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 Darrel Scott's speech to 
the House of Representative's 
(He is the father of 2 of the victims in the Columbine Shooting.) 
There are 4 articles here the third one is his speech
click here to go directly to Scott's speech 
click here to go to Todd Beamer's story 
(who said "Let's roll" as he led the charge against the
  terrorists who had hijacked United Flight 93, the one, you will
  remember, that crashed in the Pennsylvania countryside.)


A Good Question 

  NOW that the President has called us to prayer..... 

  NOW that Congress has called us to prayer..... 

  NOW that our Governor has called us to prayer.... 

  NOW that the NYC  Mayor has called us to prayer.... 

  NOW that the media and most other branches of 
  our American society have called us to prayer..... 

  AND NOW that our churches are assembling in special prayer.... 

  Honorable Justices of the Supreme Court, I have only one question.. 
  Would it be O.K. to pray in our schools........??   AMEN... 

  "Pray" is a four-letter word you can say anywhere - 
  except in public schools. 


  Funny how simple it is for people to trash God and then wonder why the world's going to hell. 

  Funny how we believe what the newspapers say, but question what the Bible says. 

  Funny how everyone wants to go to heaven provided they do not have to believe, think, say, or do anything the Bible says. 

  Funny how someone can say "I believe in God" but still follow Satan who, by the way, also "believes" in God). 

  Funny how you can send a thousand jokes through e-mail and they spread like wildfire, but when you start sending messages regarding the Lord, people think nothing about sharing. 

  Funny how the loud, crude, vulgar and obscene pass freely through cyber space, but the public discussion of Jesus is suppressed in the school and work place.    FUNNY ISN'T IT? 

  Funny how someone can be so fired up for Christ on Sunday, but be an invisible Christian the rest of the week. 

  Funny how when you go to forward this message, you will not send it to many on the address list because you're not sure what they believe, or what they will think of you for sending it to them. 

  Funny how I can be more worried about what other people think of me then what God thinks of me. 


Testimony of Darrell Scott 

THURSDAY, MAY 27, 1999 2:00 P.M. 

 Since the dawn of creation there has been both good and evil in the heart of men and women.  We  all contain the seeds of kindness or the seeds of violence. 

 The death of my wonderful daughter, Rachel Joy  Scott, and the deaths of that heroic teacher and  the other 11 children who died must not be in vain.  Their blood cries out for answers. 

 The first recorded act of violence was when Cain slew his brother Abel out in the field.  The villain was not the club he used.  Neither was it the NCA, the National Club Association.  The true killer was Cain, and the reason for the  murder could only be found in Cain's heart. 

 In the days that followed the Columbine tragedy,  I was amazed at how quickly fingers began to be pointed at groups such as the NRA. 

 I am not a member of the NRA.  I am not a hunter.  I do not even own a gun.  I am not here to represent or defend the NRA-because I don't believe that they are responsible for my  daughter's death.  Therefore I do not believe that they need to be defended.  If I believed they  had  anything to do with Rachel's murder I would be their strongest opponent.   I am here today to  declare that Columbine was not just a tragedy - it was a spiritual event that  should be forcing us to look at where the real blame lies! 

 Much of that blame lies here in this room.  Much of that blame lies behind the pointing fingers of the accusers themselves. 

 I wrote a poem just 4 nights ago that express my feelings best.  This was written way before I knew I would be speaking here today. 

        Your laws ignore our deepest needs 
        Your words are empty air 
        You've stripped away our heritage 
        You've outlawed simple prayer 

        Now gunshots fill our classrooms 
        And precious children die 
        you seek for answers everywhere 
        And ask the question "Why"? 

        You regulate restrictive laws 
        Through legislative creed 
        And yet you fail to understand 
        That God is what we need! 

 Men and women are 3 part beings.  We all consist of body, soul, and spirit.  When we refuse to acknowledge a third part of our make- up, we create a void that allows evil, prejudice, and hatred to rush in and wreck havoc. 

 Spiritual influences were present within our educational systems for most of our nation's  history.  Many of our major colleges began as theological seminaries.  This is a historic fact. 

 What has happened to us as a nation?  We have refused to honor God, and in doing so, we open  the doors to hatred and violence. 

