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Book Review

The UN-Medical Miracle Oxygen - by Elizabeth Baker 

     "Recently, medical scientists in a number of countries have found that cells of all the degenerative diseases thus far researched are anaerobic, without oxygen."  "Where cells 
get enough oxygen, cancer will not, cannot occur. - Otto Warburg, Lindau, Germany, 1966." 
    "...our body uses oxygen to rid itself of toxins and disease causing organisms." "Many of 
the new nutritional supplements and natural remedies used for treatment of disease are 
effective because they get more oxygen to the cells.  A good example is Co-enzyme Q10......Vitamins A, E, C, Beta carotene, selenium ....as well as pycnogenol (a blend of bioflavonoids) enhance the transfer of oxygen to the cells of the body." 
     "Extra oxygen, taken in naturally does give us more energy and makes us feel better, 
calmer and more at peace."  (One of the advantages of exercise) --  Pollution, synthetic 
fabrics, processed foods, chlorine and fluoride all destroy available oxygen.    "Minerals are critical to the utilization of oxygen.." 
     Food grade hydrogen peroxide (35%) if highly diluted by pure water can be taken by 
the glassful to increase oxygen.  "Extra oxygen can also be helped into the body by rubbing 
3 % H2O2, (hydrogen peroxide) on the skin - arms, legs, body, face and neck." (also in bath) 
"It also helps to clear up periodontal disease, helps remove plaque from teeth and clean off 
the coating of the tongue." 
     This book explains Ozone which is the most powerful form of oxygen. 
     Some of the many conditions which have and are being treated successfully with oxygen. 

            Allergies                     Anemia                          Arthritis 
            Asthma                       Alzheimer's                     Altitude sickness 
            Bronchitis                    Bacterial infections         Cancer 
            HIV                            Candida                         Cardiovascular Disease 
            Diabetes type II           Diabetic Gangrene          Epstein-Bar Syndrome 
            Emphysema                 Fungus Infections            Headaches 
            Herpes Simplex           Herpes Zoster                 Influenza 
            Liver Cirrhosis             Lupus                             Multiple Sclerosis 
            Parasitic Infections       Parkinson's Disease         Periodontal Disease
            Ulcers                         Viral Infection                  Yeast Infection " 

      Talk about a low cost, simple health help. 

      I truly believe that everyone's body is different and you need to contemplate and feel 
and ask your body to heal itself.  I believe that our bodies are made to heal themselves and 
no one knows our body better than we do if given the chance.  There have been many 
studies that show that there is no greater healing power than Prayer.  If there was a pill 
that would do as much good we would go around the world to buy it and yet it is free. 

    We will be happy to research any problem and give you our results - We need more 
articles for this newsletter so we will be happy to use information that is timely and in 
keeping with this newsletter.  The judgment of the staff is final.  We will also give any 
credits due.  Thanks! 

     I heat a few tablespoons of almond oil and soak my hands for 10 minutes or so for 
ragged, dry cuticles. 

        Dr. Joseph Pizzorno had an article in Natural Health Magazine, Oct. 1996 called 
"10 Drugs I Would Never Take", they are listed below.  He gives a very informative 
explanation for each one in his article.  I am unable to put the reasons here but you can 
call me or E-mail me for more information. 

     1.  Common Cold Medications 
     2.  Antidepressants for Depression 
     3.  Premarin (Synthetic Estrogens)  for Menopause 
     4.  Aspirin and other Nonsteroidal, Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)  for Osteoarthritis 
     5.  Aspirin and other NSAIDs for Rheumatoid Arthritis 
     6.  Sumatriptan and Ergotamine for Migraines 
     7.  Weight Loss Products 
     8.  Antibiotics for Acne 
     9.  Cortisone Cream for Eczema 
     10. Antacids - aluminum-containing ones. 

I would like to add Tylenol to this list as it stays in your body for life and is causing liver damage (dialysis). 
(stated by Zona Jackson an herbalist) 

    Check with your Health Care Provider before using any information on this web page 
as it is not intended to be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any specific medical 
condition and is not intended as a substitute for the advice and counseling of your own 
healthcare practitioner. 

   Trying to grow acid type plants in an alkaline soil?  Try putting some apple
cider vinegar in your water when you water.  Also good for some house plants.

   Want to cut down on flies around your animals?  Add a little apple cider vinegar to their water.  Putting a "tad" of diatomaceous earth on their food or on animal wastes also helps keep the flies down and helps with parasites. 
  Link to Diatomaceous Earth  page. 

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