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Everything You wanted to know about herbs for Health
Natural remedies for over 350 common ailments.
1.  Learn how to treat yourself.
2.  Why natural methods are safe.
3.  How to become a Master herbalist. 
4.  Natural vs. traditional healing.
5.  Become your own doctor.

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 Herbal, 3 dayMucusless diet
Dr. Christopher Kits - all Herbal based     
100 Capsules per bottle except  Vitalherbs which are 180 capsules per bottle.
Vitalherbs - Mind Trac (ProTrac) - Liver-D-tox (PreTrac)
Cleansing Starter Kit 
Contains - 4 Lower Bowel Formula (Fen LB),  4 Liver Gallbladder Formula (Barberry LG),  2 Kidney Formula(Juni-pars),  2 Bloodstream Formula (Red Clover Comb).
Allergies (Adult) 
Contains - 2 Sinus Plus Formula (SHA Tea),  2 Immucalm 1 Methol Rub (Sensei ointment) .25 oz.
Allergies (Children) 
Contains - 1  Sinus Plus Formula (SHA Tea), extract, 1 Kid-e-soothe, 1 Methol Rub (Sensei ointment) .25 oz 
Blood Sugar 
Contains - 2 Pancreas Formula (Panc tea), 2 Liver Gallbladder Formula (Barberry LG),  2 Adrenals Formula (Adrenetone)
Contains - 2 Liver Gallbladder Formula (Barberry LG), 2 Lymphatic Formula (INF), 2 Glandular System (Mullein & Lobelia)
Heart Program 
Contains - 1 Hawthorn Berry Heart Syrup, 16 oz., 2 Blood Circulation Formula (BPE)
Menopause Program 
Contains - 2 Hormonal Changease (Changease), 2 Female Reproductive (Nu-Fem), 1 Vitalherbs
Menstrual Program    (PMS) 
Contains - 2 Hormonal Changease (Changease), 2 Female Reproductive (Nu-Fem), 1 Antispasmodic extract
Prostate Program 
Contains - 2 Male Urinary Tract Formula (Prospallate), 2 Prostate Plus Formula (Prospalmetto)
Joints Program                     Contains - 
2 Joint Formula (AR-1), 1 Complete Tissue (BF&C) Oint. 2 oz., 1 Cayenne Ointment (Deep Heat Balm) 2.5 oz., 1 Arthritic Liniment
Energy Program 
Contains - 2 Bee Power, 2 Adrenals Formula (Adrenetone), 1 Vitalerbs, 2 Pancreas Formula (Panc tea)
Contains - 2 Herbal Eyebright, 2 Bilbrite, 1 Herbal Eyebright tincture
Contains - 2 Intestinal Parasite Syrup (VB)
1 Senna & Peppermint Tea
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. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

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