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What is hCG? (link)
hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a natural hormone produced in large quantities during pregnancy to ensure proper nutrients to a developing baby. hCG is what triggers the hypothalamus to mobilize stored fat into the bloodstream to be used as "food". It is believed to reset your metabolism and to protect your body’s good fat and keep muscle tissue from breaking down (which occurs in other low calorie diets without the use of hCG). Our product is a professional grade homeopathic hCG weight loss product that is made in the USA.

We have chosen the homeopathic way because we feel it is safer than the other ways of using HCG and it is premixed.  You only have to put a few drops under your tongue.


1- Begin with a High Calorie Diet for the first 2 days before you start the drops (eat anything you want).
2- On day 3, 30 minutes before each meal take 10 drops under the tongue 3 times a day.
3- Plan out your diet! You need to put together a plan for a 500 calorie a day diet (see attached recipes). It can be delicious and filling because the hCG pulls from the abnormal fat in your body and turns it into energy.
4- Yoga, Pilates, stretching, Tai Chi and walking (but not more than a mile at a time)
5- Watch how fast you shed pounds


1- DO Not start the diet right before or during menstrual cycle
2- MOST IMPORTANT - DO NOT Eat anything outside of the diet or you will experience rapid weight gain. Dieters are surprised that a salted almond, a couple of potato chips, a glass of tomato juice or an extra orange will bring about a definite increase in weight on the following day.
3- DO NOT do strenuous exercise such as cardio and weightlifting, (strenuous exercise requires carbs which are against the diet plan).
4.  If you are pregnant or nursing, you cannot be on the  hCG diet.  Although hCG can help a woman to conceive, hCG during pregnancy is known to increase the risk of birth defects.  Pregnancy is always a bad time to attempt weight loss because the baby depends on the mother for all the nourishment it can get.  If you are currently pregnant and considering the hCG diet, you must wait until you give birth and the child is weaned before you go on the hCG diet.  It is best not to use it if you are in child bearing years and there is any chance you may get pregnant.
5.  If you are trying to avoid becoming pregnant, you should be aware that hCG will increase your chance of conception (it is a fertility treatment, after all).  hCG fertility treatments can also result in multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.)

Phase 1 - cleanse (Optional; if you don't wish to do a cleanse you can skip a head to phase 2)

For a minimum of 10 days, drink:

2 Tablespoons (1 fluid ounce) fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juice (approx. ½ lemon),
2 Tablespoons (1 fluid ounce) organic Grade B maple syrup, not maple-flavored sugar syrup or syrup from companies that use formaldehyde to harvest their syrup
1/10 Teaspoon or more cayenne pepper (hot red pepper), and
1 Cup (8 fluid ounces) purified or spring water, NOT fluoridated water.
Drink six to twelve glasses of this lemonade mixture daily. No food is eaten nor any vitamin supplements taken during the cleanse. If you feel hungry, drink another glass of lemonade. If you are overweight, you may use less maple syrup.
If you are worried about losing weight, the only things you can possibly lose are mucus, waste, and disease. Healthy tissue will not be eliminated. Do not vary the amount of lemon juice per glass and be sure to drink at least six glasses of lemonade a day. You can drink more water, if you want. This cleanse dissolves and eliminates all types of fatty tissue. Fat melts away at the rate of about two pounds a day for most people-and without any harmful side effects.