 And when something as terrible as Columbine's tragedy occurs-politicians immediately look for a scapegoat such as the NRA.  They immediately seek to pass more restrictive laws that  continue to erode away our personal and private liberties. 

 We do not need more restrictive laws.  Eric and Dylan would not have been stopped by metal detectors.  No amount of gun laws can stop someone who spends months planning this type of massacre. 

 The real villain lies within our own hearts. 

 Political posturing and restrictive legislation are not the answers. 

 The young people of our nation hold the key. There is a spiritual awakening taking place that will not be squelched! 

 We do not need more religion.  We do not need more gaudy television evangelists spewing out verbal religious garbage.  We do not need more million dollar church buildings built while people with basic needs are being ignored. 

 We do need a change of heart and a humble acknowledgment that this nation was founded on the principle of simple trust in God! 

 As my son Craig lay under that table in the school library and saw his two friends murdered before his very eyes- He did not hesitate to pray in school.  I defy any law or politician to deny him that right! 

 I challenge every young person in America and around the world to realize that on April 20, 1999 at Columbine High School-prayer was brought back to our schools.  Do not let the many prayers offered by those students be in vain. 

 Dare to move into the new millennium with a sacred disregard for legislation that violates your conscience and denies your God-given right to communicate with Him. 

 To those of you who would point your finger at the NRA-I give to you a sincere challenge. Dare to examine your own heart before you cast the first stone! 

 My daughter's death will not be in vain.   The young people of this country will not allow that to happen. 

The Faith Behind "Lets Roll 

  JESUS HELP ME" - The Faith of Todd Beamer 

  "I don't think we're going to get out of this thing. I'm going to have to go out on faith." 

  It was the voice of Todd Beamer, the passenger -- and Wheaton College graduate -- who said "Let's roll" as he led the charge against the terrorists who had hijacked United Flight 93, the one, you will remember,that crashed in the Pennsylvania countryside. 

  The whole world knows how brave Beamer and his fellow passengers were on September 11. But this week we learned more fully what buttressed that bravery: Faith in Jesus Christ. Todd died as he lived, a faithful evangelical believer. 

  In an article titled "The Real Story of Flight 93," Newsweek reveals gripping new details from the actual transcripts of the now-recovered cockpit voice recorder. "Todd had been afraid," Newsweek relates. "More than once, he cried out for his Savior." 

  After passengers were herded to the back of the jet, Beamer called the GTE Customer Center in Oakbrook, Illinois. He told supervisor Lisa Jefferson about the hijacking. The passengers were planning to jump the terrorists, he said. And then he asked her to pray with him. 

  As Newsweek relates, "Beamer kept a Lord's Prayer bookmark in his Tom Clancy novel, but he didn't need any prompting. He began to recite the ancient litany, and Jefferson joined him: Our Father which art in heaven, 

  Hallowed be thy name." 

  As they finished, Beamer added, "Jesus, help me." And then, Beamer and his fellow passengers prayed a prayer that has comforted millions down through the centuries -- the prayer that David wrote in a time of great anguish:   The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want . . . Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. 

  And then the famous last words: "Are you guys ready? Let's roll." 

  We now know from the cockpit voice recorder that Beamer and other passengers wrestled with the hijackers and forced the plane to crash into the ground, killing themselves but foiling what was believed to have been the hijackers' plan to fly Flight 93 into the Capitol or the White House. 

  As Christians, we know that God can bring good out of evil. In Todd Beamer, the world witnesses a faith that held up in the extremity of fear. A faith that is even now comforting his widow and two young sons. 

  Lisa Beamer told NBC's Dateline, "You know, in the Lord's Prayer, it  asks us to forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." As Todd prayed this prayer in the last moments of his life, in a way, Lisa said, "He was forgiving those people for what they were doing, the most horrible thing you could ever do to someone." 

  It wasn't Todd Beamer's job to fight terrorists. He was just a passenger who along with several others did what he didn't have to do but foiled a terrible evil that might have been done to his country. 

  As Flight 93 hurtled towards destruction, Todd Beamer could not have known that his quiet prayers would ultimately be heard by millions -- that the story of his last acts on earth would be a witness to the Lord he loved and served and a lasting example of true heroism    HOPE YOU WILL SHARE THIS 

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