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Picture taken 3/99 of Lynne (No, I don't dye my hair - LOL)

    Well here I am - A 60 year old great grandmother of one, a grandmother of nine and a mother of 4 daughters and starting a new business.  WOW!!

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    It has been a driving force of mine to be able to start a health food store for the last 15 years or so to help people.  I wanted to make health more affordable and to be able to help people looking for natural answers to their problems.  We certainly don't know everything, especially given the fact that everybody's body is different so what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another.  The most that we can hope for is to make as many options as we can available so that you  can heal your own body.  No body can know what is happening to you like you.  We all need to learn to listen to our bodies!

    I have applied for a job at a large local Health Food Store several times in the last 15 years and the question that stops me from being hired is always what supplements do you suggest for various health problems?  Well I always start with the cheapest and usually free advice - then I work up to supplements if the free information isn't enough and they need more.  They don't like that because they are "pushing" supplements and they want their employees to sell as many expensive supplements as they can.

    Well -  MY DAY HAS COME!!  I can do it "my way".
LOL  (laugh out loud)

    You will notice in my newsletters that I start out with Dr. Batmanghelidj's "Your Bodies Many Cries For Water" and work up from there.  Also when giving suggestions I give the best information that I can come up with, knowing that a lot of people will buy from their local resources instead of us, even though our prices are usually quite a bit lower. (convenience) (Buying from us means that this service will be able to continue because of the expenses involved. Natural law of life.)

    My Father and Uncle started a general merchandise store with my Uncle's father a German Jew from Archangel Russia.  He was the one with the real business knowledge.  One quote that I remember the best is to Never put your money in a rich man's bank - Put your money in a working man's bank.  Logic was that the rich men's banks don't turn over their money - it is left there for investments.  They were the first to crash during the depression in the 30's.  What is more of a working man's bank than a Credit Union?  They didn't crash in the last great depression.

    Sorry to get side tracked, just can't stop adding tidbits of information I have found to be very profound.  - Now back to the story - This store was in Cuba, New Mexico at the end of WW II.  This is where I got my start - I helped unload trucks and stock shelves, etc.  The summer I started to 3rd grade my father put me in charge of the candy counter.  My responsibilities were, selling, stocking & purchasing.  It was here that I was taught how to make change by another employee - a retired Navy man.

    After 4 years they sold the store and my father bought a real "Indian Trading Post,"  Not a tourist trading post.  It was in 1950 and I was 11 years old.  We had the trading post for 6 years before my father sold it.  This is the most learning and memorable time of my life.

    The Navajo's gave my father a name that meant "Honest little white man".  It was a great honor to have such a name.  He refused to participate in some of the common dishonest practices among the traders.   The trading post was also the post office and few Indians had cars at that time.  The traders would insist on the Indians cashing any checks that came to their store and then give them fake money - only good at their trading post.   (Checks were unemployment from working on the Railroad in the summer, Indian allotment checks oil revenues, etc.)

    The other traders bragged that they would bankrupt my father and run us out of the business within a few years.  Well, the closest trading post closed their doors within 4 years and we survived because of honest practices.

    All the traders bought their supplies in Gallup, NM.  When my father went there to buy supplies they wouldn't sell to him because he was an "outsider."  All of my father's former business contacts were in Albuquerque which was about the same distance away so he just went to Albuquerque for his merchandise.

    My life has been blessed with many obstacles for which I am grateful.  I was divorced with 3 daughters to support and $120 a month child support when I was about 30.  With Heavenly Father's help I was able to go back to College and get a degree.  I started back to college the same year my youngest started to kindergarten.  By going to college instead of working,  I got to be home when my children were home.

    I now have a wonderful, supportive husband and a 16 year old daughter who is graduating this week (5/99) from high school.  She is our blessing for our old age. ha ha!  My husband and I both have a grown family and she has 6 nieces and nephews older than she is.  My youngest daughter was 18 when she was born.  She was conceived in love and our desire to have a baby and she shows it.  She is full of love.  My other 3 daughters were born in a hospital the hard way.  She was born at home with a midwife the easy way.  What a difference herbs, nutrition and a caring midwife who had 17 or so of her own make.