Phase 2 - Drops

Start taking the drops. You will need to take 10 drops 3 times per day. Once in the morning; again 30 minutes before lunch; and then again 30 minutes before dinner. Place the drops under your tongue and hold them there for 60 seconds, swallow the remaining liquid. The first 2 days of taking the drops, you must eat as much high fat food as you possibly can. This is called ‘forced feeding’, and it is very important because during these 2 days you are storing fat to be used as energy during the low calorie portion of the diet. You do not want to skimp on this part. Your energy level will suffer big time if you don’t do this step correctly. The best foods to eat are milk chocolate, pastries, ice cream, peanut butter, bread with lots of butter, and pork products. Look for foods with high fat content. Don’t worry about the weight you gain during these first 2 days, you will lose it all and then some within the first few days of the low calorie diet. On the 3rd day, you will begin the low calorie diet. You may only eat the foods listed below. You will continue the low calorie diet for 3 weeks if you are trying to lose 15-20 pounds; or 6 weeks if you are trying to lose 34-40 pounds. (If you do the 6 week course, you will follow the diet for the full 6 weeks; however you must only take the drops 6 days out of each week so that you don’t develop an immunity to the hCG. For example, don’t take the drops on Sundays, but continue to follow the diet). Weigh yourself every morning when you wake up, you will see a loss of 1-2 pounds per day. List of allowed foods: (No variations are allowed; if an item is not on this list, it is forbidden. Some doctors and clinics make substitutions, but we recommend sticking to the original protocol exactly in order to maximize your results).
Protein- Two 100 gram servings per day
White fish (tilapia, halibut)
Extra lean ground beef
You must remove all of the fat from the meat and weigh it before cooking. No oils may be used to cook the meat, and watch out for spices containing sugar. (You can find a lot of delicious recipes on our website).
Vegetables- Two servings per day
Green salad
Red radishes
The original protocol is not very specific about exactly how much a vegetable serving is, so use your best judgement. (One serving is approximately 2 cups of salad, 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, 1 onion, or ½ cabbage. Be sure not to mix vegetables, only 1 vegetable is allowed per meal.)
Bread- Two servings per day
1 melba toast
1 grissini
Melba toast is available at most grocery stores, Grissini is available at health food stores and Italian markets.
Fruit- Two servings per day
1 apple
1 orange
½ grapefruit
Handful of strawberries
You can disperse the allotted food as you choose; however the best option according to the original protocol is to skip breakfast and break up your allowed food into lunch, dinner, and two snacks.
Beverages- You can consume unlimited amounts of the following, try to consume at least 2 liters of fluids per day.
Black coffee
Water (distilled is best)
Sparkling water (Pellegrino, Perrier, etc.).
Sweeteners- Only stevia and saccharin (sweet’n’low) are allowed during Phase 2. No aspartame, sucralose (Splenda), or sugar is allowed.
Spices/Seasonings- You can use any spice you want, again just be sure it doesn’t contain sugar. Salt and pepper are allowed.
Read the ingredients of everything you consume. Even a minor intake of something that’s not allowed can stall you. You can have gum, but be sure it is flavored with xylitol. (a natural sweetener). Most brands of gum use aspartame, which is not allowed.
At the end of the 3 (or 6) weeks, you must stop taking the drops, but continue following the low calorie diet for 3 days. This will allow your body to flush the hCG out of your system. It is very important to adhere to this portion of the diet; if you immediately go back to a regular diet, you will gain weight.

Phase 3 - Stabilization

You can now begin to add more food back into your diet, just be sure to avoid sugar and starch for 3 weeks. It is best to add foods back in 1 at a time so you can see how your body reacts to each item. You can now have dairy, fats and oils, nuts, etc. Beware of extra sweet fruit like bananas and mangoes during this phase.

It is very important to continue to weigh yourself every morning during this time, as your body stabilizes at your new weight. You need to stay within 2 pounds of the lowest weight you reached in Phase 2. If you go over 2 pounds, you must have a “steak day” to return to your low weight.

A “steak day” is where you don’t consume anything all day except water. For dinner, you will eat a large steak. Later that evening you can either have 1 apple or 1 tomato. That’s it. The following morning, you should be back within 2 pounds of your lowest achieved weight. This is how you will keep yourself from gaining back all the weight you lost in Phase 2. If you gain more than 2 pounds during Phase 3, you either cheated by eating food that wasn’t allowed (food containing sugar and starch), or your body had a bad reaction to a food that you reintroduced, causing intestinal swelling and water retention that manifests itself as a weight gain. It is during this phase that you will learn what foods your body doesn’t digest well, and should be avoided.

Phase 4 Maintenance

After you have successfully stabilized your weight, you are ready to add all normal foods back into your diet, including bread and other starchy foods like potatoes, as well as food containing sugar, like mangoes, bananas, and sweets (in moderation, of course). You will have developed a taste for healthy foods, and it will be much easier for you to make good eating decisions at this point than it used to. You must continue to always weigh yourself in the morning, if you ever go 2 pounds above your lowest achieved weight, a steak day will put you back within your range, but it is important to do the steak day on the same day as the gain. Otherwise it is not as effective. You can maintain your new weight forever by following this simple system.

****Be sure to read the original Dr. Simeons protocol if you have any health concerns, or would like to read about the hCG diet in more detail. We recommend following Dr. Simeons guidelines exactly to obtain the best results; the only modification is that instead of taking 1 injection of hCG per day, you will be taking 10 drops of hCG under your tongue 3 times per day. Sublingual drops have been found to suppress your appetite even more than the shots because the dosage is spread out though out the day instead of being administered all at once.

Three Kinds of Fat

In the human body we can distinguish three kinds of fat. The first is the structural fat which fills the gaps between various organs, a sort of packing material. Structural fat also performs such important functions as bedding the kidneys in soft elastic tissue, protecting the coronary arteries and keeping the skin smooth and taut. It also provides the springy cushion of hard fat under the bones of the feet, without which we would be unable to walk.

