and keep it back. For example, he stated that it only takes one 15-20 minute exposure per week, to his Ring, to restore the human DNA from 6 base pairs per turn to 10. A 60 year old subject to 30??? Although I can not find anything where Dotto elaborates on this in greater detail, I would imagine that the DNA may revert relatively quickly, but it would take many weeks, months, maybe even years for the person to start to look like they are 30. You have to remember that aging is really a massive cellular degeneration. Think of it as a huge injury. It would take time to recover from that injury just like any other. There may also be limits on how much the human body is actually capable of regenerating once cellular damage is done. 

Essentially, what Dotto had done was to replicate the conditions in a lab that he found in the Himalayan mountains. By heating one side of a copper ring and cooling the other, he duplicated the heat of the valley and the cold of the glacial ice. This condition creates a "electrical potential" between the ends of the ring (the ends of the ring are not directly connected). An electrical potential is a term that is used to discribe a condition that exist when two points have an electric charge opposite of each other. A good example of this would be the electrical potential that exists between the Earth (ground -) and the sky (air +). This electrical potential can build up until this difference is so great as to arc (lightning). Electical potential is just that, "potential electricity". It does not become electricity until it flows (current). Next, he bridged the gap that seperates the ends of the ring with a metal (called bridge member) that conducts heat and electricity at a much lower rate than does the copper (he suggest constantan or similar metal). This forms what is called a thermal couple. This bridge member (among other things) acts as a resistor to control how often the electrical potential makes that transition from just potential electricity into flowing electricity. By adjusting the length of that bridge member he could control how much resistance the bridge member offered. Think of it as a flood gate that will only alow water to flow when it reaches a certain level. Eventually the electrical potential builds to a point (due to the applied heat and cold etc..) that a current will flow through the bridge member to the other side. At this point the two electrical potentials balance out and the current flow stops. With the help of the heat, cold, Thompson, Peltier and Seebeck effects, the electrical potential builds again and the cycle repeats.

The cycles I just described happen very rapidly, thousands of times each second. The electrical current this system produces is very small, only about 1/2 of a millivolt. If it were not for a voltmeter, one would never even know that a electrical current was flowing through the ring.

Dotto did many years of well documented studies on the effects of thermo-magnetic fields on health and aging. Including but not limited to curing cancer in laboratory rats. I am not going to go further into Dotto's research. The main reason for referencing his work was so the reader would understand what most of my research is based on. You can find more information about him on the internet. Just type "Dotto Ring" into almost any search engine.

Unfortunately, Dr.Dotto and much of his research disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

People interested in Dotto's work should understand that the prospect of human life expectancy being extended even a few decade (let alone immortality) would have a very profound impact socially, politically, economically and environmentally. It would NOT be welcomed by the worlds leaders! It is likely that they would keep it for themselves and never alow it to be released to the masses. Even without an extended life expectancy, humanity can barely support our current population and growth rate. There are people on the internet that claim they DO have a cure for aging! The fact that they are still there making those claims is testament to the fact that it is a false claim. I can assure you that anyone running around making those kinds of claims (if they were TRUE), would not be doing it for very long! I will not tell you that Dotto's Ring is a cure for aging, because I simply do not know. I only know that this is real science based on a real scientist and I believe in what his research has shown. 

Why do we age?

I believe that the base pair reduction in our DNA molecule is the result of "background radiation". Although there are many different sources of background radiation here on Earth, the primary source of this radiation is the isotope, potassium K-40. It is believed that background radiation on Earth is the result of some sort of cosmic cataclysm in our past. Whatever the reason, it has a very negative effect on biological cells of all living creatures.

Potassium K-40 is a very common element and can be found in the air we breath, food we eat and water we drink. Potassium K-40 emits 2 different kinds of rays, -particles and gamma radiation. I believe that it is the -particles (which are electrons) that are responsible for the loss of the base pairs (nucleotides) in our DNA with age. Each time a base pair is lost this alters the natural resonant frequency of the DNA molecule and it actually becomes physically smaller as more are lost. It is a process that is very slow but continues throughout our lives, stripping off more and more base pairs until there are not enough left in the DNA molecule to reproduce. This type of radiation can also alter DNA functions and lead to any number of different health problems. Including, but not limited to cancer.

A Russian scientist named Ivan Filimonenko, in his research claims that there are enough resources available to a human cell to continue to reproduce for at least 1400 years, but it is the disruption of the processes involved (by Potassium K-40) that greatly reduces our life expectancy.

