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Your Vitamins May Be Killing You!   07/28/99 

A rose is a rose. But is a vitamin a vitamin? Today, one can almost buy vitamins on the street corner. In fact, it is hard to imagine vitamin consciousness being any higher. Millions take one or more vitamins daily. Is the FDA laughing at us? Let's inquire. 

In June of 1995, we did an article entitles THE VITAMIN CONSPIRACY. I have come to believe that we live longer or die shorter depending on whether we take natural complexes or synthetic chemical vitamins. One caveat here is that a natural isolated vitamin may no be batter than a synthetic or manmade chemical vitamin. So keep in mind that we are emphasizing whole natural complexes or whole natural foods. Our vitamins need to be whole food, natural biological complexes. They should not be isolated factors, either natural or chemical. Whole food complexes are true food supplements that support health. Ascorbic acid is only one of the 4 active ingredients in vitamin C and ascorbic acid are not equal. 

So beware of so-called vitamin "enriched" bread and other foods as they are "enriched" with synthetic chemicals. Experiments at the University of California, Berkeley in the 1940s proved that taking synthetic vitamins is worse than starvation. The synthetic vitamins will kill you quicker. Actually, these chemicals should not be called vitamins. They are not vitamins, and they are not food. This is part of the deception. 
I suspect that by far, most vitamins sold are synthetic, causing sickness and death to unsuspecting people who believe that they are health conscious and doing the right thing. 

The synthetic vitamin producers and sellers all claim that synthetic vitamins have the same molecular structure as the natural, and therefor the same or at least have the same effect. They never mention that the polarity of the synthetic is opposite to the natural and has the opposite effect. Synthetic vitamins always refract light the opposite of the natural vitamin complexes. This suggests that you do not get protection from synthetic vitamins. In fact, the studies above show an actual loss of protection. Dr. Royal Lee, founder of the Standard Process Company, discovered the light refraction attributes of vitamins in the 1930's. Though synthetic vitamins have the same molecular structure, they are a mirror image of the natural. A mirror image? This suggests that they are identical in every detail. But a mirror image is the exact opposite of the real thing, in this case, the natural vitamins. Try to shake hands with yourself in the mirror. Everything is opposite. Bet you thought a mirror image is an exact duplication. 

The Finnish study, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine (Spring 1994) used synthetic vitamin E and beta-carotene that was supplied by the Hoffman LaRouch company. As "scientific" as these experiments seemed to be they are misleading to the public by the implication that all vitamins are not only useless, they will kill you. They told the truth, but not the whole truth. Number one; they should have called their synthetic vitamins chemicals, instead of implying that they are food. Number two; they have done scientific studies with natural complexes. There obviously is a black hole here that clearly causes the public to draw the wrong conclusions. 

There are whole natural foods like Body balance (or Vitalerbs) that surely compensate for the many sins of modern processed foods. Whole natural foods are life and energy giving as well as natural medicine. Many people experience relief from many discomforts and ailments just by taking Body Balance(or Vitalerbs). They are loaded with over 122 nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, fiber, etc.) They are an easy way to health in spite of our terrible diets. It is live food for live people. It's a "fast food" for our typical American lifestyle. 

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