The second type of fat is a normal reserve of fuel upon which the body can freely draw when the nutritional income from the intestinal tract is insufficient to meet the demand. Such normal reserves are localized all over the body. Fat is a substance which packs the highest caloric value into the smallest space so that normal reserves of fuel for muscular activity and the maintenance of body temperature can be most economically stored in this form. Both these types of fat, structural and reserve, are normal, and even if the body stocks them to capacity this can never be called obesity. But there is a third type of fat which is entirely abnormal. It is the accumulation of such fat, and of such fat only, from which the overweight patient suffers. This abnormal fat is also a potential reserve of fuel, but unlike the normal reserves it is not available to the body in a nutritional emergency. It is, so to speak, locked away in a fixed deposit and is not kept in a current account, as are the normal reserves.

When an obese patient tries to reduce by starving himself, he will first lose his normal fat reserves. When these are exhausted he begins to burn up structural fat, and only as a last resort will the body yield its abnormal reserves, though by that time the patient usually feels so weak and hungry that the diet is abandoned. It is just for this reason that obese patients complain that when they diet they lose the wrong fat. They feel famished and tired and their face becomes drawn and haggard, but their belly, hips, thighs and upper arms show little improvement. The fat they have come to detest stays on and the fat they need to cover their bones gets less and less. Their skin wrinkles and they look old and miserable. And that is one of the most frustrating and depressing experiences a human being can have.

We will be adding more to this page as information becomes available


Dieters who need to lose 15 pounds (7 kg.) or less require 26 days treatment. The extra three days are needed because all dieters must continue the 500-calorie diet for three days after the last drops. Only then are the dieters free to eat anything they please except sugar and starches for the next three weeks. This is a very essential part of the treatment, because if they start eating normally as long as there is even a trace of hCG in their body they put on weight alarmingly at the end of the treatment.

Dieters who need to lose 34 pounds or more will require at least one extra cycle. However, they must NOT begin the next cycle sooner than six weeks. The regimen is the same. If extra weight loss is necessary,,,,three, four or five cycles…it is completely safe to do so, but extra time is required between each one.

NOTE: As soon as all of the abnormal fat is consumed you should increase to a 800-1000 calories for the rest of the treatment.

MAKEUP AND SKINCARE: For women, make sure that you are using makeup and lotions that are approved for the diet. Certain lotions, creams and ointments and fats are absorbed through the skin and will interfere with weight reduction. For recommendations on products that will work for you, call our help line.

Breakfast: Tea or coffee in any quantity without sugar. Only one tablespoonful of milk allowed in 24 hours. Saccharin or Stevia may be used.

Lunch: 1. 100 grams of veal, beef, chicken breast, fresh white fish, lobster, crab, or shrimp. All visible fat must be carefully removed before cooking, and the meat must be weighed raw. It must be boiled or grilled without additional fat. Salmon, eel, tuna, herring, dried or pickled fish are NOT allowed. The chicken breast must be removed from the bird.

2. One type of vegetable only to be chosen from the following: spinach, chard, chicory, beet-greens, green salad, tomatoes, celery, fennel, onions, red radishes, cucumbers, asparagus, cabbage, asparagus, cabbage.

3. One breadstick (grissino) or one Melba toast.

4. An apple, orange, or a handful of strawberries or one-half grapefruit.

Dinner: The same four choices as lunch. The juice of one lemon daily is allowed for all purposes. Salt, pepper, vinegar, mustard powder, garlic, sweet basil, parsley, thyme, majoram, etc., may be used for seasoning, but no oil, butter or dressing. Tea, coffee, plain water, or mineral water are the only drinks allowed, but they may be taken in any quantity and at all times. In fact, the dieters should drink about 2 liters of these fluids per day. Many dieters are afraid to drink so much because they fear that this may make them retain more water. This is a wrong notion as the body is more inclined to store water when the intake falls below its normal requirements. The fruit or the breadstick may be eaten between meals instead of with lunch or dinner, but not more than four items listed for lunch and dinner may be eaten at one meal. No medicines or cosmetics other than lipstick, eyebrow pencil and powder may be used without special permission. Every item in the list is gone over carefully, continually stressing the point that no variations other than those listed may be introduced. All things not listed are forbidden, and the dieters are assured that nothing permissible has been left out. The 100 grams of meat must be scrupulously weighed.


Will I feel hungry while using hCG? Because hCG is mobilizing your stored fat, your body will be constantly fed by the broken down fat. Most dieters report a feeling of being satisfied while using hCG even though their actual food intake is only 500 calories.

Are there side effects from using hCG? Slight headaches are rarely reported as a mild side effect from using hCG.
Can I take hCG while using birth control? hCG has not been shown to interfere with birth control.

What does homeopathic mean? Homeopathy is the second most widely used medical system in the world. The United States has seen a great rise in popularity as more and more dieters turned to more natural forms of treatment. Homeopathy is effective, natural and safe without danger.

