Early Cancer Warning Signs

Bladder or kidney Blood in the urine; pain and burning with urination; increased frequency of urination.
Breast Lump/lumps, thickening, and other physical changes in the breast; itching, redness and/or soreness of the nipples (not from breast feeding) 
Cervical or uterine, endometrial Bleeding between menstrual periods; unusual discharge; painful menstrual or heavy periods.
Colon Rectal bleeding; blood in the stool; changes in bowel habits (persistent diarrhea/constipation)
Laryngeal Persistent cough; hoarse throat.
Leukemia Paleness; fatigue; weight loss; repeated infections; easy bruising, bone and joint pain; nose bleeds.
Lung A persistent cough; sputum with blood; chest pain.
Lymphoma Enlarged, rubbery lymph nodes; itching; night sweats; unexplained fever and/or weight loss. 
Mouth and throat A chronic ulcer of the mouth, tongue, or throat that does not heal.
Ovarian No signs or symptoms in the early stages of development.
Prostate Weak or interrupted urine flow; continuous pain in the lower back, pelvis, and/or upper thighs.
Skin Tumor or lump under the skin, resembling a wart or an ulceration that never heals; moles that change color or size; flat sores; lesions that look like moles.
Stomach Indigestion and pain after eating; weight loss.
Testicular Lump/lumps; enlargement of a testicle; thickening of the scrotum; sudden collection of fluid in the scrotum; pain or discomfort in a testicle or in the scrotum; mild ache in the lower abdomen or groin; enlargement or tenderness of the breast. 

Coconut Emulsifier - Makes oils and water dispersible. (mixable) 
Directions:  Add an equal part of coconut emulsifier to your essential oil or blend then add distilled water or other liquid. 
Caution: Avoid eye area and mucous membranes 

Testimonial on Digest-Zyme
 Digest-Zyme is the greatest!  I had suffered with stomach problems for a very long time.  I had 
  major bloating and gas and had been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia.  The doctor prescribed 
  "Prevacid". This only worked for awhile.  I took Tums, Pepto-Bismo, Charcoal Tablets, 
  Mylanta, Pep-cid, etc.  Some of them worked for awhile, others didn't seem to phase my 
  thrased-out stomach!  Ginger Root helped--and Chamomile and Valerian Root.  The doctor 
  gave me a prescription for Donnatol - then Aciphex.  They didn't do the trick; it just got worse! 
  I tried Multi-Enzymes, but they didn't work well.  I didn't think I would ever be able to be 
  around people in a social situation again.  Then I tried "Digest-Zyme."  And that worked!!!  I 
  take 2 Digest-Zyme capsules with my meals, and my stomach is calmer.  I can actually go out 
  again without a lot of embarrassment!  Thank you for this great product!  I tell everyone I know   that I don't think I could live without this product!  It has literally changed my life!  Just wanted   you to know what a great product you have.  By the way, my chiropractor has been "muscle testing" me and "Digest-Zyme" came out as the one that my body reacts to the best!  He tried several other brands of multi-enzymes, but none of them even came close to "Digest-Zyme"! 
So,  thanks for making such a life-saving product.  I couldn't live without it!  Sincerely,  Karen M. -  Downey, California. 

We were giving a lecture one night in Seattle at the Y.W.C.A. auditorium.  As it was a woman's club, I did not stop to think that they must rent out the auditorium to all types of groups for lectures and meetings.  When we stepped into the poorly ventilated hall I was shocked and staggered by the horrible rancid stench and odors of stale cigar and other tobacco smoke, beer, body odors, etc., enough to make you sick! 

I made the statement that surely we shouldn't have a health group come into such a stinking hall--yet it was not too far away from lecture time, with just a few hours left.  A young gentleman student who had come to the hall with me said, "Oh don't worry about the disgusting stale stench, I will have it smelling like a fresh garden by lecture time."  I was astounded, but had faith in him and his positive attitude.  I told him to go ahead and fix up the room to make it fit to meet in. 

I was surprised upon returning to find the hall smelling fresh and clean.  I turned to this young student and asked how he performed such an outstanding miracle in such a short time.  He told me he had made up a pot of chaparral tea and then had concentrated it down to a 7 power tea.  He had learned about strengthening herbal liquids through our teachings, but I had never thought of using it this way.  He had simmered the tea down to one fourth its original making.  Simmering a tea down to one-half its original amount and it becomes a 3 power tea, 3 times as strong as the original, but if simmered down to one-forth the original amount, it becomes a 7 power tea.  This is what he had done and then put the tea into an atomizer and sprayed it around the hall, on the seats, curtains and carpets.  By doing this he neutralized the rancid odor.  The hall remained clean smelling the whole evening. 

I asked him how he ever discovered this principle.  He told me he had always had problems with underarm odor and was, for some time, reluctant to go out in crowds because the commercial underarm deodorants did not help him.  By accident he had discovered the amazing deodorant effects of chaparral and so he made some deodorant up with this herb and he had no more problems with body odor.  He just figured this would work on the lecture hall, which it did. 
(Taken from the writings of Dr. Christopher) 

Cell Salts

12 Cell Salts - To keep those vital cells in your body healthy and strong 

Cell Salts... Why? 
     You take a regular mineral supplement every day to supply your body's requirements for Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, etc. Good for you! But did you know that some cells require a "special" diet? Well, they do! That's why Hyland's Cell Salts are so important. 