What to do about it?

It would not be practical to try to rid the Earth of all radioactive isotopes or even shield ourselves from the radiation that they produce. It is everywhere, even within our bodies and can not be avoided. There is research in dealing with radioactive waste that uses "scalar fields" to reduce radiation and talk that this research could be used to rid the human body of radioactive isotopes. But I will leave that up to someone else. What I believe can be done, is a direct and constant reversal of the effects that this radiation has on our DNA molecules by subjecting our body to any of the electromagnetic harmonic resonant frequencies of the DNA molecule (exactly as Dotto believed). This should help restore the DNA molecule to it's natural resonant frequency and new base pairs should form to replace the ones that have been lost. 

There have been many back yard scientist's who have researched Dotto's work and attempted to duplicated it. Some have little understanding of the principles envolved and still many more are on what I believe is a wild goose chase! You see, one of the claims of the Dotto Ring is that it levitated when in operation. This story has lured many off on a tangent. Most seem to have simply given up when they could not create a ring that levitated, thinking it was just bogus science. With their fascination for anti-gravity, they have lost site of the whole purpose of Dotto's work! In fact, I can find no evidence that Dotto himself ever made those claims. I believe that these are nothing more than just stories going around. Even if they are true, MY main interest with Dotto's work is focused on DNA regeneration, which was infact Dotto's whole point.

I construct my own version of a "Dotto Ring" (modified) to conduct my own research and to get a firm understanding of the principles envolved in creating thermo-magnetic fields. Infact I have designed, constructed and tested several different models. All of them produce the required thermo-magnetic fields necessary for DNA regeneration per Dotto's research but are significantly weeker in out-put than Dotto's.

Will it really work?

After the first 30 days of exposing myself to a thermo-magnetic field generated from my modified Dotto Ring (15-20 minutes per day), my personal observations as to the effects this field is "alleged" to have on the human DNA molecule is as follows...

* A change in hair texture that I can only discribe as "smooth". Also more body.

* A significant reduction in gray hairs.

* A slight reduction in wrinkles.

* A change in overall skin tone.

* Increased energy.

* Very significant increase in healing rates of burns and cuts that I received during that time. (The field was applied directly to the injured area.)

* Slight weight loss without any changes in life style. May be an indication of a metabolic increase.

This may seem significant, but I want you to understand that you should not consider my personal observation as a validation of the anti-aging claims of Dr. Dotto or myself. These subtle changes in my own physiology are only cosmetic and subjective at best. Only time will prove if it is correct or not. I can not even say how long. It may be months or even years before one could see enough of those cosmetic changes to say with absolute certainty that Dotto's claims are correct. I am almost 47 years old now and really have nothing to lose. The technology is simple, passive and appears that the worst thing that could happen as a result of experimenting with it, is that I grow old and die like everyone else. I have already accepted that as a reality, so the only thing I have to lose.... Is never giving Dotto's work serious consideration.

I personaly believe that Dotto was correct and that these subtle static thermo-magnetic fields can indeed help to restore the human DNA to it's natural resonance and thus ones health and youth. How much so is yet to be seen, but even the slightest edge in this sometimes hostile environment we call home, would certainly be welcomed by me! I fully intend to continue these treatments for at least several years.

I find that it is both impractical and unnecessary for the average person wishing to conduct their own anti-aging research to construct a Dotto Ring exactly per his patent. One should understand that the Ring described in Dotto's patent is actually the last model in a serious of models. Dotto, (like any scientist) progressively worked on improving the design performance and energy out-put of his invention before submitting it for patent. The principles involved to create a themionic couple are really quite basic. The cost of building a Dotto Ring per his patent would be very high. The copper alone, used in the construction of the ring could cost well over a thousand dollars! In addition, most people would not have access to some of the lab equipment such as a frequency counter and gauss meter used in the fine tuning of the ring. As I stated, the principles are quite basic.The same effects can be produced with a much smaller ring constructed with copper tubing or sheeting, some inexpensive and readily available supplies, simple tools and modest skills. One only needs to duplicate the principles involved to create a themionic couple. If you understand these principles, you should be able to build your own modified Dotto Ring, just as I did. 

Emergency Cell phone information
Information taken from  "TheEnquirer" August 24, 1999 issue. 