What is the difference between hCG drops and hCG injections? hCG drops are taken under the tongue and directly absorbed into the body. Our homeopathic hCG is does not require a prescription. hCG injections must be prescribed by a doctor and are administered by a shot into muscle tissue.

Should women start taking hCG when on their period? The best time for women to start the hCG weight loss program is immediately after their period or menstruation cycle.

How do I keep my goal weight once I stop using hCG? Don’t think of hCG as just a diet. The hCG program helps reset your metabolism and your fat regulation system so your body no longer is triggered into storing unneeded fat. But do continue to be aware of the foods you take into your body.

Should I have a prescription and doctor involved while using hCG? Whenever considering a weight loss program, consult with your healthcare provider. With that said, hCG homeopathic drops do not require a prescription.

Can vegetarians use hCG for weight loss? Yes, vegetarians can use hCG for weigh loss following the Vegetarian protocol.

Can hCG be used while breastfeeding? It is best to ask your healthcare provider though it is known that hCG is naturally produced by women during pregnancy and menstruation.

Can men use hCG for weight loss? Yes, men find great success in using hCG for weight loss.

How can I only survive on 500 calories a day? hCG releases 1500 to 4000 calories (from your stored fat) with the additional 500 calories that you are eating is equal to a 2000 to 4000 calorie diet which is why dieters do not feel hungry while on the hCG Diet.

Wouldn’t I lose 1 to 2 pounds without hCG if I was eating only 500 calories? If you attempted to lose weight by only eating 500 calories it would eventually back fire because your body would think that you were starving and would begin to store additional fat.

Essential Oils For Weight loss:
Grapefruit Essential Oil by Garden Essence
                        Oils works with your body in activating enzymes
                        that help your body break down brown body fat.
                        helps support the metabolism as well as the
                        cleansing and drainage of your lymphatic
Essential Oil
Cinnamon essential oil by Garden Essence
                        Oils helps balance blood sugar, which long-term
                        will help with weight loss and help reduce those
                        cravings for sugar. Unstable blood sugar
                        can lead to overeating, low energy and weight
Essential Oil
Ginger essential oil by Garden Essence Oils
                        reduces sugar cravings and helps reduce
                        inflammation in the body. It’s so important that
                        if you’re going to lose weight, that you’re also
                        reducing inflammation, and supporting
                        digestion and absorption of nutrients.
Essential Oil
Fennel essential oil by Garden Essence Oils
                        subjects inhaled fennel oil twice a day for 10
                        minutes; this resulted in fewer calories
                        consumed and a faster rate of food digestion.
Essential Oil
Why Grapefruit Essential Oil for Weight loss:

Grapefruit essential oil works with your body in activating enzymes that help your body break down brown body fat. Grapefruit helps support the metabolism as well as the cleansing and drainage of your lymphatic glands. When applied topically to the skin in small amounts, grapefruit essential oil is an excellent diuretic and lymphatic stimulant. This is one reason why it’s included in many cellulite creams and blends that are used for dry brushing. For that reason, grapefruit essential oil is the number one oil that can help your body in burning fat and losing weight because of how it activates enzymes in your saliva, which helps break down body fat in your body.
When mixed with patchouli oil, grapefruit oil is known to lower cravings and hunger, which makes it a great tool to lose weight fast in a healthy way. Add several drops to your water, diffuse it in your office or home, or massage some onto your chest and wrists when a craving strikes.

Cinnamon essential oil has been shown time and time again to help regulate blood glucose levels and something in your body called GTF, glucose tolerance factor. For that reason, cinnamon oil is also fantastic for anybody with diabetes.
It helps balance blood sugar, which long-term will help with weight loss and help reduce those cravings for sugar. 
Unstable blood sugar can lead to overeating, low energy and weight gain, but adding cinnamon oil to fruit, tea, oats, baked goods or smoothies helps slow the rate at which glucose is released into the blood.

Ginger essential oil works because it also reduces sugar cravings and helps reduce inflammation in the body. It’s so important that if you’re going to lose weight, that you’re also reducing inflammation, and supporting digestion and absorption of nutrients.
The compounds in ginger have been scientifically proven to reduce 
disease-causing inflammation in your intestines and overall improve absorption of the vitamins and minerals you’re consuming. If you’re absorbing more vitamins and minerals, then you’re helping to support your body’s cellular energy and create weight loss.

Fennel essential oil is a source of melatonin, the hormone that naturally regulates circadian rhythms by signaling to the brain daily wake-sleep cycles. In addition to a more restful sleep, melatonin has also been found to reduce weight gain by creating more “beige fat” (which burns off as energy) rather than “white fat” (which is stored for energy).

Taken from:  https://www.hcg1234.com/

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