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Importance of the Hormones in our Body and their effect on our system

    Hormones are chemicals your body produces to regulate various functions. They do so by sending important messages and signals to various organs and tissues. When they work harmoniously, your body behaves in a predictable way. But if there is too much or too little of any one hormone, then imbalance occurs and you begin to feel that something is wrong.

Just a few of the possible Symptoms

Decreased libido,
Fibrocystic breasts,
Food and sugar cravings,
Uterine fibroids,
Irregular or excessive Uterine bleeding,
Fluid retention,
Weight gain,
Mental confusion,
Abdominal bloating,
Increased appetite,
Panic attacks,
Crying for no reason,
Mood swings,
Hair loss,
Pear shaped body
and more......

     When your hormones are in balance, you feel great — lots of energy, you sleep like a baby, your sex drive is strong, you look wonderful, and your immune and digestive systems function beautifully.

    Allopathic (conventional) medical thinking fails to look for or treat the root causes of women's hormonal imbalances. Women are led to believe that it is normal to experience distressing menopausal symptoms. They anticipate having to accept the conventional treatment choice of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with synthetic hormones. Women are encouraged to do this in spite of the fact that estrogen supplementation places them at risk for breast cancer and other serious health problems. HRT and fertility drugs--as well as birth control pills and other hormonal therapies--were all designed to treat only specific symptoms with no regard for the effects they have on the entire body. Because of this non-holistic approach, we are seeing an increase in the incidence of not only breast cancer and sexual reproductive organ dysfunctions but also uterine and ovarian cancer.  Meanwhile, millions of women continue to experience dysfunctions. Those whose dysfunctions are extremely painful or debilitating are told that their "health is more important than their reproductive organs" and that "a hysterectomy would be the best thing." Unbelievably, an estimated trillion-plus dollars was spent during the twentieth century to remove women's reproductive organs. Hysterectomy now out-numbers almost all types of surgery performed in the U.S.
     Reproductive organs play an important role in more than reproduction. Many studies show that each aspect of the female sexual anatomy serves an integral part in the health and well-being of the entire body. Each function is part of the whole, part of a system, or symphony, of interrelated parts and timing.  Let’s take a quick look and see how hormones function in the body - keep in mind this just a simplified overview.
    Imagine if you will a circle representing a normal woman’s cycle.  Day 1 is at the top of your circle, day 1 is the first day you bleed. This  first half is the follicular stage, the first half  is estrogen dominated.  At approximately day 12 a lutinizing hormone is released from the pituitary,  it ripens the egg - gets it ready for release. Also the hormones DHEA and testosterone begin to rise. (DHEA gives rise to the other hormones.)  At  approximately day 16 ovulation occurs   - egg is released from the  corpus luteum.  When the corpus luteum denatures, Progesterone is on the rise.  The rest of the cycle is the luteal phase,  it is progesterone  dominate. Progesterone levels need to rise high enough because it is the one hormone that regulates the entire endocrine system.
    Progesterone effects:  breast stimulation and development, protects against fibrocysts, salt and fluid retention, increased fat in body, helps use fat for energy, decreases libido, restores libido, normalizes blood sugar levels, normalizes blood clotting, restores proper cell oxygen levels, prevents endometrial cancer, helps prevent breast cancer, it is responsible for - pregnancy, levels need to go high enough to hold a pregnancy.  It  clears from the body very quickly. It  lowers estrogen’s ability to bind with the receptor sites. (So it’s not on the cell too long to cause problems like cancer.)   Progesterone is responsible for helping to rebuild bones. (ostioblast) and protects against osteoporosis.

    It is important to understand that hormones are manufactured from cholesterol.

    We produce 3 different estrogens -  estrone, estradiol, and estriol.
            #1 -  Beta 17 estradiol - best binding site receptor  - stays on the cell a long time -- because it stays on the site so long it can cause cancer, and other problems. It is 10% of what the body produces.
            #2 -  Estriol 80% circulating hormone in our body, lower binding site infinity stays on the cell for a much shorter time  -It is protective on the breast.
            #3 -  Estrone 10% of what our bodies produce.  It is responsible for breaking down the other estrogens.