    Growing up in a store,  we always had the whitest bread and most refined foods.  I ate 10 to 20 candy bars a day and drank 10 to 20 pop a day most of my growing up years.  Man! I must have really had a strong body to handle that! No wonder I am a Health Nut now - trying to recuperate from body abuse. It shows up in your old age.  LOL

    My first health obstacle was in my late 30's - rheumatoid arthritis.  My father came down with the same arthritis at the same age.  He followed the medical profession's advice and was dead by 63.  He was in a wheel chair and on crutches in his mid forties.  He had every kind of treatment and surgery available.  I shudder to think of what he went through. He always wanted to be a Doctor and loved being their guinea pig.  He would always encourage me to try their new treatments.  I would just look at him and say thanks, but no thanks.  At 60 most people can hardly tell I have arthritis even though 25 years ago I could hardly pick up a book because of the pain and lack of strength in my hands and arms.
My main treatment has been to get off of chocolate and white sugar.  I eat honey, maple syrup, corn syrup, etc. I have read health books that all indicate it is definitely a food "allergy" (Not sure if allergy is completely correct, but it is definitely affected by the foods you eat.)

    White sugar has had all vitamins, minerals, etc. taken out of it leaving only the sweet.  In the process of traveling through your body it draws all of those nutrients back into itself, which in turn depletes your body of those nutrients.  It is especially hard on calcium.  Rheumatoid arthritis is a blood disease and part of it's problem is the bodies inability to process/handle calcium. Calcium calms the system and has a lot to do with pain in the body plus we have all seen the effects of bone spurs (crippling).  People in prison eat many times the normal person's intake of sugar.  Really a problem in hyper-activity also.  Same reasons.

     Oh well, I am now off of my "lecture" for the day and now - on with the show surfing our web!   Hope you enjoy it. Do notice the little comments behind some of the pictures/graphics.

New information as of August 2005 by Lynne on Diabetes

  My Maverick  response to Diabetes after being diagnosed with it approx. 4 months ago - in April  2005.

My sugar levels were over 620 which is close to going into Diabetic Shock when I was diagnosed.  They wanted to give me an insulin shot to bring it down.  I declined and said “no thanks”.  They then said I had to at least take a pill - I again declined.  At the time I didn’t know how close I was to going into shock/coma.  With my experience with herbs and natural healing  I would have probably responded the same even if I knew.  They told me I could never control it by myself because my glycemic reading was so high.  I said “watch me”.

I am really upset with how many people the medical profession is scaring into taking their poisonous drugs.  I have talked to people whose levels were only 130 and most are under 200 when they are told they are diabetic and must take medications for the rest of their lives.  It is ridiculous -  they are working to get them into their circle of drugs in which it is verrrrrrry difficult to get out of.  As far as I am concerned it is irresponsible.  

My belief is that it is mostly motivated by greed.  Did you know that every time they diagnose someone with diabetes it is a six figured income over the lifetime of that individual in their pockets. (Over $100,000)   WOW! It doesn’t take very many “diabetic” patients to provide them with a comfortable living for the rest of their lives.  

The body is made to heal itself when given the proper nutrients and that includes the glands.  Why else would the body have twice as much lymph as it does blood.  The lymph cleans out the toxins by moving them to the liver which most of us have over burdened because of the tremendous load the liver is required to handle.     Our problem is that we create roadblocks and other problems by the modern way we eat and take care of our bodies.

My approach - I am concentrating on healing the organs - I handle it with food, herbal products, & exercise.

Number 1 is that I don’t worry so much about highs and lows unless my sugar gets close or over 250. (It has to be over 500 to 600 to be really dangerous).  
It is perfectly normal and natural for sugar levels to go up and down depending on what you eat.
When your sugar levels go up your body should say - “oops” - this body needs more insulin and give you more insulin.  A diabetic’s body doesn’t respond as fast and reliably as non-diabetics when they consume carbohydrates otherwise known as sugars, whether it doesn’t produce enough insulin to take care of sugar or is insulin resistant.  

