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Holistic Nutritional Supplementation

          These nutritional formulas developed by STF Labs have been put together to meet the nutritional needs  of the modern family in view of the air,  water, and soil pollution of the 21st century.  With the processing of many foods today, nutritional needs are not fully met which could result in abnormal health related problems.

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Size &
Product Name
3 oz.
Colostrum  same as above  except in powder form.
90 caps
Cal-D-Plus  Nutritional support for bone, teeth, hair, nails,  and muscles. A formula providing phosphorus-free calcium and magnesium with vitamins C and D and betaine hydrochloride to enhance absorption and utalization of calcium.  Cell salts (mineral salts) have been added for their synergistic effects.  This formula is for use when increased amounts of calcium and magnesium are needed in the diet, or as a nutritional support during pregnancy and lactation.    cal d plus
90 caps
Cal-Sea Plus with sea shell Calcium!  Nutritional support for bones, teeth, hair, nails and muscles.  A formula providing phosphorus-free calcium and magnesium with Vitamins C and D and betaine hydrochloride to enhance absorption and utilization of calcium.  Cell salts (mineral salts) have been added and formulated with 4 different kinds of calcium to provide outstanding synergism.   cal sea plus 
90 caps
Joint Support Plus  (Glucosamine/Chondrointin formula)  Nutritional Support for joints and muscles.  A formula designed to promote muscle and joint health.
90 caps
C-All  500  High Potency  Vitamin C Complex with Bioflavonoids. Nutritional support for  the immune system.  Powerful Anti-oxidant and helps maintain healthy tissue. (immune Booster)   A high potency encapsulated vitamin C complex supplement with calcium ascorbate, bioflavinoids, hesperidin, rutin, acerola and rose hips all combined in a natural base of herbs and cell salts.   all
90 caps
E-CHRO-SEL  High Potency Vitamin E with Chromium and Selenium.  Nutritional support for the immune system.(Antioxidant) Nutritional support for the heart, lungs, skin, hair, tissue, and nails.  Selenium aids vitamin E action. Chromium helps regulate blood sugar levels.  A natural, dry, virtually oil free, encapsulated vitamin E with chromium and selenium all combined in a natural base of herbs and cell salts.  It has been noted that dry vitamin E has a better absorption rate than oil capsule forms of vitamin E.  chro sel
60 caps
Mega-Multi A Balanced Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Daily Use.  Nutritional support for general health.  A daily multiple vitamin.  Mega Multi is a balanced mega dose vitamin and mineral supplement providing all of the essential vitamins and minerals blended with cell salts and herbs.
90 caps
Digest-Zyme  Digestive aid.  Enzyme and Hydrochloric Acid Formula.  An excellent aid for incomplete digestion and gastric upset, when caused by inadequate secretions of gastric and intestinal enzymes.  Acts as an aid for the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and cellulosic materials.  digest zyme

90 caps Kidney-Plus  Nutritional support for the kidneys.  A mild, natural, diuretic formula containing herbs, raw kidney, vitamin C and cell salts.  kidney plus
90 caps Liver-Plus  A high Potency Lipotropic Formula With B Vitamins, Minerals, and Glandulars.  Nutritional support for the Liver.  A special high potency lipotropic formula providing choline, inositol, betaine, hydrochloride and lecithin (lipotropic agents) that play important parts in fat metabolism.   liver plus

Mega-Multi   120 caps by Spinal Touch.  (NatureAll).

Ovary Uterus Plus    90 caps by Spinal Touch.   (NatureAll).
90 caps
Thymus-Plus  Nutritional support for the thymus and immune system.  (old name Aller-all)  A special thymus, mineral, vitamin, herbal and cell salt formula.  The whole thymus concentrate is from a bovine source. plus aller all
90 caps
Thyroid-Plus  Nutritional support for the Thyroid and Pituitary glands.  A specially processed iodine and pituitary glandular concentrate (bovine), in a synergistic combination of micro-nutrient which nutrients which nutritionally support a more normal thyroid and pituitary function. plus
90 caps Fibran A high fiber bulking agent.  support for  intestinal mobility and regularity.   A high fiber, bulk, herbal, vitamin and cell salt preparation for the relief of occasional constipation.
90 caps Hawthorn-BP  Nutritional support for the heart, vascular, and circulatory system.  A specially prepared formula containing Hawthorn Berries, Parsley, Siberian Ginsing (Eleuthorococcus senticosus), garlic, and other herbs in combination with choline bitartrate, vitamin C, hesperidin, rutin, pectin, and cell salts.  bp
90 caps LB Cleanse  May produce a powerful laxative effect.  A special formulation for cleansing the lower bowel. Contains: Cascara Sagrada Bark, Rhubarb Root, Psyllium Seed, Barberry Root, Ginger Root and others.

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DMSO Products
DMSO has been used for pain, inflammation, scleroderma, and intersitial cystitis however it is intended for use as a solvent only and the choice of using it in other applications is the sole responsibility of the user.
8 oz.
DMSO   -  70% in Aloe Vera Spray   *
2 oz.
DMSO  -  70% Gel with Aloe Vera
4 oz.
DMSO  -  70% Gel with Aloe Vera 
3 oz.
DMSO  -  70% roll on with Aloe Vera *
4 oz.
DMSO  -  70% in  Aloe Vera   *
8 oz.
DMSO  70% in  Aloe Vera  *
2 oz
DMSO   -  90% Gel with Aloe Vera
4 oz.
DMSO   -  90% Gel with Aloe Vera
4 oz.
DMSO   -  90% in Aloe Vera 
8 oz.
DMSO   -  90% in Aloe Vera 
8 oz.
DMSO   -  90% in Aloe Vera with Sprayer  
3 oz.
DMSO   -  90% Roll on with Aloe Vera 
2 oz DMSO   -  Cream with Aloe Vera
4 oz. DMSO   -  Cream with Aloe Vera 
2 oz DMSO   -  70% Rose Scented Cream 
4 oz. DMSO   -  70% Rose Scented Cream 

Calculating Children's Servings .
Young's Rule: 
child's age divided by the child's age plus 12, equals the approximate fraction of adult serving.
Clark's Rule: 
Child's weight divided by 150, equals the approximate fraction of adult serving.
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Reference Daily Intakes (RDI's)
. Reference Daily Intakes (RDI's)
Vitamin A 5000 IU . Calcium 1000 mg
Vitamin C  60 mg . Iron 18 mg
Vitamin D  400 IU . Phosphorus 1000 mg
Vitamin E  30 IU . Iodine 150 mcg
Vitamin K 80 mcg . Magnesium 400 mg
Thiamin (Vitamin B1)  1.5 mg . Zinc 15 mg
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)  1.7 mg . Selenium 70 mcg
Niacin (Vitamin B3)  20 mg . Copper 2 mg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)  2 mg . Manganese 2 mg
Folate (Folic acid or Folacin) 400 mcg . Chromium 120 mcg
Vitamin B12  6 mcg . Molybdenum 75 mcg
Biotin 300 mcg . Chloride 3400 mg
Pantothenic acid  10 mg . Sodium 2400 mg
. . . Potassium 3500 mg

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