Estrogen is responsible for osteoclast  (Osteoclasts and osteoblasts are instrumental in controlling the amount of bone tissue. Osteoblasts form bone; osteoclasts resorb bone.)  Our fat produces estrogen, not the good kind, thus the link between obesity & cancer.
    Both estrogen and progesterone are necessary in the female cycle, and their balance is key for full health. Many women in our culture have an imbalance of these hormones, especially, insufficient levels of progesterone to counter excessive estrogen -- an imbalance further exacerbated by chronic stress. Progesterone is a hormone important to a number of body functions.

    When one goes through chronic or severe long-term stress, the hypothalamus at first triggers an overproduction of the adrenal hormones (especially cortisol and DHEA). This eventually leads to adrenal insufficiency, a state in which the exhausted adrenals cannot respond adequately. The thyroid gland is also adversely affected by chronic stress. This gland's roles include regulating calcium metabolism, the breakdown of glucose for body energy fuel. (glycolysis)  Under normal conditions, the fight-or-flight response causes the thyroid to increase glucose breakdown. In conditions of chronic stress, however, the thyroid is continually overstimulated and eventually becomes depleted. Thyroid function is also disrupted by excessive estrogen, but this can be prevented by adequate progesterone levels.

    Disorders happen when one or more of the endocrine systems in your body are not working well. Hormones may be released in amounts that are too great or too small for the body to work normally. There may not be enough receptors, or binding sites, for the hormones so that they can direct the work that needs to be done. There could be a problem with the system regulating the hormones in the blood stream, or the body may have difficulty controlling hormone levels because of problems clearing hormones from the blood. For example, a person's liver or kidneys may not be working well and this might keep too high a hormone level in the bloodstream. The liver breaks down hormones. It detoxifies hormones and then flushes them from the body. It regulates our bodies hormonal balance.
    There are many ways to restore your hormonal health. First, support the endocrine system and allow it time to repair Support immune function, thereby reducing stress on the endocrine system. Make dietary and nutritional changes. Look at helping your liver, adrenals and thyroid.
I believe a base of a vitamin and mineral supplement, amino acids, essential fatty acids, are important to begin with.  A transdermal hormonal cream supplement works best because taking hormones orally, has the obstacle of  being broken down in the digestive system or liver,  plus it’s not as effective as the transdermal hormonal cream.  See our Resolve and Progesterone cream. You need to be careful and not try to stimulate an organ that is already under stress because you may just push it over the edge so it quits functioning altogether.  You need to feed and nourish organs that are having touble functioning.   

The main organs to start with that you will need to feed and nourish: 

          Adrenal Formula by Dr. Christopher or
          Anti-Fatigue or Blood Sugar Pro by Hanna Kroeger
          Raw Adrenal or  Super Adrenal Support  by our Western Botanicals
Vitamins which also feed and nourish the adrenals - Vit A and C, Pantothenic Acid (a B vitamin)   

          Liver/Gallbladder or Liver Transition by Dr. Christopher  or
          Liver Formula by Hanna Kroeger
          Liver™  by Grandma's Herbs  Liver Detox Tea  Liver Gallbladder Formula  by Western Botanicals.
   Other vitamins & supplementsMilk Thistle,  vit B6, vit B5, Vit C, VitE, VitA, Beta Carotene 

Thyroid -  More thyroid information link 
          Thyroid Care by Hanna Kroeger
          Thyroid Maintenance or Herbal Thyroid  by Dr. Christopher
          Raw Thyroid  or  Liquid Thyroid Formula  by Western Botanicals
          Thyroid  by Grandma's Herbs
A natural estrogen replacement: with Black Cohosh, Soy Protein,  Burdock root, Dandelion.  Most people have enough Estrogen - what they need is Progesterone.  see Woman's Gold  or  Female Balance

A natural progesterone replacement or a good cream with wild mexican yam, motherwort, red clover, blessed thistle.
Physician Formulated combinations  Indolplex®     also check out Clinical Nutrients For Women

Amino acids  (More information on amino acids),   Essential Fatty Acids, 

Related link -  Fertility    



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