Once you start giving the body insulin (shots or pills) to counteract the sugar “surge” it says - Why should I do anything and quits even trying over a period of time. Then you are really in trouble and definitely a diabetic because the body gives up even producing a limited amount.  (I know that type 2 diabetes is actually your body not handling the insulin that the pancreas is producing, other wise known as insulin resistance. )

My approach is to limit (actually at first almost totally eliminate) the carbohydrates other wise recognized as sugars by the body.  This controls  most of the highs.   After this I really don’t think too much about my sugar levels going up and down unless they go over 250  (not that they should get that high).  Of course I test my sugar levels several times a day mostly to see what the effects different foods have on my sugar levels and how my “healing” program is working.   
It is ludicrous to think that you can keep your blood sugar at an exact figure.  Totally impossible, however, if the medical profession can convince you otherwise they have you hooked!!!! into their pharmaceutical medications with all their side effects.  Total greed.  

The medical profession has set the number 120 as the ideal sugar level everyone should have.  That is an average and not what is necessarily the best for everyone.  People don’t usually go into a diabetic shock or coma until their sugar levels go over at least 500 and probably more like 600.  Why in the world would you worry about 130 or actually even anything under 200 to the point that you would go onto their medications?
People with diabetes (either Type 1 or Type 2) can’t maintain an exact sugar level. I don’t believe that non-diabetics can either.

This happens either because the body doesn’t make enough insulin, or because the body can’t use its own natural insulin properly—a process called insulin resistance.

What I do: By following this regimen I have been able to keep my sugar levels between 100 and  150  for the last month or more. It has been as low as 69 which scares me more than the highs over 200.   I take no medications or insulin of any kind and never have.  This is a long way from diabetic shock/coma levels and I am thrilled with what I have been able to accomplish over the last 3 or 4 months.  It took me over a month to keep my sugar levels under 400 while I was working on healing the Pancreas.  The body doesn’t heal over night.

#1    I limit my carbs/sugars - I find that the more my body is healed the more carbs/sugars I can start taking again in small amounts.  Too many still aren’t good for you especially if they are white sugar laden.  I was eating far too many carbs because I get so bored at my computer (no white sugar for 25 years or more but lots of other carbs and sugars).

#2    I exercise by walking almost every day - when the weather isn’t good enough I use my mini-tramp and gazelle walking machine.  Most exercise will work.  I am not in favor of jogging because new test results indicate that jogging does just that - it sags all organs and cells of the body - not good.
#3    I take herbs that will heal the glands.
Glucomannan also known as Konjac Mannan - by Nature’s Way -

I take the following Dr. Christopher’s formulas
Pancreas formula
Adrenal Formula - Adrenals are almost always under stress.
Master gland formula for the pituitary which controls all the glands.
Liver/gallbladder formula because the liver cleans out the toxins
“To speed up the blood purifying process, it is good to have a good clean liver and gall bladder area.  When the liver does not function properly, the bile does not excrete freely into the intestinal tract, and so it passes off into the blood stream and throughout the rest of the system, causing a toxic condition called cholemia, causing indigestion, sluggishness, fatigue, constipation, upset stomach, chills, vomiting and fever, plus brain problems like fuzzy thinking..  Why wait until it gets to this condition?”
Other Supplements -
Alpha Lipoic Acid  -
Nutritional Oil -   - Super Omega 3-6-9 which has flaxseed, fish and borage oil
Vitamin C  is also good  -
My thyroid is low so I also take something for that.  (Kroeger’s Metabolizer) (Christopher’s is also good).

#4    I haven’t figured out how to eat a balanced low carb diet without a lot of animal products.  Once I get completely stabilized and gain more knowledge I will work on that.  I do drink a lot of vegetable juices. I drink a green drink for breakfast and eat lots of vegetables.  It appears to me that most vegetables grown in the ground (potatoes, carrots, beets, etc.) are high carb and most of those grown above ground are low carb (low glycemic index).  Corn is a grain and most grains are high carbs as well as dried beans.   This is an area where I am still struggling.  

Cinnamon and also Stevia  are good for keeping sugar levels down so I put them in cottage cheese. - Not bad tasting. .  (Cinnamon is a natural insulin but don’t overdo or you could have side effects.)

Yams are also supposed to be great -

"Type two diabetes, which is fundamentally due to nutritional deficiencies (especially a lack of magnesium)" (quote)  I don't know if this is true, however, when you read all the benefits of magnesium it makes sense to me and it certainly is a very inexpensive supplement that might be considered.  Link to information on Magnesium.

 Stevia Products.



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