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Parasite Cleanse by Moon Phases, for optimal effect

This article was written, by my daughter, for animals, so I have excerpted this information as it applies to human parasites. 

This article was published in " The Boer Goat magazine" Aurthor is Diana Manseau, of 7mFarm & Herbals 

<>We welcome Diana Manseau to our growing list of regular contributors! She is the widely read and quoted author of "Herbal Formulas for Farm Animals," where she has been the host of an email list where she answered questions daily, and she used to moderates a discussion group on natural alternatives for small farm owners and homesteaders.

Worming of any sort is best done DURING  the full moon since parasites are most vulnerable at this time. THIS IS THE TIME,  when the parasites detach from the WALLS OF THE organs  and lining of the intestine to breed and lay eggs. Any natural worming program should last seven to 14 days to allow the parasites to complete the breeding cycle and the new eggs to hatch.  Some herbs that you could consider in making a really good formula for parasite cleanses are wormwood, whole cloves, black walnut hulls, quassia bark, male fern, garlic, or diatomaceous earth. In most formulas, herbs are added in equal parts of each.  Herbs do not normally have to be given  in precise dosages, if you steer away from the toxic, medicinal herbs, and stay more with the nutritional or medicinal milder herbs 

When using a parasite cleanse a combination of herbs should be used to make a wide spectrum formula, affecting many types of parasites as well as adding some herbs for a tonic effect. As parasites die in the host body, the decaying bodies of the parasites create ammonia gases, and can cause you to become very ill. By adding tonic type herbs, such as dandelion  you can help to offset the sick feeling and toxins created during the parasite cleanse. (L-Ornithine amino acid works best for humans) 

Another thing to consider when doing a parasite cleanse is intestinal blockages or constipation caused by the dense population of dead parasites being suddenly dumped into the intestinal track. For this, you should add a herb that will help to keep the bowels moving freely. (Christopher's "Lower Bowel" or Kroeger's "The Mover"   If you have a heavy burden of parasites and become sick when you do a parasite cleanse,  you can offset this within an hour by taking L-Ornithine. L-Ornithine will dissipate the ammonia gases created by the decaying parasite bodies. Exact dosage of L-Ornithine is not required, but a good rule of thumb would be to give one capsule per 50 pounds of body weight. I would give a second dose an hour later. This should take care of it. Don't be surprised if you begin passing a lot of  gas. L-Ornithine dissipates gases so it is also wonderful for bloat, gas and after surgery, to dissipate the gases used in anesthesia. 

Some of you may wonder "Why use herbs at all?" There are several good reasons to do so. 

1- Herbs are in a natural, balanced form. You don't have to worry about to much of this or to little of that. 
2- By giving herbs instead of medicines, your body can distribute and utilize the herbs in a way, and process that is best for you. In contrast, medicines force themselve upon your system, in a way that is totally un natural. 
3- Herbal treatments are less expensive, and easier to administer, with less chance of overdosing. 
4- Herbal treatments are broad spectrum, so exact diagnostics are not as necessary in most circumstances. 
5- Herbs will help with viruses, and new strains of bacteria and funguses, that antibiotics have become unable to treat. 
6- No resistance build up,,,, EVER 
7- Although drugs treat a specific germ, disease, fungus, etc, herbs are designed to not only kill the perpetrator in the body, herbs will then help to rebuild, heal and strengthen the system or organ, so it is less susceptible to getting ill again. 
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