    "If you carry a cell phone primarily for safety and security, you can save hundreds of dollars a year using a little-known service called American Roaming. 
    You can call 911 absolutely free and any other number for a one-time charge. 
    There's no need to join a cell phone service and pay expensive monthly fees -- because the system works with deactivated phones...ones that are not subscribed to any service. 
    "You can make 911 calls for free and any other calls on your de-activated cell phone," said American Roaming spokesman Jerry Easom. 
    "All you have to remember is to keep the battery charged." 
        *To get emergency help, just dial 911.  The call will go through automatically. 
        For all other numbers:
        *Dial the number and hit send.  You'll hear a recording announcing that the call cannot be placed.  American Roaming will then come on and ask how you want the call billed -- credit card, calling card or collect.  The call is placed. (Calling card charges linked to your home phone appear on your regular phone bill.)  'This is a roaming service, which means all calls except 911 are long distance,'  Easom pointed out. 'For those times when you must make other than 911 calls, the cost is $1.95 per minute, plus a $1.25 access fee. 'But this is a small price to pay when you have a personal emergency or you're stranded and need roadside service.'"

Spinal Treatment -   Spinal Treatment 
  This is a treatment for virus' that are hidden deep along the spine.  They keep coming out and creating problems from time to time. 

  We have seen people with scoliosis of the spine have their spine straightened. Here are some more testimonies on the treatment. 

   The question asked was about shingles.  Herpes is found in the body in several forms.  Chicken pox, cold sores, mononucleosis, lupus, Epstein bar, chronic fatigue syndrome, shingles.  These are all forms of herpes virus. 

   Herpes virus hibernates in the spinal column, until the cycle is once again started.  My shingles are started by stress, either physical or mental. 

   The virus hibernates in the vertebrae of the spine, which is why it is so hard to kill the virus.  It lays dormant, sometimes for years.  Children who had severe cases of chicken pox have been found to develop shingles in later years.  This is my story also. 

   Herpes, laying dormant in the vertebrae of the spine, is then brought to activity, travels down the nerve, to the surface of the skin, where it erupts into sores on the surface of the skin, thus completing the cycle.  The sores normally last about 10 days, if not treated.  The entire nerve is inflamed, and extremely sore. This is why the shingles or cold sores are so painful.  The pain is felt in the entire nerve before the sores even break out.  In severe cases, shingles have been treated with strong pain relievers for this reason.-- 

   After suffering with shingles since my teen years, I finally discovered a wonderful Doctor who taught me about this syndrome, and thus, started my exploration of ways to treat this virus. 

   In my search, many years later, and quite by mistake, I stumbled across this treatment.  I found that some of my health problems that I had had for years, were finally relieved.  I was amazed.  I have also learned since then, how the treatment works, and why it works. 

   Personally, I had some infections and viruses that were hibernating in my system, and would re-occur on a regular basis.  One was an infection in my uterus, so deep rooted, that no antibiotic had ever completely killed the infection.  Another was my shingles. 

   This INNER CLEANSNG treatment, is very easy to do, and very easy to learn.  You don't have to have any special skills, only the directions.  I have used it many times on my family, with great results.  When my children  come down with a viral infection, I do a INNER CLEANSING therapy on them.  I  have seen it reduce an extremely high fever in 20 min.  I have seen my one twin suffer with a flu for 4 days, and once giving her the treatment, she was over it in 5 hours.  While the other twin, had the same flu for only 6 hours total, as I treated her in the beginning before she got any symptoms. 
   I also line all my children up, and give them all a treatment at the first sign of the flu, so most of them don't even get the flu, and those who do, have only minor discomfort, and only for 6 hours or so.  I have found this to work wonderfully in our family.  It has been the answer to years of questions for our family.  I don't have to fight my family to drink nasty teas or swallow hands fullof pills.  This treatment is safe for all ages.  Since you are using oils, the   medicinal benefits are stored in the fatty tissues of the body, so you don't have to treat as often either.  Once every 
week or two is all it takes.  The oils can stay in your body for as long as 3 weeks.  For this reason, less is actually better. 

   Many people actually use this treatment instead of a chiropractic or in-between your visits.  Some people actually call this treatment, "chiropractor in a bottle"   This is a treatment that cleanses all the viruses, bacteria, etc. that tend to hide along the spine and heals many problems.  It does take someone to apply it to your body.  I have seen someone with curvature of the spine (scoliosis) almost  straightened out with only 1 treatment.   D L C 


In April of 2001 my husband and I got a little boy at the age of 15 months from Adams County.  We were informed that he had a severe birth defect.  He had a severe case of bilateral club foot. 

He had one surgery, which ended up not proving to be effective.  He underwent two castings to help straighten his legs and feet. This did help straighten some of the ligaments. 

However, every time he grows his feet naturally turn inward.  So, we were told that he would probably undergo casting once a year. 

In October, 2002, I bought the R.D. treatment kit (Spinal).  I used this daily on my son's feet.  At his November orthopedic appointment to be casted, we were informed that his feet had become supple enough to self correct with just supports in his every day shoes. 

What a miracle!  Combined with the healing power of Heaven and God's intervention and the oils, our now 2 1/2 year old continues to run with his own legs and feet. 
-  A.G. 

Now for the treatment.  First remove all  metal including belts, jewelry and barrettes to allow the energy to flow freely. 

    Strength combination - Needs to be added to a carrier oil. (1 part essential oil - 4 parts carrier oil or more depending on sensitivity of person being treated. (Actually we just apply the carrier oil to the skin first and then the essential oil instead of mixing in the bottle.) 

  Person being treated needs to lie face down on table or bed or floor.  Should have loose comfortable covering. (Pants really don't work) 

      Add  2 to 4 drops of Strength to each shoulder and 6 or 7 drops on each foot.  After applying to bottom of feet hold hand over as much of bottom of foot as possible.  Right hand on right foot, left hand on left foot.  Need to hold approx. 10 minutes or if you are more sensitive - until you can feel an energy pulse in the feet.  (It aligns the energy of the body - Most important part of treatment) 

  Cover the whole back with a light covering of a carrier oil and then start the rest 
of the treatment (You can put more carrier oil on if you begin to feel any heat during any part of the treatment) 

       Thyme - 4 to 6 drops along spine from tailbone to neck.  Rub in with gentle upward strokes.    Just barely letting your finger tips touch the back feathering using one hand and then the other from the tailbone to the neck three times. 
       Repeat the above  with hands going out to sides of body. 
       Apply 4 to 6 drops of Cypress along spine from tailbone to neck, lightly massaging in circular motions, clock wise along the side of the spine with gently upward strokes. Do both sides of the spine several times.  (Do not press on spine) 
 Do the same with Birch, Basil and Peppermint. 
       Apply 5 to 6 drops of Marjoram up the spine and work it in. 
       Apply 5 to 7 drops of  Antispasmodic (added to carrier oil) to each side of the spine and work outward. 

        Apply Ortho-Flex generously mixed into an oil such as almond, olive, etc or a combination of massage oils into the back   Also do the legs then place a hand towel soaked and folded in as hot of water as you can comfortably stand on the spine and back to "force" the oils deeper into the tissues.  Cover the wet towel with a large dry towel to keep it warm longer.  Leave on until it cools down. 
      Place Birch, Cypress, Basil and Peppermint  along the inside of the leg from the knee to big toe - One at a time in that order.  This is especially useful for helping the colon cleanse itself. 
       Pull ankles to stretch body - helps if person being treated can hold something.  Not too hard and hold a few minutes three times -  One of the best therapeutic quality essential oils is Garden Essence.
 (Click here to go to Garden Essence oils 

(Click here to go to some of the combinations) 

 (Click here to find out how we know our oils are the highest quality available) 

  Another Testimony of the Spinal Treatment. 
  I have used the Spinal treatment successfully for 3 years now.. I LOVE it and swear by its merits. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering from viral diseases like: herpes, cold sores, shingles, mono, Epstein bar, lupus, or any flu. viruses hide deep in the spinal fluids of the spine. It is warm, dark, and the most nutritious place for them. Then, at a time of stress or weakness, the virus can travel down the nerve, to the point of attack. These types are the 
hardest to kill. In order for a drug to be strong enough to kill these, it would significantly alter the chemical balances in 
the spinal fluid, affecting every organ in the body, adversely...With the spinal treatment, it is safe and effective. I was able to ward off my shingles for over a year, with only one treatment.  I have one boy with Mono and a girl with cold sores so bad, her entire mouth would get sores up to her nose.. ( by the way, cold sores are also shingles)  With one spinal treatment, they went a whole year with NO cold sores, and the boy with chronic Mono, was able to return to 
school, and has been able to live a healthier life, with less school time loss, due to illness. 

  Now, it has been 3 years, and we all need to have another treatment.  Also, nothing gets rid of a fever faster than a spinal treatment. The 48 hour flu will leave in 4-6 hours. I love this treatment. 
  D M. 

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