Specific Compounds 
     According to the Biochemic Theory of Dr. W. H. Schuessler there are a dozen mineral compounds (or salts) which are required in minute Homeopathic amounts by specific cells in various parts of the body. They are known as Cell Salts, and most of them are compounds of minerals which, in other forms, are used by the body in much larger amounts every day. 
     For example, the body needs a great deal of iron to keep going, but it only needs a minute amount of Iron Phosphate (Ferrum Phosphoricum). Certain cells can't use just any iron, they have to have Ferrum Phosphoricum. They need only a tiny amount but no other iron will do. So to keep those particular cells healthy, it's just common sense to give them the minute amount of Ferrum Phos. they need each day. 
     Many books have been written which discuss the twelve Cell Salts in detail. The following information is condensed from Materia Medica of the 12 Biochemic Tissue Remedies of Dr. W. H. Schuessler, and is merely a very brief outline to identify and differentiate the twelve tissue remedies (Cell Salts). 

Potencies Available 
     Hyland's Cell Salts are available in  6X, and 30X potencies. Some authorities recommend all 6X for nutritional purposes. The authority we follow recommends nine of the salts in 3X but Calcarea Fluorica 6X, Natrum Muriaticum 6X and Silicea 6X. This is the formula for our Bioplasma (12 salts in one tablet) and this is the way we supply individual salts if potency is not specified.  30X is generally used as a therapeutic agent. 

     Homeopathic medicine is based in symptomatology and the law of similars, "let likes be treated by likes". A very minute amount of a substance is used to treat the symptoms produced by the same substance in massive dosages. The Cell Salts are 12 among over 1000 Homeopathic substances used as remedies in the treatment of disease. Their therapeutic use as remedies in Homeopathy is quite different from their use according to the Biochemic Theory of Dr. W. H. Schuessler. Schuessler believed that symptoms resulted from a deficiency of one or more of these 12 Biochemic Remedies of Cell Salts. The patient could be restored to health by taking one or more of these salts in minute quantities as indicated by the symptoms. 

Homeopathic Potencies 
     The 3X and 6X potencies are used therapeutically for minor problems and nutritionally to insure against deficiencies. Furthermore, some authorities recommend 12X or even 30X as nutritional supplements. However, 3X and 6X potencies in 500-tablet bottles are by far the most popular. 
     A quick way to figure decimal potencies (indicated by the letter X) is to translate the number preceding X into zeros in the bottom of the fraction: ie. , 3X = 1/1,000, 6X = 1,000,000, etc. Expressed decimally it is the number of spaces after the decimal point where the "1" appears, .001 = 3X, .000001 = 6X, etc. 

     Our Cell Salts are triturated by a slow, exhaustive method (8 hours for each reduction) which results in an infinitesimal breakdown of the active ingredients. This permits ready absorption, diffusion, and assimilation of these salts into the cells of the body thereby enhancing effectiveness. 
     In trituration, for example, we add 1 pound of a 3X powder to 9 pounds of Lactose and triturate the mixture for eight hours to produce 10 pounds of 4X. 1 pound of 4X would then be added to 9 pounds of Lactose and triturated 8 hours to produce 10 pounds of 5X. 1 pound of 5X would be triturated with 9 pounds of Lactose to produce the 6X potency. 

Cell Salts in Combination 
     We feel that combining two or three cell salts in a single tablet to treat a particular condition is unnecessary and wasteful. With a complete set of the individual salts one can put any combination together to treat a problem and then recombine salts as conditions change with no wasted tablets. 

     "The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schuessler", by William Boericke, M.D., and Willis A. Dewey, M.D. Sett Dey & Co., Calcutta, 1965. 
     "Dr. Schuessler's Biochemistry", by J. B. Chapman, M.D., New Era Laboratories, Ltd., London W3 6XH, England. 


I have been a doctor for 35 years. I am licensed in various states as a homeopathic physician, and osteopathic physician, and a board certified naturopathic physician. 


About ten years ago, I was at a medical meeting and it was coffee break time. I happened to be standing next to a group of doctors when I overheard one say,  "My child had the measles for two hours!"  The other doctor said, "Yeah, my child had the measles for one hour!"  Well! I could not contain myself... I broke into the group and said, "How could that be?" 

Both doctors said the same thing: that their children got a sorethroat, a red throat, enlarged neck glands, a fever, a measles rash... and and the whole thing came and went in one or two hours. I demanded to know how this could be and that's when they told me how they immunize their kids with homeopathic drops... drops which stimulate the body to be ready for all the childhood illnesses. They simply spray the drops in their childs mouth every six months. They do not believe 
that it is wise to give their kids regular immunizations because of the serious side effects and reactions, and the mercury preservative in the shots. 


Since then I have dispensed these drops to parents and grandparents and all I have had were a bunch of repeat orders. Never a complaint. And you can bet my grandchildren are taking the drops too, literally in place of orthodox immunizations. 


Basically, there are three separate bottles of drops (in spray bottles). 
For three days in a row you spray a few drops from the first bottle in 
your childs mouth three times a day. The next three days you do the 
same using the second bottle. The next three days you do the same using 
the third bottle. Thats it. You are done! 

The fist bottle stimulates the body to overcome all the childhood virus 
diseases. The second bottle does the same for bacterial diseases, and 
the third bottle is for fungal diseases. It is that simple! 

You could save a fortune just not going to the doctor for shots. 
Especially since there's enough in each bottle (2 oz.) for several kids, 
or to accommodate one child for a few years! Moreover, homeopathic 
stored in a dark medicine cabinet can last for decades. 

.Love Makes The World Go 'Round!
                We LOVE You!